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Sheldon Blue Star Program

Date posted - August 13, 2014

With School starting soon, it made me think about the Blue Star Safety Program that Sheldon used to have. Is it still in place? It was a program that the residents of Sheldon would sign up for and then display a Blue Star to let the kids in town know that house was a welcoming safe place for them to go if they felt threatened or needed help. If this is not still in place should it be? Was it run by the city or by one of the local organizations.


I think it would be a good thing to have for the kids today.

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3 Responses to “Sheldon Blue Star Program”

  1. Mother of Three says:

    I agree with this above statement as I have recently had the discussion with my kids with there walk home from school or the pool which are the safe houses on there walk home if they ever feel in danger.

    • Lee Ann says:

      Without scaring children (which we try not to do), even tho we want them to be safe, its a good idea to mention to children that if someone makes them uncomfortable, say a stranger in a car, etc. they should DROP THEIR BACKPACK AND THEIR BOOKS when they run. Little kids are always afraid of getting in trouble by dropping and forgetting about the backpack or the books. Which slows them down in an emergency. We don’t care about the books, the backpack can be replaced. But little kids, in their thinking believe that they better keep their backpack with them.

      Another thing to tell little children, if (God forbid) someone in a mall or a store grabs the child, tell the child not to just cry and scream. They must loudly yell, “This is not my parent. I am being kidnapped.” Because people seeing a person carrying a child that is having a temper tantrum, simply believe that child is going to the car for a cooling off after the tantrum. So the child must yell out that this is not their parent . So other people know that something is wrong, and we’ll let the cops know.

      I have a friend that is on a large Police Department and he handles rape cases throughout the country. And these are two things that make it harder for little kids to escape a stranger.

  2. process? says:

    What is the application process like to receive one of these blue stars? What is to keep predators from getting these to try and lure in children under the context of it will be safe?