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Sheldon Council Votes To Terminate Farmland Lease!

Date posted - May 13, 2013

This community relies on farming to function. It also is really strange that southeast side of town, has attitude of California, other areas of the city of Sheldon also have farm land on the outlaying areas what is your attitude Sheldon Council on the rest of the City of Sheldon having a farming mess? I too have corn husks in the yard in the fall, as well as bean stems, it depends on what is planted. I always assumed that farming is part of our community and we always need to support it, without farming income much of Sheldon would cease to exist. We are in the mid west- not Beverly Hills, Ca. Funny how many Sheldon council members and their friends, live on the SE side of town. Notice bias influence.

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15 Responses to “Sheldon Council Votes To Terminate Farmland Lease!”

  1. Resident says:


  2. Hank Rearden says:

    Reminds me of the townies that move out to an acreage and later get upset with the smell of manure. Those on the SE of Sheldon knew the score when they built there, and are now whiners after the fact.

  3. JCS says:

    I always thought council members had to live in the ward they represent? By my calculations 1 lives on the north side, 2 sort of in the middle, 1 on the south side, and 1
    on the hated se side. He lives approx. 1 block from a field and I’m quite sure he receives
    crop residue on his well manicured lawn.
    I noticed the s.e. side was the last ones for limb pickup.

    • SE Sider says:

      “I noticed the s.e. side was the last ones for limb pickup,” implies that the city has already been by to pick up the limbs from the ice storm 5 weeks ago. The bunnies, birds, and raccoons are going to have to find new homes once the city does get around to cleaning up the limbs!

      • Rainbow says:

        As far as I know if the City is doing the best they can do and you feel it is not good enough, tree dump is on three north of Sheldon, You can do it yourself!

    • Lee Ann says:

      You need to go driving around. I live on 6th Street, and almost every house has a pile of branches sitting there. None of them have been picked up. Maybe I should go check out east in the newer homes, but the rest of the town has piles of branches everywhere.

  4. Lee Ann says:

    I used to live in an area north of Colorado Springs that started out as little 5 acre plots of land for people who didn’t want to live in the city, and it was cheap to live there. The californians came in, the prices skyrocketed from 30,000 to 300,000 for the same 5 acres. Then when they moved in, they began to complain that they had gravel roads. They wanted asphalt roads. “I pay good money for this place, so we should have paved roads!” They wanted city services in a rural area.

    I always assumed that every acre of land that could be planted, was. Some land was too hilly or too wet, but everything else was planted. That’s the way it should be in Iowa.

  5. East Side says:

    East side hasnt been touched yet either for branch pickup. Of course many of the the homes on the east side dont have the mature trees yet. Has the city cleanup given up and now hoping the rest of the homeowners will pick it up themselves?

  6. Old Sheldon Resident says:

    We live on the east side and are “patiently” waiting for the City to come to our street for branches and limbs to be picked up. What people must realize is the City has decided to do this enormous task without additional help from outside sources. We actually applaud the City for this decision …. It is cost effective and the City budget will not have additional expense. We are the taxpayers that would be assessed for the extra cost if the City did hire extra help so hats off for the decision to do the job themselves. It is the waiting that tries one’s patience.

    • David Popkes says:

      Thanks for your response. Everyone needs to remember that the crews have their regular work also, and we don’t want too much overtime. The street crews do a good job of staying in their budget. That is why the city operates in the black every year. Also the crews had to do the city two times, because after they went by, people put out more branches, even the ones that they trimmed trees which were not storm damage, the city still came by and picked them up. I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT CLEANED UP TO MAKE OUR CITY CLEAN. WE WILL BE DOING ANOTHER CITY TOUR TO GET AFTER THE PEOPLE THAT DO NOT, SO WE DO NOT END UP WITH ANOTHER PUCCIES BUILDING, THAT THE TAX PAYER GETS STUCK WITH.

      • David Popkes says:

        The lease was terminated to try to protect the farmer and taxpayer from any type of litigation, and to revise the amount paid by the farmer because of the crop changes which would not allow as much income. Remember, If the farmer makes it, and there is an open market for retail, it brings in more revenue and less taxes to a community. So shop in town, because some of the sales tax revenue goes to buy down your property taxes.

  7. JCS says:

    My bad. I got this thread off subject. I apologize.

  8. HappyTimes says:

    For all of you that seem to know so much, here are the facts. The land in question is owned by the City of Sheldon, IA, designated as cemetery, located in a Single Family Residential Zoned area. If a private person owned the land, row crops would not be permitted. If the school wanted to plant a row crop on their grass land, it wouldn’t be permitted. This issue reflexs more on the character of our City Council than anything else. These are people that are elected to represent our City. They should be expected to do what is right more than the average citizen and yet, they believe they can row crop in an area where it’s not permitted. Plus, and just another fact, the maintenance shed in the cemetery is served by a Septic Tank instead of City Sewer-Illegal.

    • Lee Ann says:

      If some of the land cultivated next to the cemetery is considered cemetery land, then the cemetery association or whoever owns the cemetery should plant it in grass and maintain it. All the way around our town, corn or beans come right up to the edge of the populated areas. We ARE in Iowa. If the cemetery land cannot be maintained as cemetery land, then I think having it planted will at least keep down the weeds. People complaining about plant leaves coming into their yards is not logical in our area. I live near the middle of town, and I have corn leaves in my yard on occasion, dust, corn bugs, smells, etc. Its all part of living in an agricultural area.

    • aks says:

      How is a septic tank illegal?

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