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Schools starting before Labor Day

Date posted - February 22, 2014

I see Sheldon will start school in mid-August and most of the schools in NW Iowa will do so also. What is the reason for cutting off the summer break so early? We barely had a summer last year and when it starts getting hot, the kids are back in school. Most of the schools are without air conditioning and when it is that hot, that is all they can think about. Why not start after Labor Day and if need be, go into June when the weather is still cool.

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17 Responses to “Schools starting before Labor Day”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    I think school boards just pick a day and that’s the day they start. I went to nursing school in New York state, and started September 24, and got out on June 23rd. So it was more than a month later. Its still the same number of days, I don’t know their reasoning for their schedules.

    I remember Labor Day was always the end of summer, and after that day, everybody went back to school. Its sure a puzzle.

    • Rainbow says:

      What about seasonal business that depend on summer vacation’s for their lively hood? Getting out in May many times the weather is cold and wet… summer weather really gets better in June and is great thru Labor Day. The economy suffers for many when school starts in the middle of Aug.
      I am sure many of us can relate to other areas that school starts the Tuesday or Wednesday after Labor day and then get out in 1rst or 2nd week of June.

      • teacher says:

        Not to mention that the board is considering a 90-minute late start every Wednesday for teacher in-service. Welcome to Common Core requirements! How will that affect child care for parents who have to leave for work earlier than that? How will it affect the non-public schools who ride the buses? How will they make up the lost hours? Adding days to the school year? Time for some common sense!

        • jake says:

          Yeah, school starting 90 minutes late once a week is ridiculous! Heaven forbid the teachers stay after hours or maybe have to check in on a Saturday!

          • Lynn says:

            Jake, Some teachers do stay after hours and weekends. Some of us are here at 7 in the morning and or leave at 5 at night even though our contracts say 8-4. Some may come and go at those times but spend hours at home planning and correcting assignments, projects, and tests. The 90 minute late would require that the teachers are there at 7:30 not the contracted 8. It’s not a choice I would make. It’s an in service not a “do what you want time.”

          • LaRae says:

            Do you really think teachers have a say in this? It is the state and the administration. We don’t have a say in ANYTHING that goes on in school. I am so glad teachers are he scapegoats for everything negative that happens in school. God bless the people who teach. Educate yourself on how decisions are made in the school systems.

  2. jonnybbomb says:

    Exactly right. What happened to the labor day vacation. When you packed up your wife and kids and took a week off before school began. How many hotels, camping sites, restaurants ect. are out all that revenue. And kids in band or football start even a week earlier.

  3. Derp says:

    First people complain about kids not having school because of State Basketball/Football etc. Now they complain because the kids are going to school too early. Do you want them in school or don’t you? Make up your minds already.

  4. Londa Boogerd says:

    I think that this is a great discussion to have. As a mother I have great concerns about the Common Core and every other education decision that is being taken away from local control and having either a state or federal mandate that is tied to dollars. But that is a little bit of another discussion that must be made. As for school start date we must remember that our school board members are elected representatives that the only way they will know our concerns and opinions is if we take the time to let them know. If they then disregard our concerns and pay no heed to them we as the electorate have the responsibility to replace them. I will totally agree with the school start date being way too early. Another harmful effect of having such a short summer is that it is difficult for employers to hire these students because by the time they have them trained well it is time for them to go back to school and the money and time spent training them cannot be recouped. Taking this educational opportunity away from the students is very disadvantageous to them. As for whether or not I want my kids in school or not the answer is very easy. I want them to go school to learn and receive a quality education, however fluff time is not something I need the school to do for me. I will teach my kids values, basic economics, and life responsibilities (taking out the trash, cleaning the table, helping their neighbor, etc.,) and I am asking the schools to help me with the reading, math, science and grammar skills. So as you can see as parents we also need a lot of time with our children to help them be successful in life. So after all of this rambling I would like to impress on everyone the necessity of contacting your school board representatives with your concerns that is the only way they know.

  5. Biker says:

    Great idea. Push them kids. Hour here or there so be it. The 90 minutes idea that’s on the discussion board, have at it. School is becoming to many activities, falling behind in comparison to other states, countries. Kids not all but are lacking. We have wants and no so many needs. Private public schools all the same. A lot of activities, go go go but yet heaven forbid my kid have to spend an extra hour in school, start as some say too early, but yet let’s two weeks x-mas vacation, lets all go state sport and take a few days off, etc.

  6. Mrs. Scott says:

    I am disappointed that we are starting school this early again, too. However, I can tolerate it. It’s just confusing. Earlier this year, we were alerted to the fact that we would most likely be starting after Labor Day. Now, it’s been changed again. It would have been nice to go ahead and try starting after Labor Day this year just to see whether folks liked it or not.
    I understand there is some concern with those high school kids who take NCC courses and making certain we are in session for them. I say, those kids and their parents need to figure out how to get them to class if they want to take a PSEO course. It’s the least they can do considering the course is free to them.
    I also understand the argument for having the semester finished before Christmas. I do agree that it’s much nicer for the teachers and the students. However, there are many schools all across the country who still finish up after Christmas break. It can be done. Maybe it’s not ideal, but it’s a compromise we would have to make in order to enjoy August. We can’t have it all.
    Finally, I absolutely feel the 90 minute late start is utterly ridiculous. Obviously none of the school board members are responsible for getting kids out of bed and to school in the morning. As a parent myself, I really feel this is not a viable option for most parents, especially the teachers of young children!
    Thanks to all the school board members for serving the community! I wouldn’t want to try to make all of these decisions. I hope you accept and consider my thoughts.

  7. Comment says:

    I think school should be taught all year round! Have a week or two break here and there, that would be perfect for those kids and teachers! There are many schools in the US and other countries that do this already and there grades excel the norm. Why do they need a 3 month break? School is like a job for those kids and it is the teachers job also, you don’t see anyone else in the working field get a 3 month break from there job, we work all year round! Also why does it really matter when we start school, if we started later people would complain that we are losing out on our summer vacaction in June. Sheldon is not the only school starting in August for goodness sakes, majority of schools in the tri-state area and all around start at the same time AUGUST!!!! Colleges even start in August they don’t wait for Labor Day to roll around! That’s my 2 cents!

    • Harriet Oleson says:

      Teachers don’t get two coffee breaks and an an hour for lunch every day – Most teachers have around 20 minutes for lunch – add up the minutes and see what it amounts to. Oh wait I will do it for you – 15 work days for lunch time & 15 work days for coffee breaks = 6 work week days. Almost even.

    • Jon says:

      I would suggest if you want a “three month break,” then you get the degree and get yourself in the classroom. I get tired of the disparaging of educators, although clearly someone missed an opportunity in your case: “there” is spelled “their” when it indicates possession. This may help: “They’re going there to see their children.” The contraction for “they are,” “there” as in place, and “their” in possessive form indicating collective ownership or belonging.

      • Concerned says:

        As I first said in my 2 cents, it was not just Sheldon, but most NW Iowa schools starting before Labor Day. I am not a teacher but a Grandma so it really doesn’t matter when the school starts except that many schools do not have air conditioning and it is hot in August for students and teachers. I saw the pools operate about 6 weeks this year in Sheldon and other schools got out early because of the heat. We DO have summer break and since we do, why does it hurt to start after Labor Day. I also am for school year round because the kids loose alot of information that they are not exposed to daily. Iowa law says not before Labor Day but schools get the ok to start before. Some schools are going to go by so many hours instead of the days. That way our children are assured the time instead of counting a 2 hour late start as a day, they will get credit only for the hours they are in school.

  8. Jon says:

    I am somewhat amused by this discussion every year. I graduated from Sheldon High School in 1998, and even then we were starting before Labor Day every year. The start date did move up about a week when it was decided to complete the first semester before Christmas vacation. It was always hard to come back after Christmas and have just one week of the second semester after the break. If Sheldon were the only school doing this, it would be one thing, but they are hardly alone in this start date or getting enough school days in to finish the semester before the Christmas/Winter break. Sheldon also no longer has any buildings that lack air-conditioning, so the heat is not a concern in considering the start date as it is for some school districts. Also, while I’m sympathetic to the idea that holding a summer job is an important learning experience for high school students, their education ought to be the highest priority at this time. Most local employers are fairly accommodating to student workers anyway.

  9. Londa Boogerd says:

    Well I think this is a good topic but come on we have to have our children to not just school having our children 8 hours a day my kids dont get home until 4:15 and go to school at 7:15 and some of my kids even wake up at 4:30 PM and help me with calves my kids wake up earlier than some teachers.

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