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Date posted - November 4, 2013

Government will try to implement Obamacare regardless of accessibility, cost or quality. Most of the 90 million people under the Individual Mandate with substandard health policies will go into Medicaid. And, when the Employer Mandate kicks-in, another 90 million employees will be laid-off, part-timed or fined and, then, forced onto subsidized Obamacare or Medicaid policies. The remaining 90 million under the Employer Mandate will have their employers share the cost of their high premium, high deductible and high taxed Cadillac Health Plans. Their dependents will not be covered and will be forced onto Medicaid. Half of our population will be on government subsidized insurance and all insurance plans will be standardized. Obamacare replaces consumer values with bureaucratic priorities. Insurers will just collect premiums; care providers will just follow procedural directives; and, health services will be rationed by bureaucratic needs. Democrats would fix it and put us all into single payer Medicaid; Republicans would replace it with credit accounts where insurers compete and consumers decide. The people of Virginia can say NO to Obamacare by voting for Republican Ken Cuccinelli as their next governor on November 5th.

Michael McCarty

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41 Responses to “Recondsideration”

  1. Free Man says:

    As one who is losing my “Substandard” health care plan I can tell you I will never op in to this government run socialist scheme. I will pay more in the private sector and raise the prices on my products to cover it, as will every other manufacturer and business. This rise in prices will trickle down through the economy and hurt the poorest among us who can least afford to subsidize the rest through the higher prices on goods and services. You don’t think for one minute the business community will absorb these costs, do you? They will cut hours to under 29 along with the UPS plan where they will drop spouses from the coverage, and look offshore for manufacturing.

    My catastrophic “Substandard” policy is what fit my needs and I have enough saved in the HSA to cover the deductables in the event of an illness or accident. The wife and I are at the age we don’t need maternity and prenatal, and substance abuse treatment is a waste for us along with all the other mandated coverage forced into the plans now through “Obamacare”. Thanks to Wellmark changing effective policy start dates I can keep my plan until December 31 next year, but after that I must find another more expensive plan that meets the government mandates that I do not want or need.

    To those working for large companies that were exempted from the mandates for one year (timed to kick in after the elections) your sticker shock is coming. Come 2015 you will be hit with higher premiums if you are still offered a plan through your employer, loss of hours to keep you under 29 or even a loss of your job. If you lose your company sponsored insurance you can go to the exchange and sign up for Medicaid if you are poor, or else pick one of the packages which have a $6,400 deductable PER PERSON and higher premiums than what you are used to. Imagine your out of pocket on one of these plans if you have a couple of sick children that need hospitalization in any given year.

    Someone once said,

    “If you like your current health care plan you can keep it-Period”
    “If you like your current Doctor you can keep them-Period”.

  2. Lyonman says:

    Too late folks. There are simply too many people in this country who have drank the Obama coolaid. All he has to do any more is say everything is ok and it is ok or that it’s the Republicans fault and it’s the Republicans fault or that it is still Bush’s fault and it’s Bush’s fault or that he was unaware of something that went wrong thus that incident goes unaccounted for or if all else fails he pulls out “old reliables” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and they scream racism. We missed our opportunity last November when we re-elected him. President Obama, after about fiftenn to twenty years when people won’t be afraid to admit it, will go down as the worst President in American history. The incompetence of this guy and his administration is incredible. Within ten years and Hillary Clinton still in office as President we will be a single payer health care society and we will all be wondering how in the world we got here and President Clinton (Hillary) will have her government health system after all (remember when she proposed this in 1992).

  3. Lee Ann says:

    While I will agree that this is a fairly liberal website, please take the time to read through this article about why health insurances are going up, and why people assume they are getting less quality for more money.

    • Free Man says:

      Talking Points Memo? Come on. Let me be the first conservative to insult the messenger here. I have gone to Talking Points Memo and read off and on. There are some REALLY CRAZY IDEAS there.

    • Free Man says:

      In a nutshell this is what the TPM story said. “Donna” got a cancellation letter from her insurance because her now “Substandard Plan” did not meet the Obamacare mandates. Her insurance picked a new ACA compliant plan that was closest to what she had and said if she wanted it she had to do nothing and she would be enrolled. She had never heard of the new ACA and of the exchanges so she did not look into the ACA exchange right away, but when she did she found she could put her child on Medicaid and get generous subsidies from the other taxpaying citizens of the USA to pay for her new Obamacare policy. The Obamacare mandates made her premiums rise over $300 a month on her free market private plan.

      So the just of the story is that the private insurers are evil because none of their insured have ever heard of the ACA or the exchanges and the greedy private insurers want to keep them dumb and in the dark about the exchanges so they stay on the new more expensive because of the Obamacare mandates private policies.

    • Tim says:

      May I remind you:
      “If you like your Insurance, you may keep it, PERIOD!”
      “IF you like your Dr. you may keep him, PERIOD!”

      Again…this whole thing is the Republicans’on..when will some people wise up.. this thing is just not ready yet. (will It ever be)
      By the way…lying to congress, is an impeachable offense!

    • Lyonman says:

      You’ve drank much to much of the Obama coolaid. You need to go cold turkey NOW.

    • Tim says:

      Spin it any way you like, It still is going to cost every american that Pays His/Her own bills, more! I can write a story like that too, but I am a nobody. Polls show Most americans DON’T like Obama care! Oh My goodness how can that be…check it out Jack….

      • Jon says:

        LOL. You criticize TPM and then cite Real Clear Politics. My goodness why is it that the pot can always call the kettle black?

        • Tim says:

          I totally recognize that any reporting entity I refer to, will not agree with you, it never has, never will..I understand that, I accept that. You are entitled to that. However, facts are facts. BTW, I did not critisize TPM. I agree with some of their reporting, others, I find uncredible. I draw my own conclusions from facts from MANY sources.

        • Free Man says:


          I’m the one who brought up TPM, but it was basically the same words used by LeeAnn in another 2 cents attacking a source. I changed the name of the source and threw her own words back at her.

          You will notice I gave a short synopsis of the TPM story after I read it. That TPM story used some of the most twisted and distorted logic I have ever seen to make the case for government run healthcare as opposed to the free market. I would also like to point out most if not all the problems we have had with health care were brought about, or exasperated by government regulations and meddling. I used to work in a related field and saw this first hand.

        • Tim says:

          I was only using the reporting that RCP did on the various polling data.. RCP was displaying what polls were showing, it was NOT a poll done by Real Clear Politics. Com’on man. How can you dispute that. Did you even look at the link or just see that it was referencing RCP and thought..yuk?

        • Dug says:

          POT??? I didn’t know we were talking about that again. Oh wait, this is just a refresher for those people that were scanning the website and saw the beginning quotes and decided to go out and smoke one. Legalize it already, geez, it’s costing too much to keep it illegal.

      • Lee Ann says:

        Several sources of these polls you have used have people disliking Obamacare as about 60%. However, what simple polling like this does is it does not take into account the reasons people do not like Obamacare. 52% of the people disliking Obamacare do so because they wanted it to go further. ie single payer. Not everyone disliking the ACA dislike it because of the reasons you are implying.

        • Free Man says:

          Lee Ann,

          Do you have a source and polling data (IE who did the poll and in what geographical location, along with how the questions were structured?) for these claims that 52% do not think that Obamacare is socialist enough?

        • Tim says:

          Com’on girl you really want me to believe you know what those answering the poll are thinking? Where do you get that information? I swear, some people will use everything they can to not admit they are wrong. Lets face reality, your president and mine told us, “If you like your plan, you can keep it. PERIOD” he also said your health care costs woould go down. I will remind you, he told you and every American this before the elections, (and that is a whole nother scheme he had) so he could get your vote. Would you have voted for him had he told you over 4 million americans would loose their coverage? Or if he had told you, you would not get to keep your plan? He LIED. PERIOD!

        • johnson says:

          Most of the young liberals with employer provided healthcare will never see the affect this has on people outside there selfish little bubbles. The rest of the liberals on government assistance don’t care because the system is coddling them and will continue to do so. Until you are in a position where you have worked hard and done more and have had it taken form you you will continue to be blind.

  4. Meets says:

    Self employed. Blue cross currently. My plan went up $250 a month. I called they said welcome to Obama care. I am grandfathered in but govt is raising things so ppl like me will forgo my current plan in exchange for Obama care. If I want to increase my deductible my insurance company is forced to say sorry we no longer can insure you. What a joke. Socialism ….not good. I hope the system crashes and burns! For you that are for this system ….shame on you.

    • Tim says:

      I could not agree with you more! Since Obama signed into law in 2010 or whenever it actually was signed, My BCBS has sent me a letter each year “in anticipation of program cost” a notice my premium was going up each month over $120. So in three years they have “in anticipation” have raised my premiums over $360 per month. I am also ‘grandfathered’ in so now in sept of this year when they raised it another $75 per month they tell me it is b/c of Obama care regs. Hey, but it now covers maternity for my wife and I…Yeah, at 60+ that is making me sleep better at night thats for sure.
      It is socialism, Period. Let me ask you, if you were a young person, and you had a choice, to be on your parents ins, pay the huge premiums that require the program to work, or pay the Less than $100 fine, what are you going to do. take the cheaper naturally. The program will fail. So all you that voted for this Dictator of Socialism, be prepared! It is just starting, remember he told a Russian leader, “after my election I will have more flexibility” well…y’all that voted for that, you got it!! I hope y’all are happy happy happy.
      I saw a statistic yesterday, that said over 3,697,300 current insured peopel in the US have now been canceled from their current insurance. That almost 4 million. Oh, wait…..”If you like your insurance, you can keep it”

  5. Philip says:

    which way to Canada?

  6. Red says:

    Keep your full time jobs, people! If you go down to part time you prob. won’t get rehired to full time, AND are not allowed to work more than 29 hours a week.

    Of course this is what the govt. wants. Poor people needing more govt. handouts, means the masses are easier to control.

    • Tim says:

      Also Remember, gun control. How do you control the masses? Take away their ability to protect themselves…It is all a grand scheme of this administration. If some Dem. leaders had it their way, they woud have Obama in for life. Why do you think he wants all illegals given the right to vote? Even your great senator Harry Reid pushes for no term limits. Watch out folks, what else can this gov’t do???

      • Jon says:

        Interesting, but doesn’t it seem strange that the ONLY time Jose Serrano proposes this bill and it PASSES out of committee is when Republicans control the committee and try to fan the flames of “see, we want Obama the dictator for life,” a leap of logic that makes me fear for this country. In 1997 [HJR 19],[9] 1999 [HJR 17],[10] 2001 [HJR 4],[11] 2003 [HJR 11],[12] 2005 [HJR 9],[13] 2007 [HJR 8],[14] 2009 [HJR 5],[15] and 2011 [HJR 17],[16] Serrano introduced a joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the 22nd Amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as president. Each resolution, with the exception of the current one, died without ever getting past the committee.

      • Jon says:

        According to historian Glenn W. LaFantasie (who was opposed to repealing the amendment) of Western Kentucky University, “ever since 1985, when Ronald Reagan was serving in his second term as president, there have been repeated attempts to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, which limits each president to two terms.”[4] In addition, several Democratic congressmen, including Rep. Barney Frank, Rep. José Serrano,[5] Rep. Howard Berman, and Sen. Harry Reid,[6] have introduced legislation to repeal the Twenty-second Amendment, but each resolution died before making it out of its respective committee. Other alterations have been proposed, including replacing the absolute two term limit with a limit of no more than two consecutive terms and giving Congress the power to grant a dispensation to a current or former president by way of a supermajority vote in both houses.[citation needed]
        On January 4, 2013, Rep. José Serrano once again introduced H.J.Res. 15 proposing an Amendment to repeal the 22nd Amendment, as he has done every two years since 1997.[7]

        Now, I’m not for repealing the amendment, but if we’re going to have a conversation about this, it’d be nice if you’d recognize that Jose Serrano has proposed this amendment EVERY two years since 1997, and YES, even when a Republican was in office.

        • Red says:

          It would not surprise me if right before the next election something “significant” will happen. Martial law will be put in to effect, and Obama will enact a presidential mandate to keep himself in office.

  7. TM says:

    Look who won in Virginia.(hint he was not from the Tea Party)

    • Free Man says:

      Not hard to do when the opposition funds the fake Libertarian candidate to split the vote. Also notice that the RINOs hate real conservatives and pulled their support (however feeble it was to begin with) in early October.

      The Republican party is nothing more than the right wing of the liberal Democrat party anymore, and their treatment of Cuccinelli proved it. Did you notice Ron and Rand telling Virginians not to support the faux Libertarian shill candidate?

      • TM says:

        So is the Tea Party a 3rd party now

      • Lee Ann says:

        These RINOS, as you call them, used to be called Compassionate Conservatives, such as Dole, Eisenhower, Reagan, etc. The extremists of the Tea Party may get the label of extreme Conservatives, but that is not what this centrist country wants or needs.

        When the Republican party had a look at the difficulties they have been having, they knew they needed to bring minorities into the fold to continue to be an electable party in the US. Instead, they go after women’s rights again, birth control, religion, and refuse to do any immigration reform, etc. That’s not bringing the minorities into the fold. They are alienating the people they need to win elections. Its only a matter of time before Texas becomes a Democratic state. Virginia used to be a Republican state, until recently.

        Have you heard one of these extreme Conservatives try to compromise, work to make things better for anybody but the upper 1%? What about those jobs bills they talked about, you remember, “What we need for the American people is jobs, jobs, jobs?” Instead they shut down the government, throwing hundreds of thousands of people out of work.

        The US is a centrist country, not a Conservative country. The GOP needs to come back to center, only then will people begin to vote for them again .

        • Free Man says:

          Even with the shill libertarian in the race in Virginia Cuccinelli garnered a larger percent total than McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012. The same worn out and tired propaganda was used against Reagan in 1976 and also 1980 when he was running for President. I remember, I was around. Without the left supported Libertarian candidate in that race Cuccinelli would have won.

          The last people the Republicans should take political advice from are those on the left.

          One other thing, the Republicans did not shut down the government. The overspending liberal left did and blamed it on the Republicans.

          • Harriet Oleson says:

            Steve Hosch · Follow · Top Commenter · Works at Self-trained mixed media artist
            This kind of thing (theocrats imposing their beliefs on everyone else) has been happening on these shores since the Puritans–having been booted out of Europe for their religious fanaticism–landed in the 1600s. Bob Vander Plaats is just the latest version.
            Reply · 10 · Like · Follow Post · 7 hours ago

          • TM says:

            How many types of Republicans are there and are the having a race to the bottom

        • Tim says:

          So much to comment about in your op-ed…
          I will address one first: In my opinion you are so wrong!! Texas will never turn Democratic state. They will secede before they do that!
          You still want to blame the gov’t shutdown soley on Republicans. Have you heard what the Democrates want to do? Just exactly what those horrible Republicans and Tea Party representatives stood their ground for…..extend the Obamacare mandates and implementation of the obama care law. I am so tired of listening to those Obamamites, that bury their head in the sand like an ostrich and fail to allow godlike obama (they revere like a god) and the democratics to be held accountable for any thing…and I mean anything. It gets old. It is now obama’s watch. Claim his GREAT accomplishments..???
          – Tax Cuts/Hike…did it help you? (cliff negotiations of 1012)
          – Immigration Reform “pathway to citizenship” to more than 11 million illegal immigrants.. (11 million votes for the democrates, would you not vote for someone who gave you all those freebies)
          – Obama Care….FLOP
          – Syria (RedLine in the Sand) nothing happened until his ‘freind’ from Russia stepped in and Obama backed off. What a great leader we have.
          – Bailouts? mmmmmmmmmmmm
          – Jobs…According to Obama himself..”the federal government is America’s largest employer.” (thats impressive) 8.7 average unemployment… the highest of any president ever!!
          – this list of his ‘accomplishments’ can go on and on and on….

        • Doug says:

          Your Dems had 5 years to “create jobs”. Where has that gone? Turns out, there were more jobs created when the government was shut down, than when it was running.

          Your Dems, are responsible for cancelling 4 million-plus health insurance policies while creating the worlds biggest ponzi-health-care scheme using the tagline “you have to pass it to find out what’s in it”. We’re finding out, it’s a national colonoscopy. When the mandates cancelling the employer-based plans kick in, look out below.

          Just another distraction from the amnesty deal he’s cooking up for the grand finale. It’ll be a nation breaker.

          Benghazi hearings heat up again next week, and maybe finally someone will put the sugar in Hillary’s gas tank. Nothing impeachable for the Obama crew tho, as he is responsible for absolutely nothing. Don’t even bother asking him anymore. He DOESN’T KNOW.

  8. Timmy says:

    How come no one talks about how Obama has decreased the federal deficit by 800 million and counting? Our country is making money for the first time in forever, yet I hear no Thanks Obama. How come when gas prices are high everyone says its Obama’s fault. Yet when gas is below 3.00 no one says Thanks Obama. You guys don’t like the health care exchange? You say its unfair? Welcome to the free market, the same free market you guys love so much when its taking a dump all over the lower class. Well now its taking a dump on you and you complain. You should all be ashamed.

    • Free Man says:

      In what bizzaro world is it called a free market when the products and production of private companies is dictated and controlled by the government. When the government controls the businesses it is called fascism, and we fought a pretty big war against Fascism back from ’41-’45.


      “( sometimes initial capital letter ) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.”

      Obamacare, the nuclear option, playing the “Race Card” when challenged, Burdonsome Federal mandates on business and individuals, private meetings with reporters and banning all photo journalists from the White House. Add to that the TSA, Homeland Security, militarization of the police and warrentless traffic stops under the guise of fighting drunk driving. I’m starting to wonder if it was worth the 550,000 lives lost in WWII with what we have become.

      But then again when you are stopped and asked for your papers it’s all good because YOU have nothing to hide, right?

  9. Doug says:

    The federal debt ceiling had to be suspended through Feb 7th, not raised, on October 17 because Obama saved $800 million? Really?

    And the day after the limit was suspended, it jumped $328 billion.

    Welcome to earth Jimmy.

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