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Sheldon Celebration Days

Date posted - April 9, 2014

Sheldon Celebration Days is our city’s way to showcase our city. It brings a lot of poeple to town and in return, that can be great for our local businesses. I truly believe it is important to have a celebration like this for our city, but does anyone else think that “Celebration Days” is kind of generic?


We used to call it Soybean Days, which probably wasn’t much better. We used to have our highways lined with marigolds. How about bringing back the marigolds and having a Marigold Festival like Orange City has a Tulip Festival. Marigolds are one of the easiest flowers to take care of and they bloom from spring until fall. We could basically paint the whole town yellow and orange with them and make it a sight that people would be willing to travel to see. Plant large beds of marigolds in the city parks. Have a contest to see who can have the best marigold display in their yard and if downtown is going to have all these new planters, how about plant some beautiful marigolds in them. How about having floats decorated with marigolds in the parade?


Does anybody else think that we should come up with a less generic theme for our celebration days? Anybody else have any ideas?



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25 Responses to “Sheldon Celebration Days”

  1. Not to old to have fun says:

    I like the garden idea, but instead of marrigolds we fill it with beer and music.

  2. Peter says:

    How about Bumpout city celebration? The city could have someone make planters the same shape as the bumpouts and plant marigolds in them. Could make them portable so the city could remove them for the winter. Of course the city would have to form a committee to come up with the best way to design and spend the cities money on the project. What’s wrong with soybean days? How many 1000’s of bushels of soybeans come into Sheldon every year with AGP, Ag Partners & Delux Feeds. Not to many towns the size of Sheldon can match that.

  3. Free Man says:

    I’d travel to Sheldon for “Bump-Out Daze”.

  4. Robert says:

    I thought maybe we could have a serious discussion here, but see it’s going to end up being about bumpouts again. Soybean Days was just a name, but the whole celebration seemed to have nothing that actually had anything to do with soybeans. I thought the marigolds idea would be a way of beautifying our city as well as a way to show some civic pride in our city. If anybody has any better ideas, please speak up, but please lets keep this discussion serious.

  5. BEBE says:

    Robert I appreciate your effort in trying to make Sheldon a great place and stand out from other surrounding towns. Any idea is NEVER a dumb idea. You started with something here and might just work. Have you contacted the city office? I think you should run it pass them. We have a lot of new talent in the city office and are willing and might be wanting to change things up. Besides old things are great and I appreciate them…but a little change here and there for the better is amazing!!!
    So again…Robert keep the ideas flowing. If there were more people like you in this town with passion, creativity and caring….Sheldon would be a little farther along.

    • Robert says:

      Thank you for the kind words, BEBE. I will give it some thought about contacting the city office about some of my ideas. I just wanted to put my thoughts out there on “My Two Cents” first to see if there were others here that feel it’s time to change Celebration Days to something less generic. I know Orange City does a really good job at branding their city and turning their festival into a destination and I think we could do the same here if we put our minds to it. I mentioned my idea about a marigold themed celebration. Does anybody else have any other ideas?

  6. smitty says:

    I agree that we could have a better themed celebration days. It would be nice to find something unique about Sheldon’s history to show case during our celebration. Other towns have the Railroad Days, Moose days, Tulip festival….. Any suggestions? I think this is a great idea!

  7. Blake says:

    Change would defintely help but having marigold’s lining the city is not going to bring youth and potential new people wanting to move to Sheldon.

    • Robert says:

      What is your idea, Blake? You bring up a good point, that whatever celebration we come up with, we need to get our youth involved. Having a Marigold Festival, our youth could get involved in planting and maintaining floral displays, that is if we can get them to put their cell phones down long enough to get their hands dirty. I also agree with you, smitty. That would be nice to be able to showcase something unique about Sheldon’s history, but what would you like to showcase? Sheldon had a rich railroad history, but so did most towns in the early days. We had the Praire Queen Mill, but not sure how we could work that into a theme, although even if we didn’t change the theme of our celebration, “Praire Queen Festival” might sound more interesting.

      • Sam says:

        I think you are on the right track but the least favorite annual with a lot of gardeners is marigolds. They stink. They are yellow, orange and white. Orange City would be pretty ugly if those were the only colors available in tulips. Blah! If you want to use some kind of flowers, use something nice, bright and colorful. Forget about the marigolds.

    • Heather says:

      When I was in middle school, approximately 15 years ago, we did help plant the marigolds along Highway 18. Student council, Builder’s Club, and other student groups all took a section of the highway and in one afternoon, had the entire thing planted. We enjoyed it…an afternoon in the nice weather, out of school? What kid wouldn’t want to do that?

  8. Mom of youth says:

    I agree that we need a new “theme” for Celebrations Days. I think we need to have more activities for our youth to do as well. The younger children stay occupied with the inflatables however there is not much to offer for our teenagers. Years ago we had carnival rides, games for children, bean bag tournaments, and bingo……couldn’t we bring some more of these activities back?

  9. Mrs. Scott says:

    I like the spirit of taking pride in our community! I love the events that take place during Celebration Days. There is only one thing I would change. I would have the biggest day be Saturday instead of Monday. My kids are EXHAUSTED after Monday’s festivities and it makes it a rough day of school on Tuesday. However, it works fine the way it is. Not that big of a deal. Thanks to all in the community to spend so much time and effort making it fun for all of us!

    • Rose says:

      Great suggestion Mrs. Scott! Make the big days Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and have Monday your “wind-down” day. Yes, I said Sunday–lots you could do on Sunday and still bring a crowd to town.

  10. kickingwest says:

    I think our youth are involved with the celebrations days. The theater department at the high school puts on a great show every year.

  11. smiling granny says:

    I am from out of town. I always thought the marigolds added a flare. Instead of marigolds, check into a different, colorful flower that would multiply and come up every year and are hardy….that would make for less work, just would have to water and maybe weed them. I love to come to a town that takes pride in their community and shows it!!! Hope someone comes up with an excellent idea!! If I can come up with something, I will post a comment again. Good luck everyone.
    I plant little begonias of different colors in my flower pots. They bloom all summer and need very little maintenance. You can get red, pink, and white and they multiply and are pretty with bright green leaves. Just some suggestions to help beautify the town.

    • Robert says:

      Smiling Grany, thank your for your input. I agree, begonias are pretty too and are pretty easy to maintain and are colorful. My only concern with begonias is their cost. There are a lot of plants that are pretty easy to grow and offer great color from spring until fall. The one advantage that marigolds have is that they produce a lot of seeds that could be easily collected and used for the following year’s festival. Maybe since not everyone is crazy about marigolds and everyone has their favorites, maybe we could just have a flower festival.

      I was thinking a little more about this, and I was thinking, to make our celebration a little more interesting, maybe we could try somethings that would be very different from all the celebrations at surrounding towns. Instead of having the same old boring parade with the same old entries every year, we need to liven up the parade a little bit and make it more fun and festive. How about a parade filled with some good music (think the Pharrell Williams’s “Happy Song”), some dancing, lots of balloons and streamers, and of course, lots of flowers? How about having a theme like “Feel the Power of the Flower” with a 60’s/70ish theme (think flower children)? How about having decorated cars in the parade You’ve seen people put eyes, ears, and tails on there cars before)? They could give awards out in different categories like “Tackiest”. Our parade should be a celebration, not a yawn fest. How about having the parade on Friday or Saturday evening? It’s cooler in the evening and since a lot of people have to work during the day, having it in the evening might give more people the opportunity to attend the parade or participate in the parade.

      • LazloTu says:


        Nice start and some nice following ideas. I’m personally not fond of marigolds, but do love begonias and other plants; a creative mis would be lovely. Agree that varied music would be a plus – there could be a mix of genres along the parade route and in the park. Kids could provide mini-gardens of faved flower themes.

        Thanks for the original post; and, thanks for following and future contributions. Perhaps the City would agree to forming a public committee to brain-storm future events.

        Thanks for your initiative!

  12. Local citizen says:

    How about adding more bands from the NW area to the parade? Just a thought.

  13. Robert says:

    I agree with you, Local citizen, that it would be nice to have more bands from NW Iowa, but I think there are several reasons why our parade doesn’t get many, if any, out of town bands. First, there is the cost of busing band members to Sheldon (it’s just not in some school’s budgets), and second, our celebration is on a holiday weekend, when many people have a lot of other things going on already.

    I know it’s probably too late to change things this year, but it would be nice if the city would have some kind of open forum meeting where all of Sheldon’s residents would be welcome to attend and share their ideas on how we could improve our town’s celebration and maybe make some big changes in 2015.

    Has anybody else come up with any ideas on how we could change our celebration into something less generic and more fun for people of all ages? If so, I’d love to hear your ideas. Lets keep this discussion serious with no more complaining about bumpouts.

  14. B Klaassen says:

    How about Snap-Dragons…they are easy to grow, easy to maintain, have many seeds & are colorful!?!

    • Robert says:

      You’re right, snap dragons would work too, that is, if we even use flowers in a celebration. I’m a little surprised that there hasn’t been any other suggestions for a new themed festival. I know someone mentioned a celebration based on our city’s history? Anybody have any suggestions on how Sheldon’s history could be used?

  15. Shairi says:

    While flowers would be a colorful addition (snapdragons are a great suggestion) to the community, I’m not sure it will bring additional people to Celebration Days. I also like the idea of a Saturday parade. It would bring people to downtown and the stores could be open before and after the parade. As a band parent, attending Algona Band Days for the past 10 years, their mainstreet is lined with people. The stores are open for business, before the parade and after the parade, filled with customers making purchases. Having the Celebration Day parade on Labor Day brings people to downtown Sheldon but our stores are closed, which doesn’t benefit the store owners. (It would also allow the band students and the directors to enjoy the holiday, and have a day off before the school week starts again.) As for attracting youth: how about a youth and/or adult soccer tournament, a softball tournament, a treasure hunt for young children, and keep the swimming pool open for the weekend? (We have a town full of people, but our pool is closed). What about a Rib cook-off at the park after the parade? I think if the community brainstormed together, we could have a new and improved Celebration Weekend! – Band Mom

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