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Should Sheldon invest in traffic cameras at Washington Ave and Highway 18?

Date posted - May 29, 2013

As I have observed part of the reason that intersection has the large number of accidents it does is because people constantly run the red.  Is it because of a short yellow I don’t know but it has to be dealt with before more people are hurt seriously or killed.  Let’s fix that problem then go to work on Highway 18 by Taco Johns.

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90 Responses to “Should Sheldon invest in traffic cameras at Washington Ave and Highway 18?”

  1. Red says:

    Also, something needs to be done at the Fareway intersection.

  2. nwby says:

    it would be cheaper to just post “NO TURN ON RED” Signs

  3. Monroe says:

    Most accidents that I have seen happen at this intersection are because people
    turn in front of oncoming traffic in the outside lane. A turning lane and
    traffic light controlling the turning lane would be beneficial at this intersection.

  4. nwby says:

    Once again an new light costs thousands(easily 50K each) “No turn on red” signs would only cost hundreds.
    Why allow turns on red if that is the problem?

    • An opinionated Shedlonite says:

      Maybe a study of previous accidents should be done.

    • Mrs. Scott says:

      If my memory serves me correctly, I think that about 20-25 years ago there WERE signs there for “No Right Turn on Red”. Don’t know why they took them down. Anyone else remember?

      • Mother says:

        They were removed just 4 or 5 years ago because people didn’t obey them and they disrupted the flow. Right turns on red are not usually considered dangerous and not likely the cause of these issues. Its the left turns causing problems.

        • ProSHS says:

          My thoughts exactly. I use that intersection often and it is a scary event to turn left, especially if there are SUVs, Pickups or Semis in the center lane. You cannot see what might be zipping around them into the outside lane… the one you would cross if and when you turn left. So you wait until the large vehicles go through the intersection. If they want to turn left and are facing the same situation from the other direction, you can sit there for a long long time. Get rid of the four lanes and have a center turning lane. That’s what needs to happen.

  5. Old wrestler says:

    Will postin a no turn on red actually do the job? Cheap doesn’t always mean best.

  6. scott says:

    we used to have no right turn on red signs posted at the caseys intersection and it did no good what so ever, we have just as many accidents now as we did then.

  7. Mother says:

    It doesn’t appear the right hand turns causing g the accidents, but the left turns and running the light. Left hand turns on red are always illegal and shouldnt need a sign.
    There used to be no right turn on red, and there were just as many accidents or more from people hurrying to get through before it turned red.

  8. Ashshade says:

    Traffic cameras in Sheldon. NO.

    • juicey bananas says:

      If cameras are installed think about all the money the company in Arizona that sends out the tickets would make not to mention all those delicious dollars the courts would generate in a no contest ticket. Sioux Falls implemented those same type cameras and made MILLIONS off the taxpayers that own and pay for those streets because it was for their own good.

  9. Sheldon Citizen says:

    I dont think cameras are the answer! I think something needs to be done at the Country Club Road and Hwy 18 corner if you want to talk about a dangerous intersection. Stop lights to slow the traffic down and to have people cross safely! There is no reason for the speed limit to be 50mph there! Yes once upon a time it was fine, but now our town has grown out farther past that corner, so slow it down!

    • Tim says:

      That particular stretch of highway, in my mind it needs to be regraded. From the west of country club road about to sears. That hill needs to be cut down. When you come off country club road, from the north especially, there are times I don’t see a car coming up over that hill till it is almost to late. I agree the speed also needs to be slowed down. Perhaps another stop light then at that intersection could be seen by those going east. And perhaps that would slow traffic down also. As I see it, a camera would just bring in revenue, people will drive how they want anyway. Stay away from them.

  10. Sue says:

    I am more nervous sitting waiting to turn left at the Fareway corner than the Casey’s corner. Maybe it is the stoplight that gives me a false sense of security at the Casey’s corner.

  11. Concerned says:

    No traffic cameras in Sheldon please. People will still run red lights or turn left on red. Something does need to be done on country club road. I notice the speed limit is 55 right after Drenkows driveway going east. Lower the speed to 35 until drivers are past the bypass. It will save lives.

  12. Max says:

    Traffic cameras at Washington Ave and Highway 18 would be a great source of revenue for the city of Sheldon.

    • Hank Rearden says:

      It would hurt revenue. I received a love note in the mail from Sioux City and now I refuse to purchase anything there. I used to spend thousands of dollars a year there on business and personal items, but they lost the revenue from that when I received the extortion note from Sioux City Photo Enforcement.

      • joe says:

        If you obeyed the law you wouldn’t have that problem. Why whine and blame others because you were too irresponsible to follow the law?

        • juicey bananas says:

          Joes right! Those roads belong to his type of thinking because his tax dollars are more important than other tax dollars unless he gets the lucky letter of doom requiring him to open his wallet for his own good or else. Joe must be a civil servant retired or working to come up with such great pearls of wisdom.

          • joe says:

            Can you please type that again, only coherently this time. I’m honestly unsure of what you are even trying to say. Was that supposed to be multiple sentences?

  13. Kenny says:

    I thought the plan was to turn the entire road from old 60 &18 junction to the bypass into three lanes, the center being a turn lane. Would that help or make it worse? Speed and distracted driving are still the issues.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I thought I’d read that they are going to add another lane and turning lanes all the way out to the highway. Isn’t it supposed to start construction this summer? I thought I’d read that somewhere.

      • David Popkes says:

        By this Fall, the entire corridor will be 3 lane, from Old 60 to past the bypass. there will not be any 4 lane. After that there will be another study done and a request to the DOT of Iowa to reduce the speed on the entire corridor. The cost of a stop light can run up to $500,000.00 And cameras do not work and may some day not be able to be used.

  14. yardman says:

    Just remember with camera’s.. The ticket gets sent to the registered owner. So you may not even be driving and you get a ticket in the mail…. I think camera’s should be taken down every where… South Dakota says they are unconstitutional..

    • Me says:

      So then you enforce the person who was driving your vehicle to pay for it.

      • Lee Ann says:

        But for a speeding ticket or a red light ticket, do you get points off of your license? I know in some other states, if you get 12 pounds in a year, they suspend your license. I don’t know if they do that here. or if it goes against your insurance.

      • juicey bananas says:

        Why would someone else pay YOUR ticket registered to YOU?

  15. Joan says:

    It’s all about the speed. SLOW it down! 45 and 55mph are way too fast for a road with businesses along it with no right hand turning lane. And some people, if you give them 45mph, they will go 50 and if you give them 55mph, they will go 60. It’s all about the speed!!

  16. Kerry says:

    The Country Club road and Caseys corner on Washington is not the only problem on Highway 18, I have witnessed several vehicles run the stop sign or just stop behind the vehicle in front of them and then go, at the new Caseys corner at 18 and old 60, in fact there have been a few times that it should have been my turn to go, and as I pull out, the next idiot thinks that they don’t have to stop. If people would learn to obey the laws and pay closer attention to their and the other peoples driving, it might help. I don’t think cameras are the answer, however, I do believe that something needs to be done at all of these corners, as I just witnessed another accident this morning at the Peoples Bank corner. Just because the speed limit is 50, doesn’t mean you have to go that.

    • Sue says:

      Agreed, people need to slow down and pay attention to their surroundings. Some are always in a hurry, have to be prepared for the other guy and what they are doing behind the wheel. As my dad used to say “Some people must have gotten their drivers lisence out of a Cracker Jack box.”

      I think the three lane idea would be great, slow down traffic, and give a left hand turn lane.

  17. Kevin Welch says:

    If everyone is serious, then take out the lights altogether and put in STOP signs. It has worked for years at the old 18 and 60 intersection, plus it may just slow things down just a bit.

    • Kerry says:

      But it doesn’t always work at the old 60 & 18 intersection either Kevin, as I have witnessed several cars run those stop signs, and also, just because a vehicle has stopped behind the car in front of them at the stop sign, they don’t think they have to stop again at the sign, they proceed through without stopping again.

      • Kevin Welch says:

        True but when they do proceed it is at a speed that will not take a life.

        • Kerry says:

          This is true, however, where I grew up and was taught to drive, and still believe the laws are the same, a four way stop means that you stop and wait your turn, not proceed through because the car in front of you stopped.

          • Lee Ann says:

            If you get to the intersection at the same time, the vehicle on your right has the right of way. Its pretty obvious from driving around Sheldon that people don’t always do that. Because I always have to motion the person on my right to go ahead. And they are leery about going first. So I guess a lot of corners here are “whoever takes it, goes first.”

          • Kerry says:

            I know the laws LeeAnn, I’m not exactly stupid, its when the vehicle gets there after you and still think they can go first, or think they don’t need to stop at all. I have been driving for 25 years.

        • Resident says:

          You would be shocked at how slow the speeds are at many fatalities.

          • Lee Ann says:

            Ah Kerry, if I thought you were stupid, I’d have called you stupid. I thought at the time I was backing you up, that in fact people don’t follow the laws and are poor drivers around here.

        • Mr. Smith says:

          Ok first off don’t assume that any speed is safe for impact! It’s not about the speed at impact that determines if the victim will live or die and even if the victim survives the crash have you forgotten about all the great things in life like brain damage or the loss of bodily control? The true problem on all of 18 in Sheldon is idiot drivers all and that spans all generations from 16 to 100 I’ve seen countless seniors make and female who don’t know what lane they want so they just take both and some that spend equal time in both drifting from lane to lane like someone with a .40bac. I’ve seen semis run reds (at both sets of lights) with out even touching the clutch let alone any brakes. I’ve also seen teens and young people doing all of the above. The problem isn’t signs or speed limits its operator error all day long and that is why the first thing they teach new drivers is….. Defensive Driving! And something else they teach you is that little white line in front off every stop sign and light means stop here not at the corner or halfway in the oncoming lane. If people just drove on the defense they wouldn’t be in a dangerous situation trust me I’ve managed to avoid ever hitting a vehicle or be hit by another vehicle by simply looking at my surroundings.

    • David Popkes says:

      I do like that idea, and have brought it up, but nothing is allowed, unless the Iowa DOT approves.

  18. Resident says:

    I see nothing wrong with putting in traffic cameras. If you aren’t the one running lights then you have no reason to be against them. I also think they need to mark the turning lane by hyvee better. I have had, on more then one occasion, that someone is driving down that lane because they think its a driving lane and not a turning lane.

    • Hank Rearden says:

      Wait until you come up to a yellow light at just the right time and have the choice of slamming on your brakes to come to a stop or safely proceed knowing it will turn red as you are in the middle of the intersection. When that happens to you at a red light corner and you get a $100 summons in the mail get back to me.

      That is precisely what happened to me in Sioux City and is the reason I will no longer patronize any business there.

      • yardman says:

        Yup, Had the same thing happen.. I feel the same way

      • Resident says:

        Ok, the point of a yellow light is to slow down not speed up and beat the red light, and I think boycotting Sioux City as a whole is a little extreem, the businesses didn’t put up the lights so why punish them?

        • Hank Rearden says:

          When I come up to an intersection I do not fixate on the traffic lights, that would be dangerous. I glance up every couple of seconds to see the status, and note if it has been a long green and is about to change. In my case when I received the infraction I glanced up and it was green, looked around at the traffic, glanced back up and it was yellow as I was doing 25mph and close to the intersection. I had to make a split second decision, and as I had just noted the traffic around and behind me I decided to keep my speed and proceed after deducting it was the safest course of action. The light was yellow as I entered the intersection and changed shortly after I had passed the light.

          The business owners have the power to get rid of the red light cameras, and boycotting will help guide them to the right decision. When they and the City realize the camera’s are actually hurting their bottom line they will be taken out. A city that runs on retail from the surrounding area cannot treat it’s customers in such a manner.

        • Lee Ann says:

          IF you are waiting to turn left, and your car is even slightly inside the intersection, when the light turns yellow AND the cars are beginning to slow, you are supposed to be able to complete your turn on the yellow, and even into the red light if people are running the yellow light going the other direction. That’s when those cameras can take a pix of a car in the intersection when its red, even tho you were in the intersection waiting to turn left even when it was green.

        • joe says:

          I agree! He is whining and blaming others because he failed to follow the law. Avoiding running a light isn’t nearly as complicated as he makes it out to be. If it is that tough for him, he shouldn’t be driving.

          • Hank Rearden says:

            It’s been over 25 years since I have had a moving violation, and I have also not had any accidents in the same time period. Just thought I would throw that out to those thinking it is poor drivers who like to whine who oppose the red light camera’s. It’s all about the cities using them as revenue generators with their “Gotcha” fines.

        • juicey bananas says:

          I watched a program on TV where some cities set their yellow lights a tad short of legal time and rake in big bank off the innocent. Joe needs to experience this twist of govt greed. I would love to see him argue that type of ticket in Kagaroo Kourt.

          • joe says:

            What makes you think I even support red light cameras? I don’t. What evidence do you have that traffic courts are unfair? You aren’t making a lot of sense. The only thing I’ve said I’m against is Hank’s feeling of entitlement, that he should be able to break the law without consequences, and if there are consequences he whines and blames others for his actions. I don’t think red light cameras make intersections safer, but neither do drivers who think they shouldn’t have to obey the law and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. The fact that you are supporting these ridiculous feelings of entitlement show how bad the entitlement culture has gotten.

  19. Buster says:

    Couldn’t we make traffic crossings safer by increasing the length of the yellow light and make sure there’s a pause before the cross traffic light turns green.

  20. Mom of 3 says:

    SLOW DOWN!!!! If the speed limit was lowered through the section of HWY 18, the risk would go down. The Casey’s corner is always congested. A turning lane may help, but is a busy intersection. No turn on Red signs and PATROL the area. The word would spread if multiple tickets were issued for red light, stop sign, or turning violations. The speed limit eat of Shopko tot he bypass really needs to be addressed. There are to many corners without stop lights and people are going to fast. When the road is 5 lanes wide, it is easy to misjudge your ability to pull out safely. There are 2 schools down there, multiple businesses, and soon to come ball diamonds. Why are we required to drive 45mph just short of the Sheldon motel and 55 at the bridge east of NCC, but its legal to blow by Hyvee at 45-50 and McDonalds 55?? DOESNT MAKE SENSE!!!!!! Serious question…..Who do we as citizens have to call? City office? DOT?

    • Sheldon Citizen says:

      You have to contact the DOT since its a state Hwy. I have emailed them already, there response was selfish! Email them! The more complaints and concerns might make them take a second look at the situation.

  21. Doug says:

    Being one of the most dangerous stretches of highway in Northwest Iowa, why do I never see any enforcement of the traffic laws on Highway 18 in Sheldon? From the people who run the stop signs at the Hardees corner, just because the person in front of them stopped, to the excessive speeding and tailgating from Washington Ave to the Sheldon Crossing intersection. I never see anyone getting pulled over on this road. I don’t care if you aren’t going to shop in town because you got a ticket here. If you are that reckless that you need to drive like an idiot, go somewhere else.

    I’ve driven that stretch out to the Middle School many mornings and afternoons. Been tailgated from Wash Ave to the school corner many times. Usually by a semi. They see that open stretch of road, and start shifting gears. There’s no turn lane, and you can’t pull over like there is a turn lane for the school, because if there is an accident, it’s going to be your fault for pulling over without a turn lane. Many times I’m hoping those drivers behind me are paying attention and their brakes are working as they bear down on traffic turning at the school.

    The DOT should have re-evaluated that whole stretch of road during school starting and ending hours, and Friday afternoons when everyone is trying to get to the Lakes. You can’t design traffic flow on that road for the ordinary times of the afternoon or evening when nothing is going on. It needs to be designed for PEAK traffic flows.

    We don’t we see the Iowa Highway Patrol protecting the people that don’t care to be run down by slopping driving. It’s not just the Sheldon Police Dept.’s job to enforce traffic laws. If somebody earns a ticket, give it to them!

    The crappy stoplights at Washington/18 are outdated. They need to be updated with lights that have TURNING ARROWS. The yellow light time is at the very minimum specification for Iowa traffic light timing. WHY? And for you people who think you need to wave forward a car waiting to turn because they can’t see around you, KEEP YOUR HANDS ON YOUR STEERING WHEEL. Just worry about making your own turn when it’s clear.

    Never make a turn when you can’t see and the other driver waves you thru. They aren’t going to pay your medical or car replacement bills.

    What about Jake brakes????? Is that just a suggestion posted at the edge of town? Sure seems like it! Virtually every town in America has Jake brake laws. If truckers can’t remember to shut it off when entering a city, and they don’t like buying brake pads, let them buy tickets.

    • Hank Rearden says:

      If I received a ticket from a police officer in Sioux City I would still be patronizing them. It is getting a summons from a red light camera in the mail with no real chance of explanation of extenuating circumstances or redress that is the problem, along with the fact it is more about city revenue enhancement than traffic enforcement. It is also a fact that 50% of the “Fine” goes to the corporation that owns and controls the cameras.

      In my case it would have been more reckless to slam on the brakes with vehicles behind me than to proceed through the empty intersection, knowing the light was still yellow just as I entered.

      • Doug says:

        Hank, my remark about patronizing retailers based on ticketing was not directed toward you.

        It was directed to those drivers who are creating unsafe driving conditions on 18 east. For instance: when traveling eastbound, moving into the outside lane when the light turns red, so when the light turns green you can drag race past the inside lane vehicles and cut them off when you have to merge left by Shopko.

        Or tailgating so hard in the two-lane areas, that you might as well have a push bumper on your car.

      • joe says:

        You do realize what a summons is right? You had an opportunity to present your side of the story. Talk about entitlement culture! You need to take responsibility for your own actions and stop whining about how you are a “victim”. The fact that you have money to spend in Sioux City does not entitle you to endanger the health and property of others. Get over it. This is a perfect example of the entitlement culture that is such a huge problem in our society.

        • Hank Rearden says:

          My time is worth way more than the cost of the fine. If I had to shut down for an afternoon to go to court it would cost me about $500. I don’t work for the man making $12hr.

          • joe says:

            So now you are whining that you didn’t get a chance to present your story because you CHOSE not to. Your feeling of entitlement is mind-blowing. Why put the $12/hr remark in there? It did absolutely nothing to clarify or bolster your argument. You could easily have left it at saying it would cost you more than the ticket to fight it. Was it some pathetic attempt to show how you are superior to those who make $12/hr? You aren’t. Either way it wouldn’t entitle you to jeopardize the health and property of others. You aren’t above the law. If you just follow the law, you won’t have a problem.

    • Kerry says:

      I totally agree, if enforcement was thicker in these areas, maybe people would obey the laws, and pay a little more attention to what is going on.

  22. e.j says:

    or people just need to lean how to drive ?..

  23. Jon says:

    I don’t think that cameras would help the situation at Washington Avenue, but it would be nice to have a turn lane with a designated left turn arrow at that corner. Most accidents tend to involve people turning left getting struck by oncoming vehicles in the outside lane. I also agree that the speed limits on 18 are entirely too high from the bypass all the way through Shopko. The problem is that the Iowa DOT is regressive in their determination of a need…meaning that the area must be deemed dangerous due to statistics on fatal/injury and property damage accidents. Believe it or not, the studies they have done seemingly don’t support the lowering of the speed limits. This is an instance where I feel like the agency needs to give local governments and the citizens of a place more influence. Clearly, there are many accidents, and I dare you to actually drive 50 miles per hour from fareway to the bypass…it feels like you’re flying. It isn’t worse because a majority of people aren’t going 50 when they drive on that part of town. Anyway, there definitely are things that need to be addressed for safety, but the bottom line is that every driver also has a responsibility to drive with caution and be alert to help prevent accidents. Stay safe!

  24. local shopper says:

    I feel that another cause to this whole problem is drivers talking on their cell phones while driving. I even saw a woman texting while going through the Washington Ave. intersection. I also agree that law enforcement needs to sit at Washington and the Country Club intersections more.

    • Lee Ann says:

      A friend on facebook just mentioned yesterday that New York State just passed a law that if you are found USING your cell phone while driving its 5 points off your license and $400 fine. Texting or talking.

      • Tim says:

        Way off topic but…. I find it amazing that City Police officers use their cell phones when they are on duty. I have personally witnessed them on their cell phones even in a school zone!! It always amazes me that officers seem to be ABOVE the law. Have you ever noticed law enforcement traveling at a high rate of speed? I understand sometimes it is required, but then they should use their flashing lights. Why do they get to speed without official warning lights on??

  25. George says:

    The amber light is four seconds (4) long. At thirty five mile per hour that allows way sufficient distance to stop. And YES, they are clearly seen from both directions. HOWEVER, there are no side post mounted lights which make them outdated.

    AMBER means slow to prepare to stop! Yes, running an AMBER light is a violation.

    After reading the crash reports from DOT, most of the crashes at Washington Ave and US 18 are caused by a vehicle attempting to turn left against oncoming traffic. This has nothing to do with traffic lights or speed.

    The lastest crash by SEARS is again due to a driver not paying proper attention to the traffic flow. No lights or speed issues involved.

  26. PCA says:

    wanna fix the problem intersections in this town, put in round-a-bouts

    • Bob says:

      Yeah! That’ll bring in the Hollanders from Sioux County — it’ll remind them of, well, Holland.

      All sarcasm aside, I think Highway 18 needs to have a center turning lane the entire stretch from Rock Valley to Spencer (I don’t know much about beyond Spencer or Rock Valley to have an opinion about that). I always get the feeling that I am a sitting duck and brace myself waiting to be rear-ended while trying to turn on a side blacktop… and unfortunately, it always seems to be a semi barreling down the road behind me that I am afraid is going to be the cause of my demise…

  27. Concerned says:

    Email the DOT your concerns on those corners! I did with Country Club Road corner and they responded by saying not enough injuries/fatalities to do anything. If we all would email them maybe they would take another look into the matter! Its worth it for or families safety!

    • Give me some when it's free says:

      That is an amazing response from the DOT, isn’t it? They had the same response to Sanborn asking for a stop light to allow kids to cross Hwy 18 safely –
      “Not enough people have died yet.” Thanks, DOT. Glad to see you care.

  28. Old Sheldon Resident says:

    The idea of posting an early warning sign letting drivers know there is a stoplight ahead or perhaps a flashing sign indicating a possible red light ahead is an excellent idea. That should wake up those drivers not paying attention or texting or talking on the cell phone. And I agree with the person saying the people that are opposed to red light cameras are the red-light (or amber-light) runners. Even if you have your day in Court to plead your case, you would not be found innocent – only if the Judge throws out the case due to other circumstances. AND, let’s get something going to petition the IA DOT to lower the speed from Shopko on East. Actually, the 55 mph should not start until you are past the Bypass to the East. Now with the new business under construction just east of the Bypass, 55 mph should start past that.

  29. willy pedro says:

    try that with an 18 wheeler! it isn’t quite as quick as a car!!

  30. JAM says:

    Solution is simple. Drop the speed limit to 35 starting at the Sheldon Crossing.

  31. Me says:

    Most accidents at Washington Ave. and Hwy 18. Are people waiting to turn left and having someone coming from the other direction passing on the right. If they could have patience and wait for turning traffic, many accidents could be avoided.

  32. Lee Ann says:

    There’s an article on KIWA news about the changes to highway 18 between hwy 60 and the new hwy 60. Widening it from 24th ave, to the new highway, and covering the whole thing with a new top, making 3 lanes, one a turn lane, all the way.

  33. virgil says:

    not only no I say H no.
    I travel around a lot the best thing I’ve seen is a yellow light before that starts to blink before the traffic light changes to yellow . It is very clear that if that first light starts to blink yellow there is no way you can make the green light. You have about 8 to 10 seconds of advance warning that the light is going to change. Works very well.

  34. NW IA citizen says:

    Yesterday, I saw a young man driving a car full of people, passing on the right side of me at the Casey’s corner to get ahead a line of vehicles. Further down the road, he decided to again take the right side of the road by the High School and Fantasia corner and went on the non paved side of the road to pass many vehicles to get ahead of them. In fact, I saw the stones fly. He turned into the same place I did but at a different driveway and we arrived at the same time. He was speeding and I was following the speed limit. Evidently he didn’t value the lives he had in his car that he was responsible for.

  35. PCA says:

    As a truckdriver I have seen many round-a-bouts, and everyone of them make you slow way down and pay attention to all surroundings. They may seem like a pain but they WORK! Even Minnesota put them on 60 in Worthington.

    • Harriet Oleson says:

      Haven’t you ever seen the movie European Vacation?? Clark and family get on a roundabout in London and keep going around for 8-10 hours because Clark can’t figure out how to get out!!!! Look kids – Big Ben, Parliament!!!

  36. Pine Streeter says:

    I personally, had an accident 3 years ago at that intersection. I was with my brother, husband and 4 month old daughter. I got hit by a commercial vehicle on the inside lane, blowing a red. I was turning left. They chose to lie and say that I turned in front of them. What would I have gained turning left in front of oncoming traffic with my family, namely my infant, in the car? I’m not sure the costs for traffic cameras but I think it’s disgusting laypeople at fault can get away by he said, she said. And of course anyone else who saw the accident, was in too much of a hurry to stay and see if everyone was okay. I have never been in an accident, or gotten a ticket in my years of driving.
    I wish they could figure something out for EVERYONE’s safety!

  37. Pine Streeter says:

    That should have said that I turned in front of them even though I had the red.

  38. Tom M says:

    What if signage said “Right Lane MUST Turn Right” at Hwy 18 and Washington? Would that end the left turn into (usually unseen) opposing outside lane traffic?

  39. Harriet Oleson says:

    Why – back in Walnut Grove with our horses and carriages – we used courtesy and manners. The first horse or carriage to the 4 – way stop by Doc Baker’s Office waited for the next ones to go. That’s what we were taught by Ms. Ingall’s in our horse and driver education class… Of course we didn’t have any Sioux County license plates there that thought they could go ahead of everyone else….

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