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Thanks for Being Open Saturday Afternoon

Date posted - April 27, 2013

I would like to use this forum to thank the handful of downtown stores that were open on Saturday afternoon after 1 or 2 p.m. After a morning of doing chores around the house and making sure that my family had everything they needed, I decided to treat myself to a rare shopping trip.


I was looking forward to shopping at one of the four womens clothing stores that we now have. I was disappointed that only two were open. I was able to buy a new outfit for myself at Lady B’s. I thanked the women working there for being open. There were three other ladies shopping besides myself. I went into Carl’s footwear and there were two other ladies ahead of me waiting to try on shoes.


I understand that it takes money for stores to pay for electricity and employees wages during business hours. I understand that paying for  things such as the bump-outs will be challenging. As my signature states, I really try to support downtown, even if it means paying a little more.


But I wonder… if the store owners worry about income, perhaps they could think outside the box a little more. Why wait until hotdog days or sidewalk days to come outside? Team up with another business and offer specials together on a Saturday afternoon. What if a restaurant teamed up with a clothing store and had a ladies day out? Pump in your own music and do something creative and crazy!


Thanks again to those downtown workers who sacrificed their time to stay open on a Saturday afternoon. Many of us will continue to support your business. Perhaps businesses stepping outside the normal way of conducting retail business will liven up downtown.

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40 Responses to “Thanks for Being Open Saturday Afternoon”

  1. Meets says:

    I thinks so as well. I visited a nursery by sears, went to bomgars for a new hose and stopped by a flower center on old hwy 60. Nice weather. Nice to see the arrangements nd hope the summer is great.

  2. Gramma46 says:

    I totally agree with this person. Most of us working class only have Saturdays to do our shopping and I also have come and found doors closed at noon on Saturday. Evidently our council members and mayor don’t have to worry about that and thinking making downtown beautiful will draw people to town then I guess we will have to have stores open to shop.

    • SPMS says:

      Last summer I needed a wedding gift. I work during business hrs and Saturday is my only time to shop. I found that ………. wasn’t even open in the morning! Thanks to Ben Franklin…they are always there for the community!

    • Charlie says:

      They push us to shop local but hard to do when it’ all closed when us working class have time off. This includes evenings and weekends.

  3. Ashshade says:

    Yea, being open from 9 to noon is a waste. Open at noon stay open till 9.

    Try working a 7-5 job and do anything else. It is unimpossable;) I always hated the buying a car and having to ask Mr. Bossman for time off so I could register it.

    • Local shopper says:

      Buy your car local they take care of registering your car for you so you don’t have to ask “boss man” for time off.

  4. Good Point says:

    Good points all around. What’s the point of making our downtown more desirable if the merchants aren’t open when the working folk are available to shop?

    • JCS says:

      Are’nt the kind folks who work downtown working people too?

      • Good Point says:

        Yes, you most certainly are working folk, too. And I appreciate what you do for our community. I apologize if I offended you. I just think it would be beneficial for the community if all the downtown merchants kept the same hours.

      • Pat says:

        The kind folks who work the downtown stores on Saturday usually have a day off during the week to do their shopping.

  5. Saturday worker says:

    good point: We who work on Saturday’s have a life too. We are also hard woking folk as you say. you on the other hand are probably the one that comes in right at closing to do your shopping. your action may have been the cause of why we are not open all day on Saturday. Think about it. But hey NICE POST! not!!!!!

    • Ashshade says:

      Saturday worker, you might want to check where your money comes from. And then check your attitude.

    • local shopper says:

      Saturday worker. Do not assume that I am a person who comes in right at closing. And if you had someone who did just that, I am sure you would have given them as good of customer service as someone who came in at the beginning of your day. I am the one who started this post and I don’t understand what you mean when you state, “your action may have been the cause of why we are not open all day on Saturday.” I did make a substantial purchase when I bought my outfit.

    • Wow says:

      Hmmm. Ever think that your attitude is part of the problem? In a service industry one should accomodate the customer. The customer doesn’t accomodate the provider. That’s “Life”.

  6. Susan says:

    Recently spent time at the city park. I saw there were MANY tree branches hanging down from the storm. I realize that the city boys have been busy cleaning up all the trees in the residential areas but I do hope for everyones safety, they don’t forget the city park ones. Would be very dangerous if one of those limbs drop on top of someone.

  7. Kenny says:

    Rode through town Monday nite at 8 p.m. only saw lights on in six stores (not totally sure if two were really open). What are the thoughts on stores being open Mon. nights until 9? Is it worth it for them or is it like Sat. afternoon?

  8. JP says:

    @ Saturday worker …..It could have been anyone coming in at the last moment. Downtown does not get the business as it used to and I would think that the business would appreciate the sale whether it was at the last minute or not !! Its what pays your wages. No customers = No Business = No paycheck for you.
    I have an online business and work 24 -7. I work my tail off and give ALL of my customers the best customer service possible and I don’t care if its a $5 sale or a $500 sale. I guess I must not have a life :)
    @ local shopper ……….I agree with you 110% !! You have some great ideas and I think its awesome that you actually are thanking the business !! People like you make having a business a pleasure as a lot of people don’t bother to thank the business or its workers for even being there :)

    • Costumer/also worker says:

      I do work in a business that closes at noon on Saturday. There are 4 or 5 regular costumers who always come “flying” in to walk around and look at 11:55. Spend 45mn to and hour, never buy. So 3 people who are working,, get off late. Make the rest of there family late for planned events. Boss pays overtime. But this often also happens at 4:55 on the week-nights. You like your Saturday afternoons off, so do we!

      • JCS says:

        I’m getting a little off the subject matter here, but I hope everyone
        can see my point. Was in a restaurant that did not serve alcohol and
        I overheard a customer telling a waitress, “I own YOU”.
        Wouldn’t it be nice if there was more mutual respect between the
        customer and the employee or business owner? Personally, by Saturday afternoon I’m pretty sick of people and need church on Sunday to get me charged up again. Please don’t tell me to change
        professions I’m too old for that.

    • Another Saturday worker says:

      JP thats awesome you work 24-7……how do you function with no sleep tho? or is the “work 24-7″ maybe a little bit of a stretch??? Lets be realistic here.

      • JP says:

        Well I guess if you want to be realistic here ………I some nights do work 24 hours as I have insomnia and I have customers from all over the world where it is nice to be awake to answer questions when they are awake so that part works very well. Most nights I average 5 hours of sleep so I guess I only work 19 hours on those days. I also function just fine then also :) So I will rescind that previous comment and say I work 19 Hours a day 7 days a week :) Is that better for you ?

        • JCS says:

          Read a devotional from a pastor who visited a lot of people in their last days. He said,”never once did any one say, I wished I would spent more time working”.

      • JP says:

        P.S. Have you never heard the saying 24-7? Its what people mean when they work to many hours of the day and it feels like all day all week ~ How many hours a day and how many days a week do you work Another Saturday worker ? Just being realistic here :)

        • Another Saturday worker says:

          Yes that is better, if you don’t have a family that is. I work 60 hours/week on average and 6 days a week, thanks for asking.

  9. JP says:

    I do not get a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday off for the matter. I work 7 days a week ~ Its MY choice to own a business as it is YOUR choice to work in one. Customers keep the business in business. If they come in to look they may come back in to buy at another time. Or they may tell a friend that OH I saw the cutest thing at such and such a place and that friend is the one who comes in to purchase it.
    Yes it can be annoying that you don’t get off work right away when you have plans, but that is what you have to deal with when you own or work in a business. Just plan on someone popping in at the last minute and then when it doesn’t happen you can smile and say whooooo hoooooooo I got off work on time :)

  10. Hank Rearden says:

    If you own or run a business and want to compete with the Wal Marts and other big box stores you better check the attitudes at the door and do what you can to please the customer and be there for them when they need your product. Wal Mart is open 24/7 and always there for the working stiffs who do the 7am to 5pm shift and find your stores closed after work. Retail is all about customer service and what you are willing to do for the consumers with cash to spend on the goods and services you provide. If I were a business owner in Sheldon I would be open until 9pm every night, even if it meant I were the only one in the store because I could not afford to pay the help.

    50 years ago the open from 9am to 5pm retail template worked, but not today with the advent of the Big Box stores and online retailers just a click away. Business owners need to think outside the box and work harder than ever before to stay in the game, or else close shop and find another line of employment. Whining about needing to be open when “Everybody Else” is off work or about needing to stay open a while longer for the “Lookie Loo’s” who popped in just before closing does not cut it, and turns off the customers even more.

    • JP says:

      Unfortunately Hank the attitude of some “Employees” is that they feel that if they bother to show up for their job ….it will be good enough. You don’t have to be courteous to your customers. You don’t have to stay late ……You did your job just by being there. Nobody cares about their job anymore ……….I myself would be open late every night and be open every weekend including Sunday if I had a store downtown as you said you would too ..Why? To accommodate the people who work the hours like everyone else and cant get to the store like some people.Those people would be my best customers !!! If I walk into a store late and get attitude ……I am gone and I wont be back. Its sad !!!

  11. Hank Rearden says:

    I forgot to add in my “Thank You” to the business owners who are there for the customers with extended hours. We do appreciate and remember that.

  12. llw says:

    As someone who formerly worked in retail, I was required to work every other saturday til 8. When it was my Saturday to work, I was given an extra day off during the week to accomodate. Many of us who work M-F aren’t allowed alot of time to run errands, etc. Usually as we are getting off work, most stores are closing, so yes we might be the customer who comes in 5 minutes before closing. I understand you might enjoy having Saturdays off just as much as us working M-F have it off, if thats the case pick a different job. You choose where you work.

  13. Old Sheldon Resident says:

    I will agree with Hank Reardon. We also have a Chamber of Commerce that is actively working to get all of the business owners on the same page…but there seems to be some that are not team players and set their own hours. Professional offices have special hours by appt only, but retail stores need to rethink how to best serve their customers and that means not closing at noon on Saturdays. Maybe only one customer will show up but there will be a Saturday when several will come in to shop. I know Fantasia closes at 4 pm on Saturday and they are busy on Saturdays whenever I have been shopping there. And I am sure there are some Saturdays when they are not busy but as a retailer, that is understood. An early closing on Saturdays might be the answer – 4 pm instead of 5 pm – for the downtown stores as well.

  14. rdw says:

    honestly if it wasn’t for Dollar General i wouldn’t go downtown Sheldon at all.

  15. Meets says:

    I agree with business hours but when no one is downtown to begin with I can see as an owner why stay open. But yet for those that work our hours are limited to when, where and what were shopping for. To be honest I don’t shop much downtown. But as a business owner there are cost involved keeping the door open vs closed. Sure one person may come and purchase a gallon of paint say from downtown hardware (I have nothing to do with this store and just using as an example) at 5 pm. Say they shut at 2 currently. What us the owner gaining staying open for extra hours hoping he gets a sale all while having say two people there, lights on, air or heat running vs locking the doors cutting cost and giving up the sale of that $25 gallon paint which I am sure his markup still would not cover 1 hour of pay to his employee. As far as our chamber working with dedicated business hours well I don’t need someone telling me when to open, close and here are your hours that we think you should work. I know vowels paint opens at 7 am, does that mean other businesses should follow suit? It is going to take more than a new street face lift, a new ramps, new trees, new downtown whatever to coax people to want to shop downtown sheldon. But that’s a whole other issue in and of itself.

  16. Outsider Looking In says:

    I work in Sheldon but live in Hull. I come to work at 7 and get off at 5, 5 days a week. Trying to save time and $$$, I have attempted to run downtown for items only to find most of the stores closed or closing, and having met some of the attitude seen in previous postings, have decided to leave the stores. Another occasion, I had to bring a child to town for a birthday party for a few hours. Instead of spending so much time on the road going back and forth, I thought I would just go downtown to shop. It was only 6:30 at night, surely I could shop till 8:00. Nope! Nothing open, except Shopko- which is quite overpriced and too similar to Walmart. My point is, open buisinesses in the evening also might get more customers from those of us not from town. My alternative often is to go to Walmart in the evening, for things I could have gotten in Sheldon.

    • J E says:

      Dollar General is open every night until 9pm. I found this out recently when I ran out of an ingredient making supper and was thrilled not to have to go all the way across town to a grocery store for a single item. Working downtown, I have found that DG is not the most desireable place to go when you’re in a hurry, but I do find I can waste a significant amount of time browsing in there when time is on my side!

      As for Saturdays, the business I work in has changed from being open every Saturday until 5pm to a little shorter day in the last few years. MOST Saturdays we could close at Noon and no one would know the difference, but occasionally we get someone in after lunch that could potentially make a large purchase. We all have lives outside of the store and want to enjoy life as much as anyone else, so finding that happy medium can be difficult. There will always be someone complaining that we weren’t there when they needed us to be. But our hours are clearly posted on our door, on every ad we put in the paper and even on our answering machine. I can’t say the same for our neigboring businesses.

      Also, as for the “last minute” shopping, I was recently the customer in a store that closed at 4pm. I went in at 3:30, completely unaware of when they closed, as it was not posted anywhere near the entry for me to see as I walked in. Not long later, a lady working there started calling out “we’re closing in 15 minutes” and again at 10 minutes, and at 5 minutes before closing very boldly started telling everyone that they better get to the check-out counter because “We HAVE to be done at 4:00!!”

  17. Jon says:

    I am not sure what the answer will be. I think that businesses do need to determine what works for them, and if they are satisfied with the amount of customer traffic they receive with the hours they have and/or that the benefits of being open on Saturdays do not outweigh the costs, then that really should be for them to determine. I will say that I currently live in Decorah, where almost all businesses are open on Saturday and and many for a limited amount of time on Sunday (12-4), and the downtown is almost always busy. It is nice, since my job requires that I am there from 9-6 or 10-8 depending on the day, that most businesses are open on the weekend so I have the time to patronize them. There is a very strong retail climate there, although I do not believe that there is any entity telling businesses when they should be open, though I know that there are certain things, like their open night on Thursdays, that many agree to. Decorah, of course, is a larger community (8,000) and more of a hub for its region than Sheldon, it has a college, and it is a tourist destination, so that comes with certain advantages. When I am in Sheldon, it is often over weekends, and I do try to patronize businesses downtown whenever possible, but I am unlikely to shop any day other than Saturday in town when I’m there, so businesses that are open on Saturday will get my time and patronage, and those that aren’t won’t. I mostly find, though, that the business owners and workers in Sheldon are friendly and do genuinely value their customers, and it is worth the time and sometimes extra money to shop locally.

    • JAM says:

      I think downtown business owners need to ask themselves “Are we open when our customers want to shop, or are we open when WE want customer to shop”

  18. jc says:

    I work in one of the grocery stores in town how would people like it if we closed at noon on Saturday and 5pm on weekdays same principle as the downtown business peoples attitudes

    • Grocery Shopper says:

      All relevant. I try to shop at one of our grcery stores before I leave town to work. They don’t open until 8:00 a.m. so I get what I need in the other town so I don’t have to go to east end when I get back (traffic out there is dangerous!)

      • jc says:

        I agree the city really needs to something about the traffic I have seen plenty of accidents and near misses on the east end of town

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