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Date posted - February 25, 2013

I M Disgusted

If the Sequester goes into affect, I think all Congressmen, Senators, the entire Administration, and anyone else involved with sandbagging on this decision, should have their wages and benefits stopped immediately and use that money to keep some other programs going.

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52 Responses to “Sequester”

  1. Chris says:

    Change needs to happen where legislation is CONGRESS; that being our U.S. senators and U.S. representatives. As voters, let’s exercise our right and begin to take action to eliminate the bi-partisan factors. Changing congressional benefits to be more in-line with mainstream America would also be a positive change.

    • Venerable says:

      @Hank Williams JR We in America are coerced into playing a political game that is specifically designed to benefit fewer than 1% of the country’s population. This is not a democracy. A democracy is impossible in a economically stratified society. But you wouldn’t want to live in a democracy anyway; a democracy is 51% of the people voting away the rights of the other 49%. It is majority mob-mentality subjugation. America is supposed to be a republic but it’s a very poorly designed one at that. America is a plutocratic oligarchy funded by (controlled by) a Corporatocracy.
      I don’t play that game. But I am forced to watch the game and shake my head at the tragedy of its folly. Neither team can hope to win at such a game. The game is a ruse, a diversion from what is really happening.

      • Tim says:

        You are not “forced”, there are other countries you can live in if you are so dissatisfied with the American way of life. BTW, you say “a ruse, a diversion of what is really happening”.. what is it that you think is really happening?

        • Venerable says:

          The ruse is our federal government and our 2 party system and our ignorant population and our national news outlets. Congress will sit there and scream about gay marraige and gun control, things that really are not that important at all, but when it comes to the deficit heads are burried in the sand and nothing gets done. Meanwhile the republicans will blame the democrats and vice versa. It has nothing to do with either party screwing up anything worse than the other party. Both parties are doing nothing but as long as the general population will keep arguing about which side is right they will just keep doing nothing and laugh as our country spirals downward.

  2. Hank Williams, JR says:

    Maybe if we all didn’t stop voting in the same dudes and dudettes for the past 20 plus years we would see something change?

  3. Lee Ann says:

    They all make huge paychecks, work most weeks Tuesday to Thursday, and don’t do much when they are in session. I think they should pay them an hourly wage. Take that $174,000 or whatever it is, and break it down to money per hour. That amount works out to 86.25 an hour. They also need a time clock. They say that when they are not in session, they are having town halls, etc. I don’t see many events with our legislators there.

    If we get this sequester, the really conservative folks will think it is a win. I think it s a great loss. We need much better legislators than this. We learned as children about compromise and fair play. Its time for the legislators to act like adults. i don’t care who’s fault it was, all i care is that they work together and get something done. These crises are getting to be a real pain, one after another.

  4. HA What? says:

    The best Government is one that does nothing! Let the sequester happen! No need to compromise your principles.
    Lee Ann… “These crises are getting to be a real pain, one after another.”
    Yes, and don’t forget the moto “Never let a good crisis go to waste!”
    This one is completely manufactured. No real cuts, just a smaller increase to the budget!
    Obama will be sure to make it as pain full as possible though, and the MSM will put it all on the GOP.
    Look at the Lies Obama was telling last week as he was trying to scare the uninformed masses, “teachers will lose jobs”, “prosecutors will have to turn criminals loose!” How stupid does he think we are? Unfortunately…. some are stupid enough, and it appears they are now the majority!

  5. Tim, Conservatively Speaking says:

    The really ‘conservative’ folks think it will be a win? Why? I saw my paycheck it was less takehome, Oh, and I just got my new insurance premium raise, $1200 higher next year. I think I may just drop all my insurance and let the non-conservatives pick up the tab, thats the way it works. I thought Mr Obama said it was the “Affordable Health Care Act”. What a joke. Oh, and the way I remember, this Sequester, was Mr. Obama’s idea. Yes they need to work together. Where is the budget for the last 5 years? Ok you will blame the Republicans, go for it, I frankly am tired of that blame game, it just doesn’t hold water any longer! Lets find out who the real leader of the country is. Oh but my goodness can this man hold an audience when he speaks. Wow. If the CEO of my company could not get his people together, for 4 years or longer, I would have fired him. I would not put the blame on anyone but the the CEO, that is why I hired him, to make it work. The Buck stops there!! Far to many questions regarding the whole process.
    ie: Your football team has a loosing record 4 years in a row, your Head Coach blames his coaching staff, so he gets rid of some. Same thing again the next year, loosing record, he blames his coaching staff, somewhere along the line, you need to fire the Head Coach.

    • Chris says:

      A company CEO would likely be able to “clean house” and hire people that would work with him/her to bring about change. A football coach would bring in a staff that would work with him/her and build a recruiting program to bring in players that will be successful according to his/her coaching strategies. I don’t believe these analogies are appropriate given that the U.S. President does not have such authority. The reality is…one man is not responsible for this fiscal mess or our dissatisfaction with legislation. Change needs to begin where legislation is passed…in CONGRESS! The time to “clean house” is long past due, and THAT responsibility falls on us as registered voters.

      • Tim says:

        Chris, you are perhaps correct on all counts, my point was the President is the leader. He was put in ‘charge’. He still has to try to make everyone work together. I don’t think he is pulling his weight at all. Just going around the couontry making speaches telling everyone it is someone elses fault, from previous administrations to memebers of congress. Never once do you hear him say anyhting about some of the responsibility lays with himself.

  6. Tim says:

    Sequestration is said to have come from a member of the Presidents cabinet, Jack Lew,who was the presidents budget director at the time. So ultimetly the President. Most lawmakers knew we needed cuts. And there were some. Not enough however. So the President and his advisers came up with this idea of sequestration, which would schedule automatic cuts for the future that were so harmful Congress would be compelled to implement ‘better and smarter’ cuts before sequestration took effect. What he didn’t expect was that Congress would say, ‘wait a minute mr president, we gave you more revenue in higher taxes, but you promised more cuts, now where are they?’ In my opinion it backfired on him. The president was relying on the american public to scream so hard and put the blame on one side that they would have to cave in to his (Obama) small cuts and larger taxes. Now instead of our ‘leader’ working at bringing the two sides together, he is off making speaches (and wow he can make speaches) about how one side is going to make it tough on all americans, and NOT taking any of the responcibility for this mess on himself, again. Lets get real, Mr. Obama, you are the ‘leader’ show some leadership! Get back in your office and DO something, instead of smiling!!
    Just a side note, mark my words, after Mrs. Obama’s appearence on the Oscar Awards show, who do you think people will talk about running for the next presidential election? Think about this… 8 years of Obama’s in the white house!!!!

    • Lee Ann says:

      Remember that Obama gave 1.2T in budget cuts, and the GOP gave up 640billion in revenue. Now Obama wants to increase tax rates for the very rich rom 34% to 39% and the Republicans are acting like he wants their first born sons. It was supposed to be 50/50 instead it is 1.2 T /640 Billion. Obama wants the increase in revenue to use to build our infrastructure up. Which will build more jobs and make more revenue in the future.

      • Doug says:

        LeAnn, where & when did Obama give1.2T in budget cuts?

        • Lee Ann says:

          He gave up the 1.2 T in the same agreement to let the tax cuts for the rich expire. This is well known, so it shouldn’t be too had to find online.

          • Doug says:

            As usual, you refuse to provide any details to back up your claims. If you are referring to the Fiscal Cliff agreement, there were no spending cut measures included in that agreement.

            He points fingers at everyone else when in fact, Mr. Obama has never introduced a balanced budget.

      • mr says:

        Build more jobs like the stimulus package? Financing his union run supporters so that they can go bankrupt? Yes, Obama knows how to build infrastructure as long as it favors him, his party, or the union.

      • Jim says:

        Keep drinking the juice

  7. Doug says:

    This is what happens when you have a “community organizer” handling the affairs of nation. Eventually the country will shrivel down to something he is capable of managing. Where is that list of accomplished businesses he directed? I seem to have misplaced it.

    • Lee Ann says:

      Well as soon as it shrivels down to something manageable, the Conservatives ought to enjoy that. They’ve been trying to starve this government for years. They want small government, and allow the states to control more. So relax, you should be happy if its a small governmnt.

      The ones that I said would be very happy about the sequester are the Conservatives in the Tea Party Because that is what they campaigned on, budget cuts regardless of what is cut. Cut it all Isn’t that what they wanted?

      • mr says:

        Its more like cutting the fat from budgets. Since people are living longer there is talk of raising retirement age to help social security. Will the retirement age of all state, government, and unions go up from 55? Come on we need to cut the bennies these guys get down to what the average joe gets, which is you and I. Why do they have to be privilaged? Other wasteful spending in the budgets is they have to use it or loose it for next year, what wrong with saving it for next year? Thats what we have to do. We had a HUD project a few years back. Toward the end of the job at one of the meetings I overheard the HUD rep ask the owner if there was anything else they wanted to add to the job, as there was money left in the budget. See had to pass it out or loose it. Come on!!!!! If most people have money left at the end of the week, they don’t go and blow it, they save it for next week. This is what the gov’t needs to do rather than relying on raising taxes to fund overruns.

        • Lee Ann says:

          Throughout the last probably 100 years (50 for sure), the government would give each department XXXXXXXXXXX dollars. If they didn’t USE that money, they would be cut back the amount they didn’t use. That’s one reason why those cheap black US Government pens cost about $10 each. Like the old joke about a $4000 toilet seat, etc. LOL. We need to change the attitude in govt. that even if you send us back your extra cash, you will get the same amount next year, so use it thrifty. And ensure they have some kind of a bonus if they ARE thrifty for awhile tochange the habits. Those black military pens are worth about a dime each. Growing up next to Fort Carson, Colorado, I should hire myself out as a consultant, because I have seen a lot of the waste that goes on. I think our government offices should be able to live comfortably on 80% of what they get but in their fear of losing more of their budget money, they spend every penny they get every year for sure.

          • Tim says:

            If that is true Lee Ann…perhaps sequestration is just what they need. It would force them to be thrifty. If they spent only what they had, then we would have a balanced budget. I am glad you pointed that out, maybe that is what congress is thinking too. In your opinion then, this would be a wake up call for them all. Wow, what a great idea. Right?

  8. Hank Reardon says:

    I wish I could operate my business like the government; Be as inefficient as possible and just raise my prices to cover the shortfall because my consumers have no choice and must purchase from me.

    The Federal government keeps raising their prices (Taxes to cover spending) and cries that it cannot cut costs and the voting automatons just keep lapping it up and blame the achievers of society as they keep getting the government largess sent their way.

  9. another employee says:

    Why do people continue to place ALL government workers in the same pool? Not ALL government employees are privy to all the glits and glamour you’re putting them in. I don’t know about anybody else but times are damn tough right now. And as far as sacrifices go, I haven’t seen a raise in about 4 years, I haven’t seen a single bonus check in the past 19 years. I’ll even go so far as to say that there have been many, many holidays I’ve worked because, I work for the government, due to my job and my obligation to that job, to protect the public. I for one, don’t understand how we can justify pooling all government employees into the same group when we all don’t get the piece of the pie that some do. It’s like saying all white people are lazy, just an example. To me, the government is ripping us Grunts off and using us as scapegoats so nobody has to have THEIR money taken from them. I’ve been on the frontlines for so long that it saddens me to see that this is what it’s come to. If, and I’m only saying IF, the sequester happens, there are going to be things that happen that won’t be pretty for the consumer…but then it will be blamed on the government again. And like I said in the beginning of my rant, not ALL the government folks are to blame for the inadequacy of some.

    • Lee Ann says:

      There are many MANY people who appreciate what you do. We need to show our appreciation. I met a young man once and I knew he had just returned from Afghanistan, and I shook his hand and told him “thank you for your service.” And he got all pleased, embarassed, and teary eyed all at once. It brought me to tears. That he could have risked his life and he could have not returned, because he was (and is) a Marine. He was so young, just a kid. I think he walked a little taller when he walked away.

      I used to be married to a policeman. I know the lousy hours, the drives through blizzards when they don’t even know where they are in the snow. There are a lot of good civil servants and military employees that work darn hard. Don’t even think we are talking about the military, the police, the firemen, maintenance people, teachers, prison guards, VA health workers. There are a LOT of people we need to thank and praise. I think most of the argument is about the politicians. They seem to love the backstabbing and arguing

  10. Rick Hollander says:

    A 2% reduction in growth .. Really .. and our “leader” says everything will come to an end … let it happen! He has taken more than 2% from each of us and we are surviving.
    Look at it this way .. your employer has informed you that you are getting a $500 dollar raise a month. Then just before it kicks in he tells you he can only give you $490
    a month. Will you sell your car, move to a smaller house, stop feeding the dog, stop going out because of the raise reduction? This is how ridiculous our “leader” has portrayed this! LET IT HAPPEN! He will still spend $15 billion more this year than last year even with the Sequester!

  11. Rick Hollander says:

    I mean $15 TRILLION a year more than last!
    I get so mad I can’t type right! ;-)

  12. MrWrong says:

    Does anyone even review their credible, and I repeat, credible sources anymore?

    It’s quite interesting to hear how some individuals can easily place blame on our President without truly knowing the designated powers that he has reserved to him through our Constitution. C’mon, people, just because the sensationalized major news networks tell you something doesn’t always mean they are telling you the truth…one of the major new networks is a part of the “entertainment” industry for crying out loud.

    • Rick Hollander says:

      You must mean the neat new network that just started thanks to one
      of our former vp’s Al Gore!

      • MrWrong says:

        I don’t get it, Rick. Yes, “news” and I did not imply a party-bias, like you did. Fox News, NBC, Huffington Post, ABC, CBS, Drudge Report, heck it doesn’t matter what you watch as they all are slanted in some way, shape, or form. What matters is how you interpret the information. That is the issue I see here. Individuals do not know how to decipher credible information, nor do they have the ability to comprehend the material well enough when they are presented with bogus information.

        If a person truly thinks the President is as powerful as implied in this forum, then that person needs to check their facts with a more credible source… say, I dunno, maybe the Constitution?

        • Doug says:

          What are you saying MrWrong? These weekly calamities aren’t really happening? For example, this weeks manufactured crisis due to the sequestration: the release of hundreds of illegal immigrants by the Department of Homeland Insecurity hasn’t really occurred?

          The man at the top doesn’t have the power to stop events like this from happening?

          • MrRight says:

            How do you suggest he does have the power to stop that? The legislation would need to change before he was able to enforce the changes…

            That’s how it works.

          • Doug says:

            MrRight, you’re still MrWrong,
            The President does not need legislation to direct all departments of the government to stop wasting our money.

            Sequestration is cutting 85 billion of 3.5 trillion in government spending, or in simpler terms 85 billion of 3500 billion. Even with the cuts, the government will still be spending more money than last year. They just have to figure out a way to spend $2.50 dollars less out of every $100.00, than what they wanted to spend. With unspent money in some department budgets, the cuts are actually less than that.

        • Rick Hollander says:

          MrWrong … First you implied the “Entertainment” network which clearly shows your position. Second .. show your real name! You are acting like our President … he is very good at not having his name on any of his great ideas .. like this Sequester. Oh by the way .. no anyone who got their pink slip over the weekend? I do not but I know someone who should have!

          WOW … Would we be saving money now
          if we would have only givin him his pink slip!

          I respect the office of the president just not who occupies it at this time. It does not mean anything to me if the man is white, black, yellow, green, or whatever .. if his ideas stink and they are wrong .. they STINK AND ARE WRONG!!

          This guy has no clue as to what he is doing! Tell me where in history or the world for that matter where this “Redistribution” works? Where in the world does it work to “spend” your way out of financial debt … where?

          Well I have to go back to earn my wage that I’m oh so glad to have my leader give to the “miss informed” or those that need their “obama cash” or “obama phones”.
          Then I can go home tonight and watch another hollywood Subsidies movie. You know the ones with those hollywood elite telling us how much more we need to give while THEY get the tax breaks!

          But before I do all that i’m going to make sure all my guns are clean and ready to go for when the have nots come to try and take what I have worked so hard for!

          This country better wake up soon and some people need to know what the difference is between what it means to be free and what it means to receive things free!

          • MrWrong says:

            Rick –

            I implied “entertainment” because that is what they want to be classified as — it’s not something I made up. I watch Fox News just as much as the next person to gain perspective, then I discern truth from fiction. I do that with every source of information I read.

            “Redistribution”? Where is your evidence to support that claim? We have had welfare programs since the Great Depression (actually, even before that) and they support more than just the “lazy” poor that don’t want a job. You want to get rid of Medicaid, Medicare, WIC… just to name a few?

            Obama phones? Obama cash? What the heck are you talking about? Again, something that has been misconstrued by a biased media source? Evidence?

            I don’t think the discussion warrants a look at corporate welfare as I think the point of this discussion is that it is illogical to place blame on the President when he isn’t as powerful as you claim him to be.

            The sequester, explained:

          • Doug says:

            Here is the website that will answer any questions you may have regarding the FCC-mandated, government-sponsored program, called LifeLine Assistance for the financially disadvantaged. If you do not find the answers to all of your questions there, please post your request for further information here. Because, (sarcasm to follow) we want to make sure all of the underprivileged can reach out to their peeps and homies to score “supplies” and advise each other who the gun owners are.

            In regards to the seriousness and impact of the sequester, Congress offered to pass a bill authorizing “Obama” the flexibility to prioritize the cuts.–politics.html saying “there’s no smart way to do that”. He could just as well say he’s not smart enough to do it. I originally thought he wanted to make the cuts hurt to garner support from the American people. But after reconsidering, I think knows he’s not capable of implementing the cuts wisely, and is not going to throw yet another failure on the heap.

    • Tim says:

      Sometimes I believe all of Washington is an extension of the “entertainment” industry. Just not sure what section to put it under, Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Sci-Fi, or what ever….

      • old girl says:

        I am just tired of people referring to our President as Obama or Mr.Obama…I was taught to respect the office of the President, no matter who or what party held it. When referring to the man/lady (In th future), we should respect him/her by referring to our current Whtie House holder as President Obama – whether you like him or not….I learned this in my Civic’s class as an 8th grader – still believe this as a grandmother.

        • Hank Reardon says:

          When Barry starts showing some respect for the office then maybe more will refer to him as Mr. President. He acts more like “El Presidente” or “Il Duce” while in front of the American populace than a classic US Preident.

        • Tim says:

          I addressed him as Mr. President for two years, out of respect. However, you need to earn respect before you get it. You also need to earn trust to get it. To me “Mr. Obama” (with as much respect as I give him using Mr.) Has not earned my respect or earned my trust.

  13. willy Pedro says:

    I agree he needs to earn the respect! not flag burning. not agreeing with the pledge of allegience. etc. how much more needs to be said????

    • MrWrong says:

      Willy Pedro…

      Are you drinking the juice? I believe I saw an image of our “flag-burning” President awhile back, it was quite the photoshop job. Professionally done, actually.

      Not agreeing with the pledge of allegiance? Where’d you get that information, Pedro? An unreliable, forwarded e-mail back in 2008? C’mon… lay off the juice.

      If you don’t like his policies and what he stands for as President, fine, that’s your right. But, to spew misinformation and blatant falsehoods just makes you look bad.

      • Tim says:

        Granted there are photoshoped pictures of Mr. Obama. However there is one of Senator Obama published in Time magazine that is not photoshoped. Then Senator Obama was in Iowa for a fund raiser or something for the ‘great’ Mr. Harkin. every one else DID put their hand on their heart, except Mr Obama. Obama himself has said things regarding our american flag as a symbal of america that are just unamerican:
        ‘As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides,’ Obama said.’There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression. And the anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It should be swapped for something less parochial and less bell icose. I like the song ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.’ If that were our anthem, then I might salute it.’
        According to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171, During rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over t he heart.
        The one that disgusts me the most is the one where the demcratic party in Florida put a flag above its headqaurters that replace the stars with a picture of Obama.
        All in all, this president has in so many ways brought either disgrace to the office, or just so many unanswered questions about who he is, where he came from, election fraud questions, what his intentions are, (as was seen in his wisper to the soviet leader, that he would have more leaway in his 2nd term, to name one), spread the wealth statemnents, bowing to other nations leaders, lack of leadership….the list goes on and on and on. There should not even be such a list!!
        So Willy was right, Obama does not show the proper respect, for the office, the flag, or for that matter to the American people! I still stand by my opinion: Obama needs to earn my trust and respect, and he has not done that yet!!

  14. I.M.Disgusted says:

    One thing that should be sequestered is the jet fuel used by Air Force 1. With all the technology we have, why does Obama need to fly all over the country “campaigning”? Does anyone remember when the President had an hour or two radio or TV talk? We have much better means now. He doesn’t even need to leave the Oval office to lie, excuse me, talk to the people of this country, or even other countries. One item that should not be sequestered is the Social Security program. That is not even a Government program anyway. U. S. citizens contribute with every paycheck. The Government doesn’t add anything to it, but they sure have done their fair share of “borrowing” from it, and forgetting to pay it back. Maybe the only way the freeloaders will realize they made a mistake voting for Obama is when their handouts are sequestered. Only then will they realize what they have done.

  15. Another Employee says:

    Well, I don’t know how this got from the Sequester to people just bitching to be bitching, but here’s some interesting facts…
    Did you know?
    48% of the USDA/FSIS pay is in the Washington, D.C. area?
    That IF the Sequester happens, it’s going to be the entire USDA Agency? Not just one plant at a time, but that encompasses the ENTIRE USDA? Which means Grain and Food?
    That the USDA, to help cut the budget, will be making the entire Agency take one day off per pay period(1 day every two weeks).
    That the USDA heads will decide which day that will be.
    That the USDA will not allow the plants to operate that day without inspection personnel onsite…

    My question is simple. When did our country stop being a democracy and become a dictatorship? No wonder the stricter gun laws went into effect before they decided to bring this sequester up!!! Sorry, that was my failed attempt at a little humor, but really, how and what gives the government the right to do such a thing as this? They are penalizing the companies, if this sequester happens, and the FSIS employees for Congresses stupidity and failure to appropriately spend money. Not to mention that instead of helping a situation, they are only going to make it worse, because I found out that the USDA is planning on having 1 day furlough every two weeks for up to 11 days(which will amount to, I think, over 400 million in losses per day that the Industry is down) Please don’t quote me on that figure because the information was given so fast…I’m not good at taking shorthand, but I think that’s correct. But the bottom line is this people, if the American public doesn’t stand up for what’s right, then they are just going to continue to take things away from us that our forefathers fought long and hard for us to have. I never thought I would say it, but I’m ashamed of the way our Congress and Government and yes, OUR PRESIDENT are handling things. If they want to have a pissing match, take it somewhere else. What’s next in line for budget cuts? Rationing out bullets for our soldiers, or maybe even taking them away, period? It’s stupid if you ask me, and I don’t care if you like or dislike my opinion, it’s mine and I still have the right(so far)to state it.

    • Rick Hollander says:

      Have you seen the “new” leaked AG/USDA email coming from our “leader” ..
      the one that states “make it sound worse than it is?”

      I heard that the white house stopped the tours, but not the golf trips.
      I guess that’s one example of a Sequester disaster.

      Again .. this is not a cut but a reduction in growth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      When does our government “cut” anything??????????

      It use to be our leaders would lie to us through backdoors .. now they just face the camera. … and people believe it without doing any research on their own.

      It’s just amazing!

      Off the subject .. are all of you home grown Sheldon-ites?
      I am .. class of 1980!

  16. Rick Hollander says:

    MrWrong and anybody else for that matter … you spoke recently about an entertainment news group and now you have referenced an entertainment web site.
    Research Snoopes credibility once .. what a joke they are!

    Also, MrWrong and Another Employee the sequester is just another in a long line of stumbles for this president. Bitch session or not it is good conversation!

    I lived in Illinois for 20 years and I can tell you I never heard of barack hussein obama/ barry soetoro until he spoke years ago at the dem convention. He was a nothing senator in Illinois who never legislated a darn thing! Voting present is not legislating. The guy did nothing and it is starting to really show now!

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