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Sediment in water

Date posted - October 30, 2013

Anyone noticing sediment in their water? Awhile back I noticed issues with appliances not having what seemed like enough pressure. After an issue with washer not having enough pressure on cold wash but ok pressure with hot or warm I told my husband to take a look. He disconnected hose and a bunch of silica sand looking stuff and a lot of sediment came out. He then cleaned screen. Problem solved, so I thought. This morning my son had no pressure out of shower but pressure from faucet. My oldest took shower head off and sure enough plugged with the same silica sand looking stuff. My husband thinks it might just be on certain ends of town. Is anyone else noticing this?? I’ve also noticed it in my Brita water pitcher. YUCK!!

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22 Responses to “Sediment in water”

  1. The mom says:

    What color was the sediment? Do you have a water softener? Sounds to me like if you do have a water softener the resin is coming out thru your pipes. Used to work for plumbing/ water treatment. I’ll wait to here back!

  2. Tim says:

    We are on Osceola Rural water and have a complete reverse osmosis system. Until a month or two ago we had the most clear water ever. We make instant coffee, and only heat water in our coffee pot and we have noticed the same thing in the bottom of the pot. We have alerted Osceola Rural water, they assured us nothing had changed. My wife has started to buy water from the store to make coffee and drink, which our reverse osomosis system should clear out. It is strange.

    • Cyndi says:

      We have rural water too. I didn’t notice the sediment till this year. It’s like slime. I’ve even tried to strain it (sun tea) but it goes through it. Cold water doesn’t go through a softener does it?

  3. Meets says:

    Softener issue?

  4. Pooker says:

    Recently, I’ve noticed the same thing with the coffee maker, if I have coffee in it for 30 minutes, it looks like an oil slick on the top…..reminds me of the days I lived in the country…..also my coffee machine is plugging more often now, and the faucet screens need to be cleaned more often than they used to. Wonder what is causing it? I live on the West side of town.

    • Red says:

      The oil slick on the coffee is actually oil from the coffee itself. It’s being brewed at too hot of a temperature. I learned that from Alton Brown. :0)

  5. Red says:

    Do you have a water softener? We live in the country, have one, and this happened quite often when our old softener was on the way out.

    • LISA says:

      I would check the softener. We had a similar situation about 6 months ago and it was the softener. And by the way it was a real mess to clean up.

    • Pooker says:

      I do have a water softener…..but have noticed it only with the cold water, but then I don’t believe that cold water goes through that. The softener is pretty new….only a couple of years old, so I don’t know what is going on. I guess if it keeps up….bottled water it will be for me. I have also noticed that my dog and cat are getting sick (up chucking) in the last few days…..don’t know if there is a bug going around (don’t even KNOW if they can get a bug!! :-) ) but it has come to mind that maybe it’s the water?? I haven’t changed anything in their diet, so I know it isn’t that. Maybe they will be getting bottled water too if this keeps up.

  6. SW says:

    We have had it for quite awhile. YUCK. We live in the middle of Sheldon.

  7. Smalltowngirl says:

    I no longer drink the water in town. It is defiantly worth going and getting water from grocery stores. However, like you said that doesn’t help with showers, but at least you will be drinking clean water!

  8. The mom says:

    Cold water can go thru a water softener… It depends how your plumbing is run. Usually most of the house is on the softener except for the water outside and if they ran a hard water line. There is a bypass on the softener that you can activate until you have someone come out and fix it.

    For the guy with r/ o system, when’s the last time your filters were cleaned. They should be done yearly and if your waters real bad 2 x a year.

  9. Cyndi says:

    Maybe it’s in the softener salt?

    • Red says:

      When we had our original softener (rainsoft) they suggested livestock blocks of salt, as they lasted longer. They left a slimy residue in the tank that we went to the rock salt type. Well that was dirty too. We now only use pellets, and they are clean and do the job well.

  10. RR says:

    Sheldon’s water is extremely hard. We have our softner set to generate every night. We use filtered water for drinking, including my cat because it is so bad.

  11. WaterMan says:

    Just thinking what I have read on here with Sheldons water situation, the hardness levels might be fluctuating depending on what wells they are running. Definitely sounds like it is due to the hardness in the water. I recommend calling the city and asking them what their hardness is and if it is stable on a daily basis. Each softener is set up at a certain level of hardness, If that goes up or down, an adjustment might be needed.

  12. N. 5th Ave Resident says:

    We don’t have a softener and the hardness has definitely increased. It actually filled the water heater over the bottom heating element. Husband tediously cleaned it all out and replaced the heating elements. It is only about 3 years old.

    • Red says:

      I’m not voting your comment down, just voting down because it’s awful you have to do that so soon to your heater. They are pretty darned expensive to replace!

  13. Meets says:

    Read the website….kiwa spoke with Uhl. I agree with Uhl. Like I said before softener issue

  14. N. 5th Ave Resident says:

    Ok everyone. Meets has spoken. He agrees with Uhl so we are all wrong. Case closed. On to the next subject I guess.

  15. meets says:

    Any of you plumbers? Served the industry? N 5th Ave person…OK case closed.

  16. Earthling says:

    Welcome too the Real World…..The Water on this Planet is POLLUTED.Have you ever seen the inside of the water treatment plant,It’s like something out of A Sci-fi Movie,Dumpin Loads of Chemicals and Whatever,Personally I live in the Country,Rural water isn’t much better.However Rural water isn’t Fluoridated,That was introduced into the water Systems of Every city in America,It is also used in Rat Poison,and toothpaste,The government put it in the Water For another Specific Reason(To Stop Free Thinking,And Make people Follow the Herd Mentality.)

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