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Date posted - March 22, 2013

I don’t know how many people drive on Country Club road on the east side of Sheldon and try to avoid all the potholes, but something has to be done to repair it. I hope it is the first item on the docket to be fixed when the weather gets nice this spring! If it is not, please fix the pot holes temporarily so our vehicles will be spared any damages that might incur.


Local Driver

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20 Responses to “Potholes”

  1. Chevy says:

    That is a really rough neighborhood. I think its in the plan to be re-done, isnt it?

    • Stuart says:

      Country Club Road and part of East 9th Street will be resurfaced in the next few months so the fixes, if any, will be temporary

  2. Tim says:

    Hey wait,
    If we fix rough roads, and pot holes business will suffer….. less tire repair, less suspension repair, less chiropractic visits, less coffee sales (no more spilling that cup all over) there goes the car detailing busines, less car washing, (no more dirty water splashing on our clean cars) less makeup to buy…. can we add more? Just kidding, I think every city in the midwest has this problem, every one hates potholes, but the city guys do their best to get to them. If you find one that really sucks, give the city guys a heads up, but do it nicely, It is a very big job.

  3. Biker says:

    Yes it is awful. But so is 16th street. Those two street have to be the worse in sheldon. City guys do a good job with the repairs but when is repair vs redo considered.

    • Stew says:

      23rd has become a concrete obstacle course with all the wear and tear from middle school traffic. Number 3 on the list of roads in sheldon to repair. Any others?

  4. Susan says:

    The potholes are just terrible in many places in Sheldon. And some are not just from this past season. 16th Street has been rough for a very long time and yes Country Club Road has some big ones. Maybe the city should have a deadline like the residents having to fix their sidewalks. There are many more people driving cars on those streets than there is walking on some of the sidewalks. Maybe they could use the $$ that is planned to do their so called fancy corners in the downtown area that no one could really care less about.

  5. Citizen says:

    These are all valid comments, however, don’t post these concerns on here. Contact your City Councilman…they decide along with the City officials what roads get fixed versus just repaired.

    • Hadaway says:

      If they go out and check the streets they will probably find more sidewalks that need to be put in. That should fill 6 months work of council meetings.

    • jcs says:

      I like the idea of contacting your councilperson. I don’t see anyone on this post( myself included) of going out and purchasing the materials and doing
      the labor to fix the problem. Do we have any volunteers?

      • EDH says:

        #1 we have our own jobs

        #2 that is why we pay taxes

        So no, I dont think you will see the citizens fixing streets

        • pev says:

          Are you kidding?????? These city workers get paid for this kind of thing!! Ummmm…do we not pay city tax?? Just wait till our taxes go up even more when we have to pay for that ridiculous idea they have to “improve” an already dying downtown!!!

  6. EDH says:

    16th street is unacceptable. I am just waiting for there to be a horrific accident due to the enormous cracks and manhole dips causing vehicles to swerve and motorcycle tires to get caught. Very unsafe and makes the city very unappealing. While it is a huge project to get completed, it cannot continue to be ignored.

    • Citizen says:

      I agree that 16th Street is horrible, but be patient…the ground is still frozen and there is still snow on the ground. Last I checked you can’t pour cement or lay asphalt in these conditions. Give the City a break, I’m sure these roads are on their lists for repairs this year…they also drive on them daily.

      • Susan says:

        16th Street has been horrible for a LONG time, not just this past year. How long do they need to repair this?

        • Mike says:

          16th Street?!!? Why don’t we concentrate our efforts on the streets in town. Until they develop lots to the south of 16th, let’s focus our repair budget on the main thoroughfares in town.

        • Citizen XYZ says:

          Get educated people. If you want 16th Street repaired, contact your COUNTY Representative!!!! And, yes, if you would educate yourself on City news, you would see that Country Club Road and a small portion of East 9th Street are scheduled to be repaired this spring/summer, weather pemitting. Remember people Ignorance is no excuse!

  7. Citizen 23 says:

    See interested viewer, somebody in city hall DOES read these posts. Now would we have seen the same response if someone would have just contacted their council person? Maybe if the council person used CC Rd. every day!

  8. Jcs says:

    East 9th got completed also. I noticed a couple of taxpayers shoveling material. Just kidding, Pev.

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