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Prove Me Wrong – Keep it Positive

Date posted - July 11, 2013

Hopefully this doesn’t turn political, boss bashing, or terrible parents but where is a great place to take a summer vacation or a great summer vacation memory. Let’s try for a record to keep this thing positive. I’m speculating we won’t get many comments. Prove me wrong.

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27 Responses to “Prove Me Wrong – Keep it Positive”

  1. Walt says:

    I enjoy northern Minnesota with its scenery, wildlife and water recreation

  2. Citizen says:

    The Ozarks in Missouri, at Lake of the Ozarks. There are things you can do, other than boating, and there is an Outlet Mall, if shopping is on the agenda. :)

  3. Prairie Pearl says:

    When I was a kid, I used to get to visit the relatives that lived a few hours away for a couple of weeks every summer. I especially enjoyed time with my grandparents. We didn’t go anywhere or do anything special, just spent time together. I got to have grandma’s wonderful bars and cookies and enjoyed grandpa’s favorite tv shows over the years.
    It’s not always about going somewhere and getting away, sometimes it’s about who you get to visit.
    My grandparents are no longer here, go out and visit yours while they are still around!

  4. tom says:

    The Black Hills are wonderful, and very family friendly (with the possible exception of a couple of weeks in August each year.)

    • Lee Ann says:

      There is a little lake on the Western slope of Colorado, near Glenwood Springs. Its called Rifle Gap. It is a spring fed mountain lake surrounded on four sides by mountains. it is beautiful. In the fall, you can hear the elk calling in the early morning hours all around you. Its a state campground, so the only convenience is an outhouse. But its beautiful and I have been there many times when no one else was there.

      The black hills are nice, I enjoyed going around the corner of a mountain and seeing the statue of whichever Native American it is on the horse statue.

      There are some beautiful lakes in northern Minnesota. Clean water, skeeters big enough to carry you away, swimming, boating, camping.

      As a kid, we always went to Okoboji, and stayed in a cabin for a week. I don’t know if its as cheap as back then, but that way you have a beach, and can swim and play in the water.

      • Robert Keller says:

        Rifle Gap is a nice place. The rock outcroppings on the the golf course before getting there are spectacular. The trout fishing in fantastic north of the rock climber’s park. A nice road going north out of there but it becomes 4 wheel drive fairly quickly. They had a forest fire there a month ago so I don’t know how it affected the beauty of the lake? There are a couple roads going out of Rifle to the north of town. One will take you into very isolated high mountains without the congestion of around Denver. Also in the area is Telluride and Ouray. The Grand Mesa southeast of Grand Junction is a fantastic place to camp, but a lot of black bears. Also true isolation on the Umcompahgre Plateau south of Grand Junction.

        • Lee Ann says:

          Driving up into Wyoming, past Laramie is Centennial, Wyoming. there is a road up into the mountains there to a campground named Battle. In Wyoming, at campgrounds, the state cuts up firewood and places it at camp sites everywhere in the mountains. They have also built fire rings and outhouses at most campgrounds. We once came in the backway from Baggs, Wyoming. And there is a sign that says “road closed due to snow”. Ha ha ha, it was August. After driving in 4WD in the snow for about ten miles, we came upon an avalanch area where the road was under about 10 feet of snow, we had to back out about 7 miles. I learned my lesson.

          That’s the nice part about growing up near the Rocky Mountains. There are many isolated, quiet camping areas in the mountains. However if you all have seen the video of the mud slide on Hwy 24 near Colorado Springs, a forest fire can make the mountains very dangerous for years afterward.

      • Kerry says:

        That statue would be Crazy Horse

  5. Kerry says:

    Yes, the Black Hills is a very wonderful place to go, so much to see and do, especially if u have children, visit, the Cosmos, it is so awesome.

  6. Red says:

    Silver Sioux Recreation Area

    Hubby and I came across this park while looking for a good fishing spot. It is beautiful. It even has an underground tornado shelter.

    • mr says:

      I wish you wouldn’t have suggested Silver Sioux. It is beautiful as you say, quiet, and not as busy as other campgrounds. We need to keep this hush-hush so it stays that way.

  7. Schuyler says:

    My uncles Resort in Northern Minnesota. Check it out!

  8. yardman says:

    Council Bluffs/Omaha…you have the zoo, Old Market. Nice lake and campground. Plenty of things to visit. You can even stand on a bridge and be in two states at the same time…

  9. Sue says:

    There is the Amana Colonies in SE Iowa. If anything go for the food. YUM! While your over that way, head to LeClaire, American Pickers store is there and Buffalo Bill Museum. Take Hwy 30 (Lincoln Highway) across Iowa, there is quite a few small town things to do along the way. Also there is Galena, IL on Hwy 20. Amazing place, beautiful area. Walnut, Iowa also known as Antique City, has over a dozen antique stores, and on Fathers Day weekend every year have the antique walk. If you like antiques that is high recommended. Villisca, Iowa has an Axe Murder House, Google it if you never head of it. Des Moines, Adventureland Park and Living History Farms. I could ramble on.. but those are just some of the ones I enjoyed.

  10. KW. says:

    Get out any board game that has a spinner in it. Then spin it. Wherever the pointer stops that is the direction you are going. Next, pack the car and just go. Take every little back road, highway. Stop in every little town or public area that you find. Do this until half of the vacation money or half you the vacation time is gone. Turn around and come home by a different route. Sometimes the best plans are no plans and adventure is the best vacation. Because it can never be wrong.

  11. Jon says:

    I very much enjoy northern Michigan, particularly Traverse City and Mackincac Island. In spring, the peninsulas around Traverse City are full of blossoming cherry trees with views of Lake Michigan. Traverse City itself has many restaurants worth checking out along with a number of wineries. Mackinac offers some resorts and the island is a blast from the past, which does not allow motorized vehicles and an impressive fort that has been preserved with views of Like Huron. If you like miniature golf (don’t knock it), there are a number of courses…lots of real golf too.

    One of my most memorable vacations was to Yosemite National Park, and we were fortunate to stay at the park. Many trails and spectacular views of mountains and waterfalls, but I suggest going late spring to early summer if you want to actually see falls as they often dry up by August.

    For a city experience, Boston is a great place to go, offering many historical tours surrounding the founding of our nation and the founding fathers. The Freedom Trail is a spectacular walking trail taking you through downtown Boston with stops at places like Beacon Hill, the Old North Church, the home of Paul Revere, and the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides), among others. Of course there are also other activities, like Fenway Park and the Sam Adams Brewery, all worth an excursion, as well as trips away from the city towards Lexington, Concord and points west, where you can find Waldon Pond, where Henry David Thoreau connected with nature, and a number of battlefields.

    Also, go to Hawaii…it is spectacular and contains scenery not available anywhere else I’ve been. If you ever watched Lost or Jurassic Park and thought, “That place is beautiful and I want to go there” then you should go to Hawaii. Beautiful beaches, volcanoes, rain forests, scuba, snorkel, surfing, hiking, and all the pineapple you can eat.

    Finally, if you fancy an international excursion, go to Munich and the surrounding areas. This part of Germany and Austria offer spectacular scenery, a number of castles, and arguably the best beer to be had anywhere in the world. It is an easy city to experience even if you don’t know any German, and it is fairly easy to get around without a car when you get there. Once in Munich, take a side trip to Neuschwanstein, a castle built by mad king Ludwig, which is located in one of the most picturesque settings I’ve ever seen. The castle contains elaborate scenes from Wagner’s operas, and the castle itself was the inspiration for the Disney castle. Also go to Salzburg and check another country off your itinerary (sadly I didn’t get a stamp in my passport and I had to ask when we crossed the border into Austria, though). If you are a music buff, Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart. It is also the filming location for The Sound of Music. There is a huge music festival in the summer with numerous concerts featuring classical music at relatively reasonable prices.

    Those are my favorites.

  12. Mother says:

    I am so glad to read this posting. My family has been through such a hard year due to an illness and we were just talking about looking for something economical we could do as a vacation. of course everyone thinks of big fancy vacations, but maybe something like this is exactly what we need.

    • Lee Ann says:

      There’s the one person above that talked about their family having a resort on a lake. something like that would be so restful and relaxing.

  13. Country Girl says:

    We have always enjoyed the Iowa State Fair!! Lot and lots to do and see … one day won’t be enough! If you camp, I suggest Saylorville Lake north of Des Moines. Beautiful lake with many campgrounds. This year the fair runs from August 8-18 and there is definitely something for everyone. Right now you can get reduced price tickets at Hy-Vee and once you are in the gate there are many free shows! Grandstand entertainment is always good too! Try it, you’ll like it!

  14. Gramps says:

    Plenty of day trips such as time at Mill Creek State Park with a nice lake and playground for younger kids at Paullina, Sioux Falls has the Falls Park and kiddie water play areas around town that are free. Okaboji is still a great place to visit not all that expensive at Arnolds Park now that adults can go in as chaperones free. East of Sutherland(35-40 mi east of Sheldon) is O’brien County Heritage area with buffalo to observe and plenty of indoor entertainment for the family with exhibits and hands on fun.

  15. Harriet Oleson says:

    Well of course I have to put a plug in for Walnut Grove MN. If you can’t make that trip – visit De Smet SD in the summer for the Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant. Either one of these are day trips that you can take your children on – unless Ivan’s stations workouts last over 5 hours.

  16. Dug says:

    If you’ve never been to Adventureland or Valley Fair, take your kids. They are great!! My wife and I went to Sandusky, Ohio last year for a couple of days…OMG!!! It cost us like $30 for a room at a hotel about 10 miles from the park(one of the ones that were on the Discovery Channel on the Most Extreme Coaster Parks in the World). I think it was like $40 to get into the park and there was a water park and roller coaster park.(got the fastlane ticket, where you can go right to the front or near the front of the line instead of waiting for an extra $20 but well worth it). I’m 48 and I felt like a little kid man, it was the BEST VACATION EVER!!!
    If you’re looking for something close, I heard Falls Park mentioned, Sioux Falls Zoo, Wild Water West.
    Fishing with kids is always great, find a pond or river take some food and just hang out for the day, camp and rough it for a night…maybe if they are old enough, go canoeing for an afternoon, make a weekend out of it and camp after canoeing, then fish.
    House on the Rock in Wisconsin is a hit too, and while you’re out there, check out the Dells.
    As mentioned before, the Black Hills is AWESOME…even the few weeks in August!!!
    Omaha for the Zoo of course.
    Kansas City for Worlds of Fun and maybe take in a baseball game.
    Minneapolis for the Zoos…yes, Zoos. Many people think there’s only the one Zoo, but the Komo Park Zoo is free and they have many cool animals and while you’re there, take in a baseball game.
    Somebody also said to take in all the back roads you can find…that is a great idea and we have done just that on several occasions and have found some of the neatest places and people just by wandering around.
    Good luck and have Great Adventures with your family, that’s what it’s all about! Being together and making great memories.

  17. Jon says:

    I should put in a plug for Decorah in NE Iowa. Nice campgrounds in the area, particularly Twin Springs/Pulpit Rock Campground, which are separated by a small trout stream. Lots of opportunities for hiking in the hills, and a 12 mile bike trail loop that for the most part follows river and stream valleys. The town has a number of restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and a couple museums, most notably the Vesterheim, which tells the story of Norwegian immigration to the US and preserves cultural artifacts and practices. Next weekend is Decorah’s town celebration, Nordic Fest, which celebrates Decorah’s Norwegian heritage with free entertainment, Norwegian food, a parade, and fireworks. It has a lot to offer and isn’t terribly far away. I’d also recommend a short drive towards the Mississippi River bluffs near Lansing or Marquette/McGregor. Effigy Mounds near Marquette offer hiking and a spectacular view of the river from the bluffs above as well as interesting information on the mounds and the native people who created them. Many things to enjoy within our own state.

  18. Robert Keller says:

    I would recommend Grand Targhee Ski Resort on the western side of the Grand Tetons, just into Wyoming on the Idaho/Wyoming border. Very quiet farming area and lots of lakes and clear streams for floating. Also Devil’s Tower Lodge and Wilderness Climbing Retreat, located in the park and one mile from the visitor center. Frank Sanders will put you up in his lodge or probably let you camp free. He will have you do a playday getting used to the climbing and then a summit day the second day. My 10 year old daughter made the 6 pitches to the top on her second attempt. Fantastic atmosphere and all the food you can eat, except on summit day when you are up at 4 a.m. to climb while it is still cool. Great place to be on Biker Week, on top of Devil’s Tower looking at a parking lot full of Harleys.

  19. JCS says:

    Thanks for proving me wrong and keeping this post positive. There are some nice ideas where to vacation and I enjoyed reading the memories. Let’s keep it going!

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