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snow removal

Date posted - March 1, 2014

As an employee at a downtown business it is a shame to see the way our customers have to maneuver over 3 ft piles of snow at the curb…this isn’t the first time it has happened this winter….waiting for spring to arrive and easier access to businesses.


Amy Fischer

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16 Responses to “snow removal”

  1. Mom3 says:

    They haven’t even plowed our street. We have cleared our sidewalks and driveway three times in the last 24 hrs.

  2. Outoftowner says:

    I agree. Those bump-outs only have caused trouble—an expensive & a mess! I strongly dislike shopping downtown Sheldon this winter and I guess future winters as well. Bump-outs to enhance the downtown? I think not.

  3. fruff says:

    If you think it’s bad now, can’t wait till they start tearing up all the new concrete to fix water leaks.

  4. youngerguy says:

    I’m tired of the no snow removal sheldon does. I travel to sioux city today and the roads were more clear when the plows haven’t touched them then sheldons roads were when the plows did. Very disturbing and in my opinion lazy and inconsiderate. And the bump outs were a waste of time and money. I also work down town and yea the walks might be clear when we scoop but now you have to hike over Mt everest when you get to the end. Shelson, I applaud you daily on how upset you get your community and how oblivious you are to it.

  5. Jill C. says:

    Amy- our street (Sunset Ct) has not been plowed yet either, and as far as I can tell neither has Rainbow. We are lucky we didn’t have to work today. We were kind of waiting for the plow to come through before we clear our driveway so that we don’t have to work through a big snow berm, but if they haven’t come around by tomorrow morning we won’t be able to wait any longer.

  6. Derp says:

    I’m sure the street crew feels the same way about the bumpouts as the rest of you do.

  7. Pooker says:

    You think Sheldon has a problem with the bump outs downtown; you should see the mess the bike trail caused on Old 60 in Sibley!! They have a curb going down the side of the highway then to the direct right of that; the bike trail. It’s too bad about the bump out situation in Sheldon…….guess I’ll be using the back door to many of the businesses as I don’t take my mountain climbing gear everywhere I go. Oh, by the way……citizens of Sheldon; make sure your walks are all cleaned 24 hours after the snow fall… ordinance you know…then wait for the city to come and plow your drive in again whenever they get around to it.

  8. Westy says:

    I agree younger guy…the downtown snow removal is a mess…I think the committee that wanted this PRETTY renovation should grab their snow shovel and be downtown early morning and clearing the bump outs off so the customers can actually see where to park
    My Husband and I drove thru downtown Sheldon yesterday and could not even see where the bump outs were. I can’t imagine the car damage that has been done since these were put in. I am so disappointed in the City doing this renovation when so many of your citizens were against them.
    I think that the snowplows don’t go out until the last snowflake has fallen

  9. Biker says:

    Money, overtime, budget constraints the city works with. But we did improve the downtown with the bump outs which I in fact inadvertently drove over one Saturday morning…..chunk chunk on my truck. I agree those on that committee should get there rear ends out there early and hand shovel those off. The city comes with a skid loader with broom or blade and back or drive over other business owners sidewalk so the city guy can clear the bump outs and now the business owner has to shovel off snow that has skid loader tracks which means hard pak snow off the walks. Speaking of snow removal though do the people of Sheldon remember how to do snow? Meaning this last storm it appeared people were blowing, pushing, shoveling all there snow into the street which in my mind compounds the problem, the complaining, etc. but now the city will go out with the grader, blade the street, put that heavy bladed snow pak into the ends of driveways and then we can all complain that I have to clear it, hire it done ect. But I do agree where we’re the boys of the city all day Saturday?

  10. TEM06 says:

    The city brooms off the bump-outs onto the streets, how is that any different than everyone else scooping their driveways and putting that snow on the street? Another thing is that there are good city employees that don’t make the decision on when to go out and plow so maybe we need to talk to those who make that decision. Plus maybe the city can’t go out because they spent so much money on the reconstruction of downtown that there isn’t money in the budget to plow? Another thought is maybe we all need realize that we don’t need to rush out when it snows, when this happens the snow gets packed down and it makes it more difficult to plow.

    • Derp says:

      The money used for the downtown construction is different than the money used for plowing snow. The Street Dept has their own budget and line items used for plowing snow.

  11. Al says:

    With the cold winter weather I have seen some dogs being kept outside in some pretty terrible conditions. As a dog lover it makes me sick. Anybody know where to report this abuse?

  12. Carnie2001 says:

    What the city needs to do is get together with Glen’s Sport Center for one of these units:

    They are made right in Spirit Lake and have all kinds of attachments.

    All it would take is for someone to work with Josh over at Glen’s to put together a brief presentation for the city council and they will be sold.

    The problem is we need someone to run it. Instead of a city worker, I suggest we ask for volunteers. With the heated cab, these units are very comfortable. I will do it if no one else volunteers.

  13. Nic says:

    I want to send a positive comment, because before I’m even up in the morning (6:30 am) they’re out there already working. Thanks for what you guys do, I appreciate it.

  14. HAPPY says:

    I really like Carnie2000 and Nic’s posts. They come with a positive approach. Lets all get more positive and creative with ways to approach the problems that affect our communities.

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