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School into June?

Date posted - April 18, 2013

Gonna bring up the Basketball time off again, taking all those days off set school to get out for the summer the 29th instead of the 27, NOW with the weather when our kids should be getting out of school because the roads are bad and such Sheldon keeps them in, along with the days missed last week due to weather, is school now going to run into June? Days that the school system has set aside should be used for times like this and not for sports, and i would like to say CONGRATULATIONS the Sheldon band who, without closing school for 3 days, got to go play out of state and they were the only ones that missed school! school wasn’t closed down for that right? Julie

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66 Responses to “School into June?”

  1. Mom3 says:

    FYI: The school took two/three extra days off around Easter because of the band trip. The Wednesday before to the following Tuesday.

    • Working Mom Of 3 says:

      Thank you for saying this as my thoughts exactly!!!!!!!

    • Steve says:

      The school calender was set for the band/choir trip several years ago so there were NO days added to the length of the school year. The next time the fine arts of SHS takes their trip is in 2017, which will again be taken into consideration when making out the school calender for 2016-2017. This should not be a shock!

  2. jason says:

    wasn’t school closed down for an entire week for the band trip?

  3. local shopper says:

    In all seriousness Julie, I think you should run for the school board.

  4. S says:

    Really??? I seem to recall that school was closed for more days for the band trip than for basketball. Maybe they should schedule those trips in the summer & then we would be getting out at least 4 days earlier now too. The school system doesn’t “set aside” any extra days. They are all added to the end. I’m sure that when you were in school, it closed for things like this too. Way to show your support & pride for your local kids!!! If you don’t like it – home school your kids & then it won’t be an issue.

  5. Johnboy says:

    I do believe they were going to make up a day during spring break but they did not because of band…just saying.

  6. Juie says:

    The band was over easter break, and i show support for the school i am in as many activites and very involved with my children and the school, But you are right, not home schooling but a different school system, Away from all the perfect people of sheldon.

  7. Seriously?? says:

    Are you kidding me right now? With all that is going on in this world you are complaining about a day or 2 extra that the kids are in school!! I bet if you ask those kids, teachers and parents that attended the State basketball games if they would rather get out of school before June or have that experience, most if not all would say they would rather have that experience. The snow days in April are NOT normal and ultimately just goes to show that GOD is in control not anyone in the school administration!

    Congratulations to the Sheldon band for a job well done and thank you to the boys basketball team and school officials for a LIFE EXPERIENCE my family will not ever forget!! We are proud of ALL the ORABS regardless of their accomplishments!

    • Rainbow says:

      I grew up on the East coast and school starts the Tuesday or Wednesday after labor day. It was really nice that way, because May when the children get out of school here, it usually is not very nice weather even to swim outdoors, but mid June is much more like summer. As for school before Labor Day well the best weather for family outings & travel but can’t do that because the Children are back in school. Also Labor day with no school might boost the area economy in others area’s then school supplies and clothes. Why don’t they start after Labor Day. We will always have unexpected adverse weather- We Live in Iowa ! Yes God is in control.

  8. Citizen says:

    Julie, school is not getting out in June yet and who cares if they do go into June. The kids will still have their summer break and those days that the kids are making up for State Basketball, ask everyone one of them if they care about going into June, I know they will say that they don’t care because going to State was a school memory that they will for a lifetime!!!! YOU are not the one that has to go to school its the kids and faculity and I don’t see them complaining! Also, the band when they went to Florida the whole school system was out for 4 extra days so don’t say that they didn’t get days off for their trip!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tim says:

    Now help me if I am wrong, the days set aside on the school calander of Mar 27-April 2, were they specifically set off for the band/choir trip, or was that for Spring Break? I am for school support of ALL student activities and allowing students to support each other. Perhaps, offering some number of “school student support” days for each student/teacher to go to an event. Then allow them to make up classes. It is a tough issue. As for letting school out for bad weather, sometimes we let it out when we should have stayed in, so then we catch heck, then sometimes we don’t let out and then we catch heck. It is a no win situation. I believe that the rules from the state need to be changed regarding inclement weather dismissals. The state needs to relax rules regarding number of days required. I mean if school is cancelled b/c of inclement weather, it should be counted as a day. We are in a part of the country that has those days. Lets face it, weather causes problems and safety. So why cannot the state rules say that they understand the reasons for dismissal due to weather. Every school knows its roads and what it can and cannot get by with. If a school district consistantly abuses it, (which I don’t think they would) then do a inquiry or something, and take it away from those offenders.
    No matter what, our students each and every one of them needs our support for their particular activity.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I think it is a federal law, in order to get federal funds for the education in the state, one must be in school 180 days per year. Nebraska refused federal funding way back in the 60s, because a lot of their students were out for planting and harvesting. So they did it alone, without any federal money. So they schedule for 180 plus 5 or 6 for snow days, band days, basketball games for state, etc. If they go over that five or six extra days, then they have to continue attending until 180 days are school days. My daughters went to school in the Southern Tier of New York (the snow belt of the world). And they went over their allotted snow days, and since their last day of school is always June 23, the snow days would have put them up to the first of July to get those 180 days.

  10. Gramma46 says:

    Really what a thing to spend so much time complaining about. Most parents can’t wait for the kids to go back. What’s a few days because Mother Nature is playing havoc in our area. Be thankful our kids weren’t in Boston.

  11. WhyFussSoMuch says:

    I can remember going to school in June. Plus in some countries they go to school year round and some places do 3 months on and 3 months off. All I care is that my daughter is getting her education, learning social skills, and learning about how to have pride in anything she does. So what if they have to go into June for school. This year was an important event in Basketball for the Orabs and plus many of the teachers give support to their students by watching them play. Also we do not get many Spring Break days compared to other school systems.

  12. Grandmaof5 says:

    OH FOR HEAVENS SAKE !! Between bombs and shootings and everything else going in in this world , you are really once AGAIN complaining about how long the kids will have to go to school because of Basketball Trips, Band Trips and now the weather ??????? We live in IOWA …….where the weather changes as much as a person changes their underwear !!!
    I myself would rather have my family safe, healthy & happy whether they have to go to school for a couple extra days is totally irrelevant !!!

  13. local shopper says:

    Excellent point grandmaof5. Whether it is band, basketball, or any other school group that travels…remember that these young women and men are ambassadors for Sheldon, Iowa. It doesn’t matter what school they attend; we have a lot of terrific kids who do a great job with PR for our town.

  14. Retired teacher says:

    I agree 100% wirh Gramma46. She is so right! I can’t believe, Julie, that this bothers you so!! It’s just one of those years, where the weather in April is playing havoc with us and the wonderful experience of the basketball tournament and the band trip, as well, occurred. Every year is different!!! We didn’t expect these snowy days in April. It is not so terrible to go into early June!! Gramma 46 is correct when she said most parents cannot wait to get their kids back into school in the fall! And BTW, I really don’t think that the people of Sheldon profess to be “perfect.” Praying for our country right now is more important.

  15. Skyman says:

    State law says that school districts are to have 180 student-contact days. Students should be in school all 180 days; Teachers have content that needs to be covered/taught, as is dictated by the Iowa Core Curriculum. If students miss days due to weather or school activities (GREAT experiences for the band and boys BB team), the days are simply tacked on to the end of the school year.

    With teachers being paid with taxpayer money, you would think all patrons of the school district, especially those with kids are in school, would absolutely want to get their money’s worth and have their kids in school for the full 180 days.

    • Tim says:

      Actually the law states “A minimum of either 180 days or 1,000 hours of instruction covering at least nine calendar months. The local board shall designate when the 180 instructional days or 1,000 hours shall occur.”
      § 115C‑84.2. So. to make up lost “time” one could add 15 to 30 min (or more) each day per week, and in theory make up lost time without anyone even noticing it. And think about another thought, most families have two parents working, if we coincided the school day with most work schedules, lets say, 8:00 to 4;30 or 5:00, look at the savings families would have in after school daycare, (or lack of lost wage) Just another way to look at it.
      It is awesome and vital to allow a student to have pride in his/her school in anyway he/she can. Many studies prove positive attitude toward ones school advances students achievements.
      So really, if taking time off for students to participate in extracurricular activities, and support of them, is as beneficial as studies indicate, then so what if school goes thru June. Just another way of looking at it.

  16. PRO SHS says:

    Julie, it seems to me that you have small children. Give yourself 5-7 years when your children are on the State Championship team, or traveling to a destination with the band and choir to a place some parents cannot afford to take their families—you will be elated and so happy for the experiences this school district is providing for your children. I cannot thank SHS enough for all of the wonderful experiences in school and out!!!!! VERY PROUD TO BE AN ORAB!!!!

    • aks says:

      So you think getting out of school for important events such as a state tournament is unneccesary? Well growing up in Milford, school was closed down on Kids Day for the Clay county fair.Give me a break!

      • Lee Ann says:

        When my kids were going to school in the Southern Tier of New York, they shut down everything for the opening day of deer season! Teachers, parents, kids were all out wanding around looking for deer. And New York is overloaded with small undersized deer.

        • Tim says:

          Lee Ann..I have to ask….even the kids were hunting with guns…in New York. Don’t make this a thread to guns…I am just giving you static LOL

          • Lee Ann says:

            Oh Tim, I am going to totally ruin your stereotype of liberals. I was shooting a 410 and a 22 rifle when I was about 9. I was an NRA member for about 20 years. I still belong to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. I hunted elk with a 30.06 Parker Hale. I am a great target shooter.

            I have never been anti gun, or the government should take our guns away. I am pro gun safety, you know, like the NRA used to be when I was a member years ago. I think that there should be universal gun background checks. But I am definitely not anti gun. My Dad and brother were great pheasant hunters (I grew up hating pheasant dinners) back in the day when pheasants were everywhere in the fields. My family pet was our flusher dog. I don’t want to turn this in to a anti/pro gun thread either. I just wanted to stun and amaze you that all people are different. smile.

            EDITOR’S NOTE -As Tim alluded to – this is not a gun thread. If you want to talk firearms send us a MY TWO CENTS submission about firearms.
            Thank you.

  17. Curt De jager says:

    Julie? Where did you go? If you have younger children I get it, as I have 3 little boys, but I hope that all three of my boys get to experience what that bball team did, heck, I hope they win state in football as well or whatever they participate in, if they won’t state in football and bball I wouldn’t care if it went 2 weeks into June. Don’t be such a hater and support the school and the children in it. Its sheldon high school, not Julies high school.

    • TMANT says:

      If You were wanting Your kids to have the same basketball experience, you should probably wait another 30 years, so the four county area can let the gene pool expand, once again, making sure the players can hit more than the front of the rim, like previous orab teams. Your right, this is Sheldon school, and so long as they treat newcomers like they do (poorly by all parts of the school system as well a students for not being ‘one of them’, building the reputation they have in the area, and forcing people to choose new schools allowing those other schools to win state titles), They won’t ever have to change a single rule when its just the same family, over and over, again, but different last names or a combo of both. We all know how important the ALMIGHTY last name can be in the decision making process in this area, just look how long their coach had his job before that title was won. Hired to do a job, that they can’t do, but yet keeps said job. Why? Many excuses can be made to try to validate that one, but it could very easily traced back to why. And for the people saying, ‘ with everything thats happened in our country, all you do is complain about the weather’, I’ve got a GREAT question for you. You’ll take days off for BB and Band and tack it on the end of the school year, like its nothing, How about a day off to mourn the deaths of people in this country due to terror and do the same thing, since its so important that people do as you say, cuz heck, whats another day.

      • Mom of 3 says:

        WOW!!! I think you missed the point of this commetary. From treating new comers like crap, to having status with your last name, to terror and death. Start another post, dont contaminate this one.

  18. mom3 says:

    If you dont like the school; there are others to send your children to. If I wasn’t happy with my children’s school I would do whatever I had to find one that was better. I will say the things I tell my kids: No one/thing is perfect., Life isn’t fair, & You can’t make everyone happy.

  19. Simon says:

    Last month the complaint was not having school. Today, the complaint is about having school. Mark Twain once said, “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

  20. people have too much time on their hands says:

    I vote for a little less time off at Christmas. This coming year, the kids will have 16 days off during Christmas break. Too long! I vote half that and out earlier!! But than again…no one ask me.

  21. Geez says:

    I will bet you were complaining about the kids starting too early in the fall too?

    I always grew up starting after labor day and getting out second week in June. What is the issue here?
    Your kids will get the same amount of time in class as they would have without the time off.

  22. Emma says:

    Fact check. School was taken off for the band trip.

    • Momofap says:

      Fact check…the board and admin. combined our “Spring Break and Easter Break” so the band could take their trip. Let’s get real people, in the world of today our children in Sheldon are very sheltered. Our children are safe, and the teacher do their job well. Should the whole system be looked at so the quality of education could be better? I have experience where the children go to school year-round. Families planned their trips around the school breaks, subjects did get completely covered, sports were more centered on building a strong & healthy body, music was strong, the arts were thriving. As a mom I look at the quality of Education, not how long it takes to teach the subject.

  23. Grandmaof5 says:

    OK I am still here reading this stuff …….Why …….Because I can not sleep ~ Why can I not sleep ? You may or may not wonder……I really at this point so not care …………but here it is ~ My 7 year old grandson (which is one of 5) had a severe seizure this afternoon after I originally posted up above and is in the hospital and no I am not kidding !!! Do I really care about school going longer or do I care about my grandson ? Do “YOU” people really care about school going a few extra days longer or do you care about your kids and grandkids ? Get a grip on life and think about what really matters !!!! Because in a blink of an eye ………it can all be gone !!!! Quit the petty crabbing about stupid stuff and hug your kids and or grandkids. Tell them you love them……….It may be your last chance !!!!!

    • Tim says:

      Grandma…I hope the grandkids are doing ok. I think everyone on here wishes that for you and the grandkids. I think however that we can also see that this subject IS an issue of importance to many. So many ideas…yet… the school board and those in charge are never going to please everyone. Discussion is always good, as long as it is constructive.

  24. Mom of 3 says:

    WE should all be proud to be a part of a school system where our children at all ages have such great accomplishments. I am proud to be a part of that, no matter what ages my kids are. With that being said, I am going to take another approach. School is cancelled for sporting events that ARE important to our children’s development. Days are scheduled off for band trips, even though it only affects the high school band group. Calling school off is a touchy subject. They ARE damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Nothing about that will change. Our children NEED to go to school and need to attend to receive federal funding per the guidelines set forward. I miss the summer time I get to spend with my children. When the start date for the school year was put to vote a few years ago, many options were brought forward. I grew up in SD. We started after Labor Day and were done by Memorial Day. I just wish there was a way to make that work so we could enjoy some time over the summer. When they are in school until June 1 (for whatever reason) and start August 15, that leaves 12 weekends.

  25. Robert Keller says:

    Sheldon should petition to join the War Eagle Conference, as they seldom send teams to the state tournaments.

    • Simon says:

      Looks like this quote is worth repeating… Mark Twain once said, “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

  26. another employee says:

    Although I don’t have children in school, I have to say that the pride in the schools for kids is awesome!!!! I love reading these threads by people that think they are Kings or Queens and everyone should do exactly what they think. It’s funny because like somebody on here said something that should be ringing in EVERY American citizen…the bombings and the shootings, but other things too, the murders, the thefts, the women slavery trade, etc, the list goes on and on. Things that REALLY matter. People, now is when SOMEBODY UP THERE is trying to get our attention. I really believe that there are matters that are more urgent in this nation at this time other than somebody crying and whining about why their kids are in school until June. I totally understand why you would be this way, I was in school once too, but come one, you are wasting energy and other people’s time by starting a thread like this Julie. You think that you are not going to get flack because of this? Take it up with the powers that be if you aren’t happy with the situation at Sheldon School. Like I said, I don’t have kids in school, but I will tell you this much, the people that i have been reading about on this and other threads fully support the schools that they talk about and that’s AWESOME, because someday, maybe their kids will read this thread and they too will be proud to have had parents that backed them AND their school up…not bashing it. Just sayin’

  27. Lee Ann says:

    Grandma of 5, I hope your grandchild is allright. We have good doctors, and modern medicine can do so much.

    I think we all should realize that in our little town, in our small school district, we get some of the best education in Iowa. We have good teachers, good coaches, excellent new buildings for middle and high school, and a soon to be remodelled grade school. We should all be very proud of our schools. I don’t have any children in school here, my youngest grandson will graduate from high school in a few years. And I am pleased at what my tax dollars collectively with others creates for us.

  28. Harriet Oleson says:

    Back in Walnut Grove we started school after the hand corn picking and got out for the corn planting and Doc Baker agrees the kids got a lot more accomplished while they were there.

  29. Old ORAB says:

    I remember school being released for summer vacation on June 13th. I was a Soph at Sheldon, it was 1994. Amazing; I’m still alive! I didn’t die in the classroom. My Junior and Senior year I would’ve gladly stayed in school until July. It would have been a small price to pay. It would’ve been worth it to see my classmates win a State Championship. We didn’t beat Western. We did win the Lakes Conference! Hmmm? I don’t think I’ve ever attended a Band competition. I know Sheldon has always had a great band.

  30. Tim says:

    Ya know….thinking about this, I really think I could go back and start my High School years over. LOL..Heck..I would even stay in school till June 15. Oh for those days! How many of us would not do it all over again. Heck, if one of the freshman wants to trade..let me know. Heck, I would dare to bet even Harriet Olsen, Lee Ann and Old ORAB would take that offer…Ya think?

    • Lee Ann says:

      No thanks. I wouldn’t do those high school years over for anything! Those are difficult years. We are trying to mature, we have all kinds of self esteem issues, fears, worries, and peer pressure is horrible. Nope, no way.

      I would, tho, like to redo my 30s. Those were pretty good years, my children were growing into wonderful people, and I could make a few choices differently.

      • skyman says:

        Lee Ann–

        I agree; I would not choose to relive my HS years. Now….my college years, well that’s another story. So many people I met, so many interesting experiences. I would go back and relive THOSE years in a heartbeat!!!

    • Old ORAB says:

      Heck yeah! Sheldon Orab Football Rules!!!!!

  31. chocotaco says:

    I think that Julie is making too big of a deal. Suck it up. At least you don’t have to watch your kids in summer, yet. If you want your kids to succeed in life with tons of knowledge, then school is the place for them. Life isn’t fair. Love you local shopper, skyman, and harriet oleson! <3

  32. vanillataco says:

    But, Julie, I do understand that it seems like forever until school lets out.

  33. mindy mober says:

    Really, give it up… There are much more important things to worry about. Our kids have the best of the best when it comes to education. In this day and age, we have nothing to complain about. Spend your energy on stuff that really matters, which is just love your children. Our world, as we know it, could change in an instant!!!!

  34. Summer says:

    So end the complaining to Julie. I think she gets the point of what you all think. Most of you read too far into the article, I think. Have a Sunny Day!

  35. Student says:

    I am a student at the high school and I can tell you that you won’t hear one person who went to state basketball complain about having to make up those days. Also you won’t hear any of us complaining about having to go longer because of the band trip. State basketball was an amazing experience as was the band trip. If the students are the ones that need to make it up and you don’t see them complaining maybe you as parents should stop complaining about the school giving your children a couple extra days of what is a free education.

  36. Old School says:

    Back in the 70’s where I attended school there wasn’t such a thing as a band trip. Instead, we marched in every small town celebration in a 50 mile radius every weekend during the summer. Now, if you can get your hometown band to march in it’s own hometown parade, that’s it (and maybe tulip festival). Seems to me we’ve gotten to the point where if we don’t send our kids to Florida or California or Spain (spanish students), we’ve not given them enough. I appreciate the fact that they get to go, but back then we all worked as hard as anyone today in extracuricular activities because you wanted to and it was expected, not to be rewarded. No wonder they’re known as the entitled generation.

    • Steve says:

      Old School…are you truly that petty AND ignorant to all that the band does for this community and school district?? I was in band back in th ’70’s as well and we went on a band trip every 3 years rather than 4. Each student, both in band and choir that go on the trip, pays their own way through fund-raisers and personal donations. The band marches at every Celebration Day’s parade and participates in at least 4 other competitions throughout September and October. The band plays at every home football and basketball game. The band kids work their tails off to prepare for marching and field competitions practicing from 7-9 AM every school day from August to October (not to mention band camp before the school year begins). We have an exceptionally talented band instructor, and young people that in no way feel entitled but privileged to be a part of an outstanding program. There are young dedicated men and women that are not only in band but from every sport as well (I thought this discussion was about “school in June”). Do yourself a favor and know of what you speak before showing how little!

      • Old School says:

        Dear Steve, Evidently I found a button to push with you. I understand the band does a lot for and in the community. I also played at sporting events, Memorial Day programs, competitions, etc. My point is; why do bands have to march all over the country and Canada (and miss school – the point YOU missed) but not in the local parades throughout n’west IA in the summer when school is out? Seems to me it would be less expensive and more enjoyable for the citizens of our area. It appears I am not allowed to express my opinions without agregious name calling. Petty AND ignorant. Really?

        • Steve says:

          I apologise if you were offended by my comments. The band does not participate in local marching events durring the summer because school is out and to get the band together is logistically impossible. They have marched in both Ashton and Archer in the past (both are durring the school year), and as for other communities with larger parade events in the area, they have participated but after years of other schools promising to march at Celebration Days if Sheldon will march at their special town event (think wooden shoes for one) the administration and faculty responsible for when and where the band marches grew very tired of being duped and lied to by other directors of “local parades in NW iowa”. Perhaps things were different in the olden days where you were from, and to some extent here, but never ever think for one second that the members of the band, auxilory, and flag corp feel entitled to a trip every four years, they EARN it through very hard work and dedication 10 out of 12 months per year, again, raising their own funding. As for missing school, as stated before more than once in this thread, the band/choir trip did not add 1 day to the school calander. Again, the Spring break and Easter break were combined so that NO days were added. I do take great offence when the band is wrongly and…through lack of accurate information portrayed as being anything but a proud supporter of the community and Sheldon Schools. They rutenly outperform and out score larger schools at compititions with much less funding and community support than the larger (or even some smaller) schools. Really!

  37. Ashshade says:

    I just had to get in on this one. Wow, 54 comments.

    Let the kids have the b-ball and band trips. It’s the teachers with WAY too many professional days that make the school year too long.

    • Simon says:

      Wait, isnt that how teachers become better? Cmon Ashshade, you’re sounding like Julie now…. “I want good teachers, but I want them to get better on their own time”??? Ever have to go to work and go to a training meeting for a morning or afternoon or a day? That’s what the professional days are for teachers. It isnt all pizza parties and playing cards in the teachers lounge on those days…

  38. Jcs says:

    Enough of picking on Julie. Would someone please give her a hug?

  39. skyman says:

    Time to retire this thread and move on to another.

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