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Run the Pipeline Down I-29

Date posted - February 15, 2013

With all the talk about the Keystone Pipeline and it potential environmental impact, has anyone thought about just running the pipeline down I-29 in the median? That land is already out of production and it would run right by Elk Point. Forget about running it all the way to the Gulf. Get cranking on the refinery at Elk Point. Use the money from the pipeline construction to help build the refinery. Then, as icing on the cake. KEEP THAT GAS HERE IN THIS COUNTRY FOR OUR USE. Let China protect the oil and tanker in the middle east. If we want to be energy independent, then we should not only talk the talk, we should be willing to walk the walk. And with the oil in WY and ND, it wouldn’t take much to hook up to the “I-29 Oil Corridor Pipeline” to Elk Point.

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6 Responses to “Run the Pipeline Down I-29”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    The Keystone pipeline is going to carry dirty oil sand down to the Gulf. There have never been a pipeline built that hasn’t sprung a leak and damaged the water aquifer. We have the Ogalallah aquifer that is huge, going from Eastern Colorado almost to us here. If dirty oil gets into that aquifer, the midwest will be a ghost town, because nobody here will be able to get and use the water. Without the Ogalallah aquifer, nobody can live here. So we have to be very careful and take care of that water.

    The pipeline is going to supply about 1200 jobs, which will mostly be the employees of the pipeline company, not local people, and then only until its built, then the pipeline company will monitor for leaks themselves. I would dearly LOVE to see this country get to keep their oil, whether from Canada or from our own land. However, that is a form of Socialism. All of our oil has to go on the oil market with everybody else’s oil. We cannot keep it for ourselves unless we bid and pay for it. The oil coming from our own soil has to go on the oil market and we get no money for it, even tho it comes from below our feet. The oil companies get to pump it and sell it. That’s called capitalism. If the oil was the property of the US, we would get the money from it, but that is called nationalized oil. I’d wish we could do that, but I’m a realist and know we’ll never do that.

    • What? says:

      Please forgive my frankness, but that is the most incoherent, uninformed post I’ve read in a long time. Feel free to relocate to Venezuela, Russia, Saudi Arabia, or some other communist/monarchist state if you would “dearly LOVE to see this country get to keep their (sic) oil.” You have completely ignored the billions in corporate taxes paid by oil companies, the hundreds of thousands of permanent jobs sustained by the refining, transport, and retail sale of petroleum products, and the fact that if other countries “kept” their oil (as you say would be preferable for the US), we’d be unable to afford gasoline altogether. This is high school economics here.

      • Lee Ann says:

        See? I am a realist and when we get that much anger over a simple comment to the station’s two cents worth, I know we will never nationalize oil. Even tho we would make a whole bunch of money off of the oil underneath our feet, they are willing to just give it away to oil companies. Sure, they make a lot of money, but the oil companies are also getting subsidies from the govt. Sounds kinda strange to me.

      • Jon says:

        The Keystone Pipeline is going to be built, and it will most likely be built in the revised route, now that the proposal has been properly reviewed and gone through the necessary channels for approval, something that did not happen last year when they tried to rush it through without necessary environmental impact studies.

        I would be much less skeptical about the oil industry if they weren’t one of the largest recipients of corporate welfare in this country. People complain about the tax incentives given to ethanol, but don’t even blink at those given to the oil industry. Why is it that at a time when we are looking at cuts we need to make in this country to become fiscally responsible do we never even consider cutting even some of the tax breaks we give to the oil industry, which clearly is healthy enough and experiencing enough success to not need special treatment? We can argue semantics, I suppose, about whether they are subsidies or tax incentives, and whether eliminating a subsidy or incentive amounts to a “tax increase” on an industry making billions in a QUARTER, but I think that I am giving them enough support when I fill my gas tank, thank you very much.

      • I.M.Disgusted says:

        Oil companies are still receiveing billions of dollars as subsidies every year. So, it seems to me part of the “taxes” they are paying is money they received from the government in the first place. In reality, it’s not about jobs or the environment, but it’s all about the money.

      • Nathan says:

        When you look at Middle Eastern countries where their oil is controlled by the state, the citizens pay around 18 cents per gallon for gas and sell the oil for 90 dollars a barrel. If you look at Dubai, a tiny village 25 years ago discovered oil and now is one of the greatest, wealthiest, and advanced places on earth.

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