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Date posted - September 23, 2013

School is in and so is the road construction. It really bothers me that it seems like when ever school starts so does road construction in Sheldon. Why is Sheldon always last in line for road construction they had all summer long and some how we get construction when our kids have to drive to school in a construction zone which is poorly marked and inexperienced drivers need to drive through it to get to school. Do we really need to have someone get hurt before we learn that somethings like this need to be scheduled in the summer months not right before or after school starts. I would be the first to say improvements are needed from time to time however they need to be scheduled when we don’t have so many inexperienced drivers trying to get to school.


Jerry Vander Plaats

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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Common sense and patience. Young or old. Construction season or not. That’s all it takes.

    • Doug says:

      I agree with Jerry 100%.

      There is no common sense to the poor markings that change every day out there. Extremely poor timing. Imagine the bus drivers trying to get kids to school on-time through that mess.

  2. Me says:

    Try picking your child up from East with a car. Then there are children walking on the road, unsure of how to get to the west or north. No sidewalk on the west side. Hopefully no accidents or a child getting hurt.

  3. koadylee says:

    I think common sense would have to agree with Jerry. It was a mild summer, perfect for working outside! They had the whole summer to complete these projects and now school has started. It’s hazardous for all the people driving to and from school and for the bus drivers out there trying to transport kids in areas where the roads are torn up and detours are poorly marked. This is a problem!

    • Rebuttal says:

      It’s not a problem, it’s progress!

    • Dave Popkes says:

      The construction schedules are tight and we cannot pick and choose which time to do anything, we have to work in their schedule. Sometimes itis very frusting when they pull off the job and come back later. The frustration level at the city office is very high trying to get the construction companys to finish the jobs.

  4. local shopper says:

    Trust the bus drivers. They are well trained and have a lot of experience dealing with construction. Most of the buses come from the south because their last stops are at the other schools in town. It is up to the parents to instruct their driving high school children to take another way to school until the construction is finished. If an East parent is concerned that there are no sidewalks, contact the school district. Now is a good time since they are doing improvements there.

  5. Comment says:

    I agree! Why does the town of Sheldon have to tear up everything all at the same time. It is an eye sore! You have the contruction of the highway, Elementary school, Downtown (waste of money in my opinion), housing develpoment behind Taco Johns, housing development by fieldcrest, new ball park which I don’t know why whats wrong with the diamonds at the City Park! Its nice to see improvement in SOME areas but why all at once! If I was you I would bypass the town of Sheldon at this time cause it will take you twice as long or longer to get anywhere!

    • local shopper says:

      The contractors who do the work, whether it be for the school district, SCDC, or the city of Sheldon have other cities and school districts that they do work for. They have a calendar that they adhere to when doing construction. Purely coincidence for our town. It has been a pain to drive around town. I would rather have all of this done now than to really string it out.

      Complain all you want, but in the end I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to have shelter, safer roads, and a good learning environment for children.

    • Dave Popkes says:

      Why the construction now?

      1. Low Interest and bid prices saving thousands of tax dollars.
      2. Too many people falling and hurting themselves, tripping over curbs that are too high, and bad sidewalks. One lawsuit can pay for the entire project, and you would not see aany improvements yet.
      3. The highway is under state control, and the city has no control over timing.
      4. We are running out of houseing lots, and we do not want to discourage anyone from building a house in town.
      5. To create more opportunity for recreation, with the new ballfields and places to fly kites ETC.
      6. To continue to work with all Entities in Sheldon to create a better place to live,work,and play.

    • Student says:

      Those new fields or for the school to practice on. They aren’t for the public.

      • Dave Popkes says:

        Public money being used to build the fields, and part of the land was owned by the city. They are being built and maintained by the City and the School System by a 28 E agreement.

    • Student says:

      The fields being made out by the middle school are going to be practice fields for the students. They aren’t for the little kids to play their games on. these are truly to ease up the partial mess we have going now. I think they are a great choice, plus it gives the NCC heavy equipment boys some work to do.

  6. Say What? says:

    An eyesore? I agree with Rebuttal–that’s progress. Progress takes time. Those projects arent going to get done in 2-3 days. Don’t do the overlay project right now and 2 months from now you would be complaining about the poor condition of the south lanes on Hwy 18… Glad to see it done now before winter. All of the projects, even the downtown project, are great additions/positives for Sheldon.

    • Farmer's Daughter says:

      I also think its a pain in the butt when the start all this construction in the fall when they know there are going to be semi trucks, tractors with wagons and pickups and wagons and other equipment coming into town. Yes I know people always say well farmers need to take the gravel roads but to get into town to unload when the go to sell or store their grain they have to take the paved roads and with road work it makes thing even that much more dangerous for the farmer ad the people around them

  7. Meets says:

    I am not sure that Jerry or others are complaining. Voicing their concerns. What we are witnessing is progress, improvements, to our community, for us citizens, and for our children, the hopeful future of our town. I do agree though that sheldon always seems to have road construction during late summer early fall. But with that said, bids are let out, bids are received, we need to look bids over, award contract and get things rolling. The housing development behind taco johns, the downtown street redo, I am not sold on yet but it’s an improvement. What do we, as a town, measure one projects success vs another.

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