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Rest Rooms?

Date posted - August 5, 2013

What downtown really needs are public restrooms. It is embarrassing to ask a store clerk for a restroom key in front of other customers, or to beg a reluctant clerk for permission to use a dingy restroom intended only for employees, or to walk into an eating establishment to use their restroom when I’m not there to purchase food. I don’t shop with young children in tow–I can only imagine what a problem this is for those parents. Sometimes I have cut my shopping short because of the lack of public restrooms. The city could purchase an empty storefront for this purpose.

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39 Responses to “Rest Rooms?”

  1. jake says:

    Or you could run to a gas station. If a down town buisness wants your money they will let you use thebathroom. I don’t think I “the city” need to pay for one for you.

  2. J E says:

    The Community building has public restrooms.

    I find its actually easier with a child in tow, clerks tend to have a softer heart to a small bladder that can’t “hold it” to walk a block to the Community building!

  3. Pete says:

    Rock Valley has a downtown public restroom for exactly that purpose. All the stores downtown post signs informing of the location. Not sure if they all share in the cost or not.

  4. B.Klaassen says:

    The Public Library also has public rest room. We have people come and use it every day!

  5. Chad says:

    They could be plenty of empty store fronts once these businesses have to start paying for bumpouts.

  6. Pondering says:

    The library and Community Center are not exactly centrally located. Never mind. I’ll just go home and shop online, since it’s more convenient.

  7. just me says:

    Personally, I like the idea. The city could have used the “space” east of Dr. Brown’s office for the woman restrooms(instead of doing what they did)….and the men can use the trees at the new bumpouts paid for by the business owners.

  8. Old Sheldon Resident says:

    I think the distance to walk to the Library or the Community Building cannot be too much farther than walking from your parked car into a Walmart store for restrooms. It means you have to plan ahead when you shop downtown Sheldon. Public restrooms require upkeep which is often a problem for cities. I try to avoid them as much as possible but the Community Building has the cleanest public restrooms by far for miles around. However, they have limited hours for being available and closed on Saturdays. Here we go again for downtown being closed on Saturdays.

    • Pondering says:

      I am actually a loyal hometown shopper, in spite of my comment about shopping online. If downtown Sheldon wishes to compete with big box stores and online shopping, we need to consider what shoppers really want. I would have taken public restrooms over a little “park” which I’ve never seen used.

      • John boy says:

        It looks nice though!!!

      • Lee Ann says:

        In a big box store, if you’re in the far corner, the feet you must walk to the bathrooms is probably farther than from some of our stores to the Community Center, its just inside. If I’m going to go shopping, I usually go to the restroom before I leave the house, then I never need to worry about that. If you have that “gotta go gotta go gotta go….” they have medication that helps with that.

  9. John boy says:

    I see Sanborn is redoing their Main Street and look no bumpouts!!!

    • Harriet Oleson says:

      Back in Walnut Grove…. We had two one-holers and one two-holer on the Main Street – and per the name we had several large walnut trees that would do in a pinch!!! The only other “public” restroom in town was at Oleson’s Mercantile. Of course it was suggested that you buy an item or two there first. Everyone knew that if you really needed to go you could stop by the Aesop Tattoo Shop.

      • Lee Ann says:

        You know, I’m old enough to have grown up in rural Iowa, my aunt had the family farm and a whole bunch of relatives were from the same small farming area. And I have used a lot of one holers in my youth. But I never saw a two holer. I think most people want a bit more privacy than that. Any outhouse I ever used had a hook and eye on the door to maintain privacy. I wouldn’t have ever let somebody else in while I was there. Just a curious comment.

  10. Gramma46 says:

    There used to be public restrooms across the street from Ben Franklin when I was young but I was always a little afraid of going down there and with this day and age I wouldn’t dare send my grand kids there with the vandalism and some of the weirdos we have in this town. What a petty thing to complain about on this site.

    • Not a Harriet Fan says:


      • pev says:

        Really!!! Who is even downtown long enough to have an issue about using the restroom..only takes a couple minutes to realize..Hey, there’s nothing here

    • Pondering says:

      I was making a suggestion to improve downtown Sheldon, not airing a petty complaint.

      • BVP says:

        It appears that you’re just looking for a reson to post to My Two Cents. Most towns don’t have public restrooms downtown. Gas stations & restaurants are not going to look at you and think, “Oh my Gosh, you’re using the restroom?!!”

  11. Tom M says:

    Is that part of the reason gas stations are now called convenience stores? How many would offer to pay for a full time law enforcement officer to monitor a downtown public restroom? Surely one would be needed with all the “vandals and wierdos” roaming about. Here’s a solution: Before you go shopping, call one of the local RV dealers and buy a motorhome to drive to your shopping destination. Bet they’d even deliver it. Then you’d always have a private restroom available everywhere you go. It might even fit between the much beloved bumpouts.

    With sincere apologies to the medically incontinent, and the logistically challenged.

  12. meets1 says:

    Interesting thought. Really never thought of it but then again I really dont go downtown but maybe with the new dumpouts I may need a new restroom to try/use.

  13. Mariah says:

    There also used to be public restrooms in the basement of the old community building!!

  14. FAA says:

    Any thread that gets 25 responces re: restrooms should be from Walnut Grove. You go girl!

  15. larry says:

    What about lack of places to change a little one? Family friendly town seriously?

    • An Idea says:

      Maybe you should just plan ahead if you are taking your kids with you! Who really shops that long when their kids are with them? if you are your kids will need more than a bathroom maybe every business better start carrying snacks a play ground a babysitter and whatever to else it is so you don’t have to take responsibility for what you do!!!!!

      • Larry says:

        Perhaps I should treat my attempts of leisure shopping in Sheldon to more like the trip to Walmart. “Welcome to Walmart, get your sh#% and get out”

      • Seriously? says:

        Babies poop. Unexpectedly. It’s a bit difficult to plan a shopping trip (or any other excursion) around a baby’s bowel movements, and I think it’s safe to say that NO parent *enjoys* changing a dirty diaper while out and about. But the alternatives are to let them remain in their own feces until suitable facilities are available, or only shop when you have someone else available to watch your kids. For most parents, neither of those is an option. I changed my infant on my own car seat recently for lack of a better place. But I guess I should have planned ahead better?

      • youngmomma says:

        even walmart has changing tables. its not terribly fun cutting your outing short to take a kid home in a dirty diaper, or change them in your car on a chilly day. and bathroom floors are not always the cleanest places either.

  16. Restroom Rozy says:

    I was visiting with one of our retailers who is a good promoter of Sheldon and of his/her
    business and brought up Hot Dog Days. BIG MISTAKE. He/she proceeded to tell me the only
    person who came in the store after ”FREE FOOD” wanted to use the restroom.
    After all the whining and complaining I’ve read on this site about Sheldon businesses this and that, and then you go eat their food, take some home, and don’t even shop? To put it mildly, Miss Manners would not be proud. What did you buy at FREE FOOD
    (Hot Dog)Days. And let the fight begin. I’m sure someone will complain about the condiments. It goes both ways people.

    • Just Me Again says:

      Amen. Thank you for your comment. I would love to see a new feed started regarding hot dog days, but my last 2 requests were not even published.. Apparently public toilet disputes are more interesting than anything I’ve submitted?

  17. Sunshine says:

    You could always wear a Depends when you go shopping :)

  18. An Idea says:

    Maybe we should forget the trees on the corners and put spot a pots there.

  19. RR User says:

    Just as well forget any concept of a restroom downtown unless you have a case proving it will beautify the city.

  20. Country Girl says:

    Sheldon used to have a public restroom downtown. It was in the basement of a building which in our present day I would find a little scary. (Also a little inconvenient for older people) I do agree that a well maintained public restroom, centrally located is a good idea. I’m sorry, but even if you don’t have kids… sometimes the need arises! Especially for older folks who also have difficulty walking to the library or community center. If we can pay for bump-outs, etc. which is only for aesthetic value, why not pay for something that is really useful?

  21. BVP says:

    If you would read the original post. The gal said she didn’t shop with “kids in tow”. What is wrong with using the restroom at gas stations, restaurants or the Community Building? How many towns do you all know that have have restrooms down town? Give me a break, this thread is ridiculous!!

  22. Larry says:

    Traveling through most of the United States one of the most common billboards advertise clean restrooms. Just food for thought.

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