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Suspend Overnight Parking Rules in Sheldon

Date posted - November 27, 2012

coming to work earlier today I noticed numerous cars and trucks parked on resident lawns


because Sheldon forbids overnight parking on city streets during the winter

It doesn’t matter that we haven’t had a decent snowfall in several years let residents ruin their lawns so snowplows can clear city streets after an occasional snow fall.

how about we put the overnight parking ban in effect when snow is actually forecast

if more then 2 inches of snow is predicted put the ban into effect

if people still leave their cars on the street tow them and give them a fine

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9 Responses to “Suspend Overnight Parking Rules in Sheldon”

  1. dona says:

    Questions for you to answer:
    Can the weather ALWAYS be predicted?
    If the city tows the cars, how much time and $ will that cost them?
    Do all residents always pay the fines given to them?
    Would folks be more aware of a general date for the no parking or would they be more apt to “listen up” when it is announced.
    What was the previous condition of the lawns before the cars were parked on them?

    Just some food for thought

  2. Red says:

    My guess is you’ll be squawking the first time you have to dig your car out when it gets buried by the plow.

  3. Jeff says:

    I think keep it as is. Plow drivers I give credit too. Cars on road, people walking or running on roads, or people just shoveling all there snow back on the road thinking the plows put it there to begin with. I think the cops are pretty leanant on those that are parked but I am not sure on this. I am not sure on conditions of yards, type of cars etc but dont most people have a driveway, ally or garage to park in?

  4. Jesse says:

    If your car is still in the street at 2:01am you can expect ……… to give you a ticket.

    • Ashshade says:

      I thought the only police work he did was to pull people over and say he was going to give them a ticked for being “stupid”.

  5. Lynn says:

    Kinda hard to write tickets when he is parked outside the bar all night.

  6. Jason says:

    Have snow alerts like many small towns in SD do. Canton and Beresford do it, why wouldn’t this work in Sheldon? Why, because this is something new and no one really likes new things. They rather have people park their cars up on lawns. Sheldon has no ordinance prohibiting cars on a lawn? Wow, how about getting that on the books city council? Real classy driving around seeing that.

    Why would the city tow a car simply because it is in violation? Who said anything about towing? Thought we were talking about citing them. If someone wants their car, they will pay the tow fee to get it out. Otherwise it becomes property of the tow company if left unclaimed too long. Unpaid parking fines are supposed to be levied against the vehicle registration fee. Don’t know if Sheldon does that but they do it this way in Sioux County. If they want to renew their plates, they will be paying all the unpaid parking tickets first. It’s not all that complicated.

    Snow alerts work in other small towns, why wouldn’t they work in Sheldon? Just ask Canton PD…

    • dj says:

      I am all for the SnowAlert or Snow Emergency to be used in Sheldon. I live next to one of the houses that the ppl park on the front lawn. Looks like HIcksville. Kinda embarassing to the City and the neighborhoods. Come on folks lets get with it

  7. Stuart says:

    Great suggestion Jason because I really don’t want Sheldon looking like Detroit

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