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Risefest – Oh What a Night!

Date posted - June 17, 2013

A big well done to Rob Roozeboom and his staff for putting together such a wonderful, inspiring  Christian event in Sheldon.   It seemed like all of Northwest Iowa came together for Risefest 2013.  Thanks Rob, let’s do it again next Father’s Day.

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41 Responses to “Risefest – Oh What a Night!”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    I read somewhere that he is hoping to do three days next year. I think it would be great. I have grandchildren here in town, and where else can one have some good clean fun with Christian ideals for the kids? We have the roller skating rink and the movie theatre, and that’s it. I enjoy seeing all the kids that go to Risefest. I think its great.

    • Mommyreader says:

      I agree what a great show. Our children loved it. One thing I was disappointed in was the garbage and mess left after the show. People pick up your garbage!

    • irritated says:

      Boy Lee Ann, for all the bad things you said about churches and Christians in the boy scout editorial, I’m surprised you want them around the Christian ideals. Hopefully they don’t force too much on them.

      • Mom of Teens says:

        I read the editorials all the time, and just because she supports people being with whoever they love doesnt mean she hates churches or whatever. Shame on you for being so mean. I don’t recall her ever personally attacking anyone, any church or any faith. Yet she says something nice and gets a ton of thumbs down? How rude!

      • Lee Ann says:

        I seem to recall on the scout thread, that I said many times “good for you. I will fight to the death your right to believe in whatever way you wish.” I didn’t think I said anything negative about churches, or someone’s belief system. I refrained saying anything about my beliefs, because that doesn’t have anything to do with the scouting thread. Regardless of my beliefs, I still believe that people should all be able to marry who they love, and a boy scout deserves to be a scout regardless of their attraction to gender. That has nothing at all to do with my belief system or how my children and grandchildren believe. Come on. Because I believe gay people have the right to marry doesn’t mean I have horns hidden under my hair.

      • Pondering says:

        I didn’t think we were suppose to be attacking each other on this site.

  2. Summer says:

    Lee Ann,
    We also have a very nice park
    church activities
    A skate park
    An awesome indoor & outdoor pool
    a golf course
    If you need more ideas let me know!

    • Lee Ann says:

      Oh, I know there are activities such as that. But Risefest is such a big event and so much going on. I wish they had a few more such events in the summer. My grandkids do swim often, they are involved in their Church (which involves them in Risefest activities too). But the more we can have going on around here to keep the kids from cruising around and hanging out near the library the better. I used to live on 4th Avenue and there were always 10-20 kids hanging around next to the library. The more we can keep them busy, the less trouble they are likely to get into.

      • Ashshade says:

        I don’t understand what is so bad about hanging around downtown. I meet my wife cruising Sheldon, my parents meet cruising Sheldon, and I made lots of friends cruising Sheldon. Having kids in public view does not make them do bad things. If I wanted to do something bad (and I did do bad things) I left the loop. Some of the worst things I did were with guys that I had known for years, out of town. It’s the old “if teenagers are together, they must be doing bad”. Yes, some do bad. But, so do adults. They just hang out in bars so you can’t see them.

      • ttttt says:

        the area around the library is very skateable, that’s probably the reason.

    • Mom of Teens says:

      The addition of Frisbee Golf to Hills was a great Idea, unfortunately there isnt much more around in the summer for Older teens. Youth meets weekly and some churches cancel youth for teens altogether in the summer. The skating rink is closed during summer months. I used to live near the skate park and unfortunately the skate park could bring quite a bit of trouble. The trail was great for riding bike, but that is not an all day event.
      Having RiseFest in town was something for my kids to really look forward to. My daughter volunteered for some of it and had a great time.
      One thing I hear a lot of the college kids around here from NCC ask is “What is there to do for fun?” I mention the trail, Hills park etc, but I really wish we had more to offer that age group.

      • Chad says:

        There is nothing to do in Sheldon for anyone ages 16 & up. Nothing!!!!

      • Dave Popkes says:

        I don’t here anyone coming up with Ideas, and submit to the park board and rec dept to get on the long range plans.

        • Chad says:

          HEAR. And it takes the city 15yrs to get around to the original 5yr plan.

        • Dave Popkes says:

          Also there is a limited amount of money that we have to work with. There are alot of business , and others that donate to the recreation programs, And I say a big THANK YOU.

          • Chad says:

            And now most of those businesses will have to pony up to pay for new sidewalks and downtown upgrade. So there goes that money. Newsflash: People don’t care what the outside looks like….they care what’s on the inside.

    • Harriet Oleson says:

      Don’t forget several good bars……

  3. Fall says:

    Don’t forget the bike trail…

  4. Harriet Oleson says:

    Interesting….. Back in Walnut Grove – Caroline Ingalls & I went to the Twin Cities one time for the weekend by stagecoach. I recall running into a couple of high school students down on Hennepin Avenue. Ironically – they said the same things that half-pint and Nellie did ….. “There just isn’t anything to do around Here”. No matter where you live – you have to make your own fun…..

    • Confucius says:

      Town not boring. People boring.

    • Pondering says:

      I support wholesome activities for our young people and I think Risefest was an excellent example of that. However,as a society, we are raising our children with the expectation of being constantly entertained. How does this prepare them for the reality world they will face as adults? This has led to a very selfish “me” society instead of the mindset of “what can I do for others?”. The next time your teen complains of being bored, arrange their passage on a mission trip to Haiti!

  5. Summer says:

    Will you marry me? :)

    • Harriet Oleson says:

      I’m quite flattered…. However – if Nels passes, the priority list is as follows – Doc Baker, Mr. Edwards and Lars the lumber store owner. Then any other offers will be considered.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Back to original topic – – Risefest was great. I not only want to acknowledge Rob and his crew but also the many, many volunteers that helped work, gave financial help, prayed, etc. Most of all, to God be the glory!

  7. Robert Keller says:

    Should have grown up 5 miles north of Melvin if you think Sheldon has nothing for people 16 and up! At least you have a library. More than I had!

  8. Fred says:

    6100 folks coming to Sheldon from far and wide to hear testimonies and music is fantastic. I realize there are no exact statistics, but I would be curious to know how many cases of repentance of sin and conversion to Christ result from the concert.

  9. meets says:

    Great event for a one time show. I realize there were tickets sold etc. I am not into the whole praise worship thing but that is ok. Repentance doens’t start or end at Risefest. As far a Lee Ann goes, well I will state I may be bashing her, but she is simple wrong. For those that may say this or that about my post just read the BIBLE.

    As far as kids go – join a team, be active in something. No matter what you do, where your at etc in life it is your life to live to the fullest for God – you need to make something of it and not worry about mommy or daddy handing over money. IF your old enough for a car, etc your old enough to make your own bed. Get out there – do something – be a productive citizen.

    • Old Sheldon Resident says:

      And let’s mention the Summer Theater program at the high school for activities to keep kids busy. The talent that appears every week is amazing. It is one-of-a-kind for high schools in the US. I also agree that Risefest was a super event but the production effort for an event like this is enormous. The expenses are numerous and have to have underwriters help donate just to get the bands, special speakers, etc, for the event. But those that attend will consider it a life-changing event. Those in charge are already planning next year’s event and it takes that long for it to be successful so once a year is quite an undertaking.

    • David Popkes says:

      The city is trying to provide more places to entertain our youth, without taking too much from private enterprise. Sometimes it cannot be helped, but it should be noted that there are very few Moms and Dads that take their kids to a ball field and play catch, tag, hide and seek, kick ball,etc., they just leave it to the city or school to do it for them. So take your kids fishing, camping, play ball, soccer, basket ball, tennis, golf.

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