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Scarcity or Abundance

Date posted - February 17, 2014

Concerns about scarcity created controversy when it was realized that 47% of the people were on some kind of government program. It was not just that millions of “the poor” were on welfare, Medicaid and unemployment assistance; but, that tens of millions of “middle class” Social Security, Medicare and college loan beneficiaries and thousands of public works, financier and green-energy contractors were also dependent. Now, new financial, healthcare and energy regulations could have 74% of the population on government assistance, benefits and subsidies. Most of the people signing up for Obamacare are getting subsidies, the number of people on Medicaid is quadrupling and most employees going part-time will need government help for food, housing and transportation. The “rich” business owners, pensioners and mutual fund investors not only face rising regulatory, tax and healthcare costs, they see their property values, savings and investments decline every time the Federal Reserve threatens to reduce quantitative easing or Congress considers cuts in spending.  Yet; we have an abundance of coal, oil and natural gas resources. By limiting government and freeing markets we could lower the cost of production and foster economic growth. We could once again be the land of the free; if we become the home of the brave.


Michael McCarthy

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67 Responses to “Scarcity or Abundance”

  1. Biker says:

    Very well said!

  2. jon says:

    Is the “47%’ you refer to, the number quoted from the Romney speech?

  3. iowaresident says:

    The 47% incudes Banks, Chrysler, Genreal Motors, Every company that has recieved a bail out, Farmers, Doctors the ist gos on and on. Its not just the poor.

  4. Jon says:

    You know what? I don’t like every single thing the government subsidizes in one way or another. But, I do like the interstate highway system, and yes, I took student loans of the government variety, which I’ve since paid back. Taking student loans did not make me “dependent” on the government. If you’d like, I’ll send you a personal thank your for your contribution to those loans, which helped me pay my tuition and allowed me to get a job in my field of choice that I now use to pay my bills. The fact of the matter is that when it really boils down to it, it isn’t 47% of us that are dependent on government in some way, it is 100% of us. Before we make any self-righteous statements about how we are independent and all those fools are bankrupting us, think about how well off we’d be this winter without workers plowing the roads, what we’d do without police, fired, and EMT services. That is not to say that there are no problems and no waste. But, it is telling when this righteous indignation sees how “others” drain the government. Let those without sin cast the first stone.

    • iowaresident says:

      Jon you nailed it. 100% of us are on some kind of goverment program. Well said. End of coversation….

    • Free Man says:

      17 trillion in debt, with over 200 trillion in unfunded mandates and Congress just gave out a blank check for unlimited spending for the next year.

      It’s 100% of the populace indebted and on the hook to the government. The numbers don’t add up and this will end badly.

      • Lee Ann says:

        No, Congress did not give out a blanket check for unlimited spending. These are bills accrued and voted on by Congress, starting with the House. They have to pay their debts that they made. These are not future bills, these are past bills. Their job is to pay the money they voted and approved of.

      • GhostRider says:

        FreeMan — Let me counter.

        Under President G.W. Bush spending WAS the problem: 2 multi-trillion dollar tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans while at the same time launching 2-multi-trillion dollar wars; then after de-regulating Wall Street, having to give Wall Street a trillion dollar bailout; the housing market crash in 2007; the hemorrhaging of 800,000 jobs a month and the worst economy since the Great Depression in 2008. As well, G.W. Bush raised the debt ceiling 7 times for a 90% increase.

        But since President Obama took office, the deficit has been shrinking at its fastest rate since WWII; 7+ million jobs have been created (and actually more jobs were created in 2010 than in the entire 8-years of the GWB administration); the Iraq War is over; the Afghan War is winding down; the Auto Industry is thriving; U.S. Manufacturing and the Housing Market are rebounding; two economic records were set in July—we have a Government SURPLUS of $117 billion dollars and the Stock Market has rallied above it’s all-time closing high.

        That is the truth about the effectiveness of the Obama Administration, despite historic GOPTea obstruction for 5 years and despite having to deal with the two lowest rated and least effective Congresses in our history.

        Imagine how much could be accomplished if President Obama had a Congress that worked with him instead of constantly obstructing his agenda, like the American Jobs Act, the Veterans Jobs Corps Act, the Stop Student Loan Interest Rate Hike Act, the Wounded Veteran Job Security Act, etc.?

        There are cuts we can still make to help our economy even more, like from the MIC, because our Military budget is the largest on the planet times ten; we could end the Afghan War today leaving no soldier behind; but any further cuts cannot come from our Social Safety Net, which is what the GOPTea have been trying to do in the last 5-years as outlined in Ryan’s budget: Voucherize/abolish Medicare, defund Medicaid, lower taxes even more for the wealthiest, raise taxes on the poor and middle-class, cut 2.1 million jobs and economists have proven that if enacted Ryan’s budget would INCREASE the deficit by trillions. As well, the GOPTea have been trying to “privatize” Social Security, which in effect, would end it.

        The American people have endured all the cuts we can take. How about taxing offshore tax havens, closing corporate loopholes and ending corporate subsidies? If there were no GOPTea obstruction to those efforts that could have been enacted already, helping our economy even more.

        Capitalism is fine. Free market is fine (but we don’t have a free market economy). Rigging the system to make it favorable for some but not all is not fine. The money needs to get out of politics, those who are using government assistance programs need a tiered system to lead them on a path to progress, and those who work hard to earn their money need to pay their fair share to the economy.

        • Free Man says:

          Under the Obama administration the deficit tripled in his first year in office , from GW Bushes $459 billion in 2008 to $1.413 Trillion in 2009. You are technically correct that Obama has halved the deficit spending, but he cut it half from his 2009 figure and not from what GW Bush left in 2008. Obama’s 2013 deficit was $680 billion, which is still larger than the 2008 Bush deficit of $459 billion. Keep in mind that even though Obama has cut his own deficit in half the Federal debt has kept increasing every year.

          Federal Deficits under GW Bush;

          2001- $128 billion
          2002- $158 billion
          2003- $378 billion
          2004- $413 billion
          2005- $318 billion
          2006- #248 billion
          2007- $161 billion
          2009- $459 billion

          Federal Deficits under Obama;

          2009- $1.413 Trillion
          2010- $1.294 Trillion
          2011- $1.399Trillion
          2012- $1.087 Trillion
          2013- $680 Billion

          Federal Budget since 2001;

          2001- $1.9 Trillion
          2002- $2.0 Trillion
          2003- $2.2 Trillion
          2004- $2.3 Trillion
          2005- $2.5 Trillion
          2006- $2.7 Trillion
          2007- $2.7 Trillion
          2008- $3.0 Trillion
          2009- $3.4 Trillion
          2010- $3.6 Trillion
          2011- $3.6 Trillion
          2012- $3.8 Trillion
          2013- $3.8 Trillion

          Federal Debt since 2001;

          2001- $5.807 Trillion
          2002- $6.228 Trillion
          2003- $6.783 Trillion
          2004- $7.379 Trillion
          2005- $7.993 Trillion
          2006- $8.507 Trillion
          2007- $9.008 Trillion
          2008- $10.025 Trillion
          2009- $11.910 Trillion
          2010- $13.562 Trillion
          2011- $14.790 Trillion
          2012- $16.066 Trillion
          2013- $16.738 Trillion

          As you can see we are on an unsustainable course with the Federal debt which keeps growing irrelevent of the deficit. It’s time to stop pointing fingers and playing the left-right blame game and figure out how to pay off our debts and stop spending money we do not have.

          • GhostRider says:

            Poor economic policies created and fulfilled by GWB led to the massive economic crisis we’re in and trying to get out of. We should be more concerned about the health of our economy, rising incomes, and the access to quality jobs for the unemployed NOT the federal debt. Does it truly impact you? If so, how?

            As Paul Krugman from the NY Times states (not always a fan of Krugman, but he makes a good point):

            “Deficit-worriers portray a future in which we’re impoverished by the need to pay back money we’ve been borrowing. They see America as being like a family that took out too large a mortgage, and will have a hard time making the monthly payments.

            This is, however, a really bad analogy in at least two ways.

            First, families have to pay back their debt. Governments don’t — all they need to do is ensure that debt grows more slowly than their tax base. The debt from World War II was never repaid; it just became increasingly irrelevant as the U.S. economy grew, and with it the income subject to taxation.

            Second — and this is the point almost nobody seems to get — an over-borrowed family owes money to someone else; U.S. debt is, to a large extent, money we owe to ourselves.

            This was clearly true of the debt incurred to win World War II. Taxpayers were on the hook for a debt that was significantly bigger, as a percentage of G.D.P., than debt today; but that debt was also owned by taxpayers, such as all the people who bought savings bonds. So the debt didn’t make postwar America poorer. In particular, the debt didn’t prevent the postwar generation from experiencing the biggest rise in incomes and living standards in our nation’s history.”

            Through his statements as an assessment tool, I think it is clear to see our focus should be on the health of our economy (GDP), rising incomes, and jobs for the jobless.

          • Free Man says:

            I guess Greece and Zimbabwe didn’t get the message that government debt never needs to be repaid. The citizens of Greece should feel much better now about the loss of the money they had in the banks when the “Bail In” happened, and just imagine how history may have turned out if the Weimar Republic had know that government debt never really needs to be repaid. As for the US, the’ve shot their wad on the last bailout and can’t afford another. The next crisis will bring about a “Bail-In” in the United States.

            Europe plans for a Bail-In.


            Dodd Frank sets the stage for Bail-Ins for the USA.


            I’m sure you know that the Social Security trust fund is “invested” in government bonds? I guess we don’t need to pay that back, those old folks can figure out how to fend for themselves. Have you noticed the new MyRA savings plan put forth by Obama? Having already spent the Social Security surplus and needing to pay off the treasuries that were creating during the Feds quantative easing the last few years they came up with this new scheme. Give the people incentive to “Invest” their hard earned savings in government bonds. The government will quickly take this new infusion of cash coming in and pay off the existing bonds leaving IOUs in their place. I guess that’s no problem though, as the Federal debt never needs to be paid back because we owe it to ourselves.


            As for the debt of WWII not hurting our economy after the war; We bombed the rest of the world into submission and our industries came out unscathed. We were the only industrial giant on the world stage and benefitted by rebuilding (and being paid well) the world infrastructure that had been destroyed.

            Having a large Federal debt does not matter, until it does. We are getting close to the point at which it does matter.

        • Free Man says:

          Glass Steagall was repealed back in 1999 under the William Jefferson Clinton administration, and signed by one William Jefferson Clinton.

          This was the start of the troubles on Wal Street caused by the investment bankers. You can also add to that the “American Dream Commitment” program where Freddie and Fannie at the behest of HUD made home loans to people who could not afford them. This in turn created the housing bubble which later burst around 2007-2008.

        • Doug says:

          Remember to credit your source (HLL Political Pundit) for supplying your words:

          • Free Man says:

            Talk about busted. Ghost Rider’s post was a copy and past from a reply to a story on the Huffington Post.

            Hat Tip to Doug for catching that one, and this for Ghost Rider.


          • GhostRider says:

            Thanks, Doug. I almost forgot to cite my source. You’re a good American.

          • GhostRider says:

            As long as I cite my source, there really is no need to detract from these statements. That poster was articulate and said all I wanted to say.

            I don’t have time to troll this board or others like you do, Doug & Free Man.

          • Free Man says:

            [pley-juh-riz-uhm, -jee-uh-riz-] Show IPA

            an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work as one’s own, as by not crediting the original author: It is said that he plagiarized Thoreau’s plagiarism of a line written by Montaigne. Synonyms: appropriation, infringement, piracy, counterfeiting; theft, borrowing, cribbing, passing off.

            a piece of writing or other work reflecting such unauthorized use or imitation: “These two manuscripts are clearly plagiarisms,” the editor said, tossing them angrily on the floor.

    • Tim says:

      Jon, perhaps I am wrong, but you missed the point of the original op-ed. (Sometimes those who rely on some entity the most become very defensive when it looks like what they rely on for help may get taken away, attacked,or questioned, they usually scream the loudest.) I am not sure your assesment of lumping gov’t infrastructure is what he/she was refering to in the 47% (and I think you know that) Realistically, I may be wrong b/c I cannot speak for the original op-ed writer, but I think he/she was refering to those that ‘expect’ something from the gov’t while they sit and do nothing. Unfortunately, our gov’t has now become the enabler for those that want that. I think he/she was trying to express his/her opinion that we need to get government out of the way and allow free enterprise to become the standard. I think he/she was trying to say get gov’t off our backs. If I remember correctly, there was once a rovolt just because of that very idea. It sparked a great nation in fact. Will it take that again??

      • TM says:

        I will admit Im part of the 47% i recive a disability check from the VA for injerys I recived in the millitary. I have recived other goverment aid on and off becouse I have a hard time working becouse of my injerys. Dose that make me a bad person. I hope not. What else an I to do. There are many others like me it was nothing that they did that got them into this situation. What else are we to do live on the street? I know that getting goverment aid is bad but noone can come up with a supsitue

      • jon-the other says:

        I think you are ALL missing the point. The “47%” refers to those who don’t pay income taxes, not those who recieve a government subsidy of assistance. Big difference.

  5. iowaresident says:

    If thats isthe case I would need to see a lot of research on the 47%>

  6. iowaresident says:

    TM I am also disabled. My disabilty is medical. We paid into Social Security for a reason. I do not see it as free loading. Its no different than if you have a car accident you paid insurance to cover your losses. We pay Social Security hoping to never use it. I do not know one person that is disabled that enjoys living month to month with very little extra income. I myself would rather work anyday. If you were disabled serving our country then you deserve VA benefits. You have nothing to be ashamed about. The sad thing is VA benefits and Disabilty benefits make you live month to month with very little extra income to save unless you are married and have a spouse that works 40 plus hours a week.

    • Doug says:

      You paid into Social Security all these years hoping to not use it? Were you planning on winning the lottery? Not me. I’d kinda like to have my money back. I wonder how big my 401k would be if the money taken from me were added into it. Maybe I’d have a retirement to look forward to, but analysts say it will be be broke by then. Not to worry, the food stamp and welfare programs have NEVER speculated the thought of having no money, so I got that going for me.

      • Lee Ann says:

        I think this nit picking someone’s words is getting a bit bad. Doug, you know what he meant. You wrote, “You paid into Social Security all these years hoping to not use it?” I am sure he meant, “Not use it until retirement, as nobody wants to go on SSDI , The amount you receive is less on disability than it is if you waited longer and paid in more money.

    • Doug says:

      You have a lot going on iowaresident. Maybe you are just working too hard. You’re disabled,

      you own your own business:

      iowaresident says:
      – February 5, 2014 at 11:05 am

      If you own a business try paying your employees a wage they can live on. You might be suprised on your employees attitudes and the increase in sales from employees that you treat as a adult. Yes I own my own bussiness.

      AND, you have outside employment:
      iowaresident says:
      – February 15, 2014 at 3:27 am


      I did not enroll with the Obama Care web sight. I am like most American that have a good employer and he provides health care. Yes I pay my share of the premium.

      I’m worried about you iowaresident. You must be exhausted. You’ve developed the same typo illness TM has. No wait. He was cured on his last post. Maybe you’re all going to be okay.

      • iowaresident says:

        Sorry Ido not own my own bussiness You took something out of comtent.

        • iowaresident says:

          I corrrect word should have been did own a bussiness sorry for the typo..

          • Free Man says:

            Here is what you said in the “Minimum Rage” thread.

            iowaresident says:

            – February 5, 2014 at 11:05 am

            If you own a business try paying your employees a wage they can live on. You might be suprised on your employees attitudes and the increase in sales from employees that you treat as a adult. Yes I own my own bussiness.

      • Lee Ann says:

        I think these people are beginning to attack others. If you cannot win by facts, its sometimes easier to attack what they said, or how word twisting changes their ideas. Let’s stay on the topic and provide info, not try to damage someone else.

        • Free Man says:

          Just pointing out instances of plagiarism and stories that change from topic to topic.

        • Doug says:

          No doubt you have no qualms about the cedibility of a poster who favors your liberal bias LeAnn, but do you really think it’s appropriate to attack me for pointing out there is someone posing conflicting and most likely false information/life situations using multiple monikers on this forum? Is it okay to be a fake if it supports your cause?

          Shoot the messenger.

          • Lee Ann says:

            Hey, have prided myself on being as courteous online as I am in person. I have defended Conservatives in certain sites that are being attacked. i don’t believe anybody deserves to be attacked by someone anonymous that is just spewing something they hear, somewhere anywhere.

            We need to stick to info and quit personal attacks, whether its plagiarism or not, let’s be courteous.

          • Doug says:

            I’m confused, please break down your statement, and how it addresses my questions to you: “i don’t believe anybody deserves to be attacked by someone anonymous that is just spewing something they hear, somewhere anywhere”.

          • Lee Ann says:

            I was an English Major in college, I know why plagiarism is wrong. But its not your job to use it as an “Aha” moment, just to insinuate he is wrong about things. Our job is to stick to the topic and provide info to help others see our views.

          • Free Man says:

            Pointing out the act of plagiarism is helping the readers of these posts. If one can’t be bothered to take the time to form and compose their own thoughts in a coherent way why should they be taken seriously? Just parroting the thoughts of others by the use of copy and paste without the proper attribution is intellectually lazy and dishonest. It also shows a lack of understanding of the topic if one is unable to coherently compose their own thoughts and beliefs.

            It is also good form to include links whenever possible to back up claims such as the Koch brothers spending 52 million dollars on a single state political campaign.

          • Doug says:

            Lets be clear Lee Ann, it’s not about the plagiarism. Do I question you were an English major? No. Lee Ann is very consistant and predictable in her posts and beliefs. I have no problem with that. You are basing your beliefs on your true life experiences.
            Being an English major, then you also know the syntax of one person is recogizable across multiple posters, and frankly, the claimed employment/disability/business ownership doesn’t add up. Do you need that type of individual to further your cause? That’s what it’s about.

          • Lee Ann says:

            I just think you are all using a huge amount of time and space on trying to “catch” someone doing something wrong. These are “Aha” moments for you, and you can be so pleased that you caught someone doing wrong. I like to think that I cannot control what someone else does, but I can control my own response. I choose to move on, whether I am on a conservative or a liberal site. I don’t think your satisfaction regarding the catching of someone is great, regardless of who it is.

            I think I got a compliment out of Doug. LOL ” No. Lee Ann is very consistant and predictable in her posts and beliefs. I have no problem with that. You are basing your beliefs on your true life experiences.”

            IMHO this is a small town website, we are providing information to each other on our own belief systems. I know that I am a teeny minority here, and that’s allright. But let’s stick to the topics at hand, instead of attacking others. There are a few names here that I suspect are only one person, and they are not all liberal posters. And that’s fine. i don’t care either way. As long as they are respectful and make their point, that’s fine with me.

          • Free Man says:

            That’s funny. A couple of posts pointing out instances of plagiarism and a posters facts that seem to change from topic to topic to fit the narrative and it turns into a multi-day affair. All in an attempt at a passive-aggressive play to turn the tables on the ones who pointed it out and make an “Aha” moment against them.

            “Aha”, I can make them look like uncaring meanies by making it look like they are picking on others.

            Just pointing out facts of dishonest discourse, which would have quickly faded away if not for all the responses of feigned umbrage against the messengers.

  7. Al says:

    Hey Iowa Resident: Explain to us how we are all being on some kind of subsidy from the government.

    • iowaresident says:

      Al Do you buy groceries, gas, electricity drine on roads, use our health care. Get it????

      • Free Man says:

        Lets see,

        I pay tax on certain groceries.

        I pay fuel taxes, registration and licensing fees to pay for the roads I use to get to the grocery store.

        I pay for the heating fuel and electricity i use, and all associated taxes that go with them.

        I pay thousands a year on health insurance, and all associated taxes that go with it. I pay all the deductables and taxes incurred when I actually use the health care system.

        The government does not subsidize us on those things. Get it?

        • iowaresident says:


          Every item you mentioned recieves large substie payments.

          You recieve the payments in lower prices.

          • Free Man says:

            Being a high earner my higher income taxes pay for the subsidies you receive, along with any I may receive. I’m pulling the wagon for quit a few lower income EITC receiving families.

        • TM says:

          it has a subsidy for the dairy farmers for lower milk prices(remember befor they passe dthe farm bill milk was going to hit $5)

          there is a subsidy to the ethanal copanies to keep the price down

          there is a subsidy for wind energy to make electicity

          there is a goverment subsidy for our roads that is tied to min drinkiing age and the speed limit.

          Sometimes you have to look deeper to find it the goverment has its hand in everything in one way or another(sometimes two or three ways).

          • Free Man says:

            I don’t drink milk, and I don’t use ethanol. I don’t have a windmill on my property and the money tied to speed limits and drinking age is money Iowa sent to the Feds that they hold over our heads to coerce us to do what they want. Iowa gets it’s own money back for roads only if they do what the Federal government demands.

        • Lee Ann says:

          When rich people pay taxes on phones, homes, cars, etc. they pay mere pennies of their money. When middle class and poor pay taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, license plates, etc. they are paying a much larger percentage of their income on taxes that the rich think nothing of. They may not pay federal income taxes, but they do pay every other tax out there, everybody does.

          When someone says, “Yet when anyone wants to try to fix these problems they get blasted for trying to cut a program that helps the poor”. When cheaters are getting assistance, cutting the programs hurts who? That doesn’t make any sense at all. “There are cheaters getting free meals at school.” “So let’s cut the program so the honest people in poverty struggle.”

          What about: “There are people on welfare that don’t deserve to have it.” “Okay, so cut welfare to the bone, so those lazy cheaters have to struggle.” Which helps the honest poor people how? They want to cut things that help the poor, the disabled, the elderly, the children, just because of cheaters? People that know cheaters are cheating should turn them in, not just rant and rave that they are cheating us all. Sure, that’d make more money for disabled, elderly, children, etc. unless you cut them too.

          I have never in my life seen such anger and insults thrown at the poor in our country. They are called lazy, slackers, takers, stupid, did I say lazy? Yet people are continuing to say that they want our country to be a Christian nation, yet they treat people like this.

          Quote I heard recently, “money becomes a weapon, when poverty becomes a crime.”

          • Rational says:

            Please help me to understand. Explain how taxation is voluntary. If I am unsatisfied with government services, may I not file a tax return? Like if I stop going to Wal-Mart and go to Target instead.

            And if taxation is in fact theft, then why is the “christian” thing to do involve voting for a third party to steal from one group of people to give to another? Isn’t stealing forbidden in the ten commandments? I mean, government officials are people like you and me. Why don’t the same moral rules apply? This seems morally corrupt.

            Also, is being poor a bad thing? Jesus himself commanded everyone to sell all of their possessions and follow him. Medieval monks chose to live a life of poverty. College kids today choose to live in poverty as they pursue a degree.

            I am sincerely curious and I fear living my life in error. I want to be a good person and do the right thing but there are so many conflicting moral rules. Please help me to understand. Thank you.

          • Pastafarian says:

            College kid here. What makes you think that college kids choose to live in poverty? I usually eat 1-2 meals a day and once in a blue moon will eat a third. I leave the house at 7:00am and don’t get home until 9:00pm or 10:00 after my after school job. Because of this semester’s class schedual, my hours for working have been decreased, meaning I have even less income. These past couple years have been hell for me as I barely float above the black in my bank account. I don’t like choosing between eating or paying my car insurance. I was able to take my girlfriend out on a date recently because of my tax return I got in the mail.

            If you think anyone would simply choose to live like this, you are nuts. And believe it or not, their are households that are struggling much harder than I am.

  8. Rational says:

    If you use violence, you will always get the opposite of your goal. That’s why they engage in wars for peace and get continuous war. They have a war on poverty in the 60s and get more poor people. The war on drugs results in more drugs and users, not clean streets and upright citizens. Tighter economic regulation results in more income disparity and more volatile markets. And if these government policies fail, what is the remedy? A government solution. People need to realize that the only goal of government programs is to increase government power. Please, don’t waste your life bickering with people who are in the same boat as you.

    Wake up.

  9. Ashshade says:

    TM & Iowaresident no one is saying you should not get aid. The problem is those that get it that should not. Like the family that I know, he works full time drives a new $60k truck she always has a new suv. They are on title 19 and get food stamps. Is something wrong there?

    Or another couple I know, they both work full time, but he was telling me how they hid some income and somehow got new windows from the state (or whoever does that). Nothing wrong there.

    Or the mid 30’s guy that works full time but gets his employer to pay him cash under the table so him and his wife (that he says is to lazy to work) can get money from Uncle Sam.

    And they brag about it! They are scum. They are the problem. Yet when anyone wants to try to fix these problems they get blasted for trying to cut a program that helps the poor. Those heartless buggers!! If everyone would stop listing to the sound bites, and look to see what is really going on we could get something done. But nope, it’s better to yell insults back and forth at one another.

    Carry on.

    • iowaresident says:

      Turn the scum in to the state. If they are scamming the system they are taking money out of our pockets. If you do not turn the in you are just as bad as they are.

  10. iowaresident says:

    Freeman are you trying to tell us you do not get the benefits of substidies or goverment handouts?

    You are sadly mistaken. You drive free on road. You buy gas to drive on those roads. (gas and oil is heavly sustidized.

    Just about every item in the grocery store has recieved substidies somewhere aong the line.

    Have you bught a new car in thef last six years? If the sustidies would end for everthing. Taxes would go down but prices woul skyrocket.

    • Free Man says:

      I pay more in taxes for the subsidies than the “Benefit” I get from subsidies.

      Someone must pay for the reduced, or free stuff that the poor receive from the government, and it comes from confiscating from the labor of the achievers.

      I just wrote a large check for my “Property Tax”, and soon will write another to the Federal government for my 2013 taxes. The majority of the property tax will go to the public schools, and while I have to sign the front of the check to the Feds the poor will get an EITC “Refund” and sign the back.

      I have no problem with paying my share of taxes for the nations infrastructure, but the welfare state and dependants must go. The “War on Poverty” started 40 years ago by the Johnson administration has spent trillions on the “Poor”, but we have more of them today percentage wise than when the program was started. The program has failed and proven that the government cannot spend the poor out of poverty. It comes down to personal responsability and choices.

      • iowaresident says:

        Freeloaders do have to go. The more that get turned in the lower our taxes. There are a lot of people that would love to work, for medical reasons I am unable. I collect SSDI which I paid into it for 35 years. I could get other aid but choose not to. Reducing benefits will make honest deserving people suffer. If you know know people that use the system turn them in.

  11. Free Man says:

    More free stuff for the poor.

    “Low To Moderate Income NW Iowans Eligible For Home Repair Help If They Own Their Home.”

    Maybe if they can’t afford upkeep on it they can’t afford to own a home.

    • Lee Ann says:

      Freeman, the program to help low income people get repairs to their homes is great for the individual, but it is primarily to help these small towns, so their poor do not live in homes that are unkempt, unsafe and an eyesore in the neighborhood. So while the individual gets most of the benefit, so does the town and the county. We don’t want all these elderly and poor living in unpainted, unsafe houses. And little old ladies aren’t going to move out of their home of 40 to 50 years unless they are dragged out, kicking and screaming. So the benefit for this program goes to the counties and towns. Everybody wants to live in a nice town with clean safe houses. Who would want to live in a town with a bunch of dumps.

      • Free Man says:

        We used to have trailer parks for the poor and those who could not afford to own a home. I lived in one when I was young and just starting out.

        They were always on the edge of town so the ones who could actually afford a nice house could live in a nice neighborhood, and not have to pay for paint and upkeep for those who could not afford to.

        • independent says:

          Freeman you sound like a Far Right Winged Republican. Most of the Republicns I know claim to live their lives by the bible. If you are a religious man, why do you hate low income people so much? A true religious man would welcome low income people into their homes and help them. Why are you such a hater? Just curious?

          • Free Man says:

            Sorry to dissapoint you, but I am not a Republican. I also do not attend a church.

            As for your question;

            “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”
            Lao Tzu

            “He who does not work, neither shall he eat”
            II Thessalonians 3:10

            We are told not to feed the animals in state parks because they will become dependant on the free food and forget how to take care of themselves, yet at the same time we are told that we need to help the “Poor” by feeding, clothing and helping them with their everyday essentials. Doing so takes away the drive and incentive for the poor to better themselves, and hurts them in the long run.

            We are giving them fish for today, and not giving the the incentive to actually learn to fish.

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