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Steve King’s Amendment

Date posted - November 20, 2013

Why is Rep Steve King trying to write an amendment that would have the feds tell the states what they can and can’t do? I always thought he was against such regulation. Sometimes what a politician says and his/her actions don’t seem to add up. Please tell me how they decided what needs regulation and what doesn’t

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42 Responses to “Steve King’s Amendment”

  1. Jay says:

    Steve King is easily one of the worst politicians we could ever ask for. Plain and simple.

    • LazloTu says:

      Steve King has been a disgrace to the Nation. His racist statements and his refusal to work toward viable immigration reform demonstrates his true character. He needs to be gone.

      • HappyTimes says:

        We have immigration reform. Here legally – Wonderful
        Here Illegally – Get Out!

        • Dug says:

          Hey Happy Times…what country are you living in? Because that ain’t the way it is here in the USA. Here it’s: Here illegally, we will help you out, give you everything on a silver platter, including the jobs. But if you’re here legally or have lived here ALL your life, forget it, you need to be bound to the whipping post, you must suffer you low life citizen.

      • been around the block says:

        If, in your opinion, King is a disgrace to the nation what is Obama?

        • sheldonite says:

          one and the same. d.c has both of them repaying those who paid for their election. one of them will never be elected again could be said for both if we had the term limits we need.

      • Ducky says:

        Don’t forget his knowledge of human anatomy. I didn’t know Mexicans had cantaloupe sized calves before Mr. King. It makes sense because they all are hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the border.
        -Actually said by Steve King on the topic of Immigration

  2. Lee Ann says:

    Because Steve King doesn’t want to exert his brain by looking it up himself. As a legislator, one is supposed to educate themselves and know what is going to happen. Steve King was a full page ad on the John Birch Society website a few years ago, they were praising him to the skies. We need to get him out of office. When one sees the bills he has voted against, dog fighting laws, humane treatment for animals, etc. its time for Steve King to go home.

    • An Idea says:

      I think animals get treated pretty good… all the food they can eat and warmth in the winter . I’m sure a lot of people around the world would like that.

  3. HappyTimes says:

    Steve King is the best asset Iowa has seen in some time. We should all be thankful for him. If you would only read the amendment proposed, you would understand that this amendment is needed because of the waco California people. Without this amendment, eggs produced in Iowa could not be sold in California. You can count on the liberals in California coming up with additional restrictions for all kinds of farm animals and pretty soon we won’t be able to sell our pork or beef there because of their liberal agenda.

    • TM says:

      so he is telling California what it can and cant do

    • sheldonite says:

      steve king is only an asset to steve king! his only interest is getting re-elected. what happened to small government? if california doesn’t want our food let them go without more for us. we do not have to bow to liberals we need to stand up. if they want to price themselves out of the market let them. we do not need more federal rules to make them buy our products. i think that is called free market, and the tea party is all about free market right?

    • Prairiepainter says:

      There is much, much more to it than CA eggs (thanks to poorly in-depth deprived Iowa media reportage)…King’s amendment would disallow ANY state from passing its own legislation, regardless of their situation or need. Besides – CA has it’s own eggs. His amendment would also protect his favorite (i.e. Mega buck King donors) huge AG corporations from public or political legal actions – putting them above the law.

  4. Harriet Oleson says:

    All of us in Walnut Grove are very happy that Steve King is south of the state line. He is without a doubt the biggest fraud to serve in Congress since our neighbors to the east served up Joseph McCarthy. As Mr. Edwards so eloquently put it…. “He is a buffoon”. I have no doubt that if he and Bob Vander Plaats were to run on a presidential ticket they would garner 90% of the Sioux County and surrounding area vote!!!

    • HappyTimes says:

      There used to be a joke, When do you know an attorney is lying? When his lips are moving! Now the joke has evolved around to liberals. ie: If you like your insurance plan!! It was a damn video!! NSA does not listen in!! IRS does not target any group!! If you like your doctor you can keep!!! I could go on and on but I think you get the point. Of course liberals HATE Steve King, so they go about throwing out general statements trying to disgrace him. If you have some specific proof, let me hear them. It’s like Liberals saying that abortion isn’t MURDER. What a LIE!!

      • Ducky says:

        Us liberals hate Steve King because he is a racist, illogical, and only serves himself and his donors. It’s gotten to the point where when news channels in other countries want to make fun of the US, they pull up interviews with Steve King. The man embarrasses us, not only as a state, but as a nation as a whole.

    • Lee Ann says:

      Harriet, I agree completely. I’d like to send him north by riding him out of town on a rail, but you all have your own problems up north. I find myself wondering how a state that can elect Al Franken and Keith Ellison can also elect a Michelle Bachmann.

    • Free Man says:

      Not as happy as we in Iowa, as we look North to Walnut Grove and see the subjects being Lorded over by the ex Saturday Night Live comedian Al Frankin.

      • LazloTu says:

        Yep, Al Franken, one of the brightest guys in our country!

      • Harriet Oleson says:

        Remember when Iowa’s District 5 elected “Gopher” as the one who “lorded” over them??? Oh, but that shouldn’t be brought up as he was a Republican…. Fred Grandy did not even live in the district – he established an address in Sioux City to qualify to run.

      • Lee Ann says:

        You mean Al Franken,, the guy with a Masters in Political science? He’s not a dummy, just because he was on TV.

        • Free Man says:

          I’ll take the guy who started his own business, employed people and made payroll any day over another eggheaded acedemic who never created a job.

          Funny to hear all those from acedemia telling those who have done it how to do it.

          Word of wisdom from one who has started and runs his own business; if you pull up to my business and I see leftist bumper stickers on your car you are not getting a job. If I know you are a flaming redistributionist lib you will not be considered for a job. If I know you voted for a community organizer for President you will not be considered for employment.

          • LazloTu says:

            Free man; perhaps you would identify your business? I believe your manner of hiring practice runs counter to federal discrimination laws.

            And, I and perhaps others would like to save you some angst by not doing business with you.

          • Doug says:

            I got your back!

          • Ducky says:

            Descriminate those who think differently than you! I have developed a wide spread of skills that include 3D modeling, 2D designing software, CNC code, drafting, machining experience, robotics, welding, laser cutting, and much more. I have one college diploma and about to get my degree in a few months. I take pride in my work and anything I work on. But unfortunately, you’d never appreciate those skills because I vote differently than you.
            It seems to me that you have no problem sacrificing your own business for your own political gain. I think that your employees and community would be very upset. You don’t just hurt your own company, but you also hurt the local economy.

  5. Free Man says:

    If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it, Period.
    If you like your Doctor you can keep him, Period.
    I was for it before I was against it.
    WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!!!!!! (Hillary Clinton on the deaths in Benghazi)
    We have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.

    I could go on and on, but me thinks the writer of this 2 cents and their co-horts doth protest too much. So many lies, half truths and distorions on their side that they feel the need to divert and obfuscate in any way they can.

  6. been around the block says:

    Republicans – don’t be sucked into this petty Steve King debate with our friends on the left. Lee Ann, Lazio Tu, Just Ducky and even Harriet Olsen are grasping at straws to deflect attention away from their hero the Emperor Obama as he has finally been exposed.
    The Emperor Obama is wearing no clothes.

    • LazloTu says:

      I believe it’s more a matter of pointing out the pathology of the tpubs; ethics mean nothing for the majority of the GOTP. They lie, are vindictive, and make every effort to steamroll the opposition.
      However, in doing so, they have dug a deeper hole by demonstrating the lengths to which they will go – they have no authentic strategy (or imagination) so they continue the same failed strategy, all the while accomplishing nothing in Congress.
      Feel free to sink with your GOTP ship, or, hold your party accountable! They could start by dispensing with the sociopathic strategy of covering one lie with another, and another……

    • Ducky says:

      Your post lacks any arguement. You debate as well as Steve King. You might as well just say, “Oh, well, don’t listen to them, they’re not Republicans.”

    • TM says:

      Im not saying Obama is great far from that. Im saying the right are hounding him for the hole heath care failure(and yes its a failure on so many fronts) and Steve King for years has said the Feds should not be involed in Sates matters. Now look at him. Thats what im saying both sides are a bunch of hipos.

    • Harriet Oleson says:

      Don’t categorize me…… I voted for Ronald Reagan, our current Governor and plenty of others from both sides of the aisle and the middle. We here in Walnut Grove vote our conscious and common sense – not because of our affiliation with church, party or coffee group.

  7. Free Man says:

    I wondered how long it would take for a reply like this;

    “LazloTu says:

    – November 25, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    Free man; perhaps you would identify your business? I believe your manner of hiring practice runs counter to federal discrimination laws.

    And, I and perhaps others would like to save you some angst by not doing business with you.”

    Just goes to show that those who can’t do, sue. Or they just pass laws to compel those with the ambition and drive to start a business and succeed hire those who don’t. Don’t worry, I’m a manufacturer and not in retail so you don’t need to worry about doing business with my company.

    • LazloTu says:

      “Free” man: Your posts remind me of America’s past; pre-civil rights days, when anyone other than angry/frightened white people disallowed anyone ‘different’ into their restaurants, trains, etc.

      Sadly, you seem to have not evolved. While you proclaim ‘success’, you remain stuck in time, still reliant upon ‘power and control’ and afraid of what you don’t or won’t understand.

      Realize that you are rapidly becoming another minority; how does it feel?

      • Free Man says:

        I am just following Martin Luther Kings example and judging by the content of your character, and not by the color of your skin, sexual orientation or gender. Why would I employ those who seek through political means to tax me more and redistribute my wealth? Why would I employ those who feel the need to start a union or scream that they are entitled to more of what is not theirs? If you are a minority, gay, straight or confused you are welcome. If you are a flaming redistributive liberal you are not even allowed on the back of my bus.