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Thanks for Breakfast

Date posted - December 6, 2013

To the person in the car before me at Taco Johns this morning, thanks for breakfast.  I will be sure to pass it on.


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9 Responses to “Thanks for Breakfast”

  1. Mom of 3 says:

    Awesome display of kindness!! Whoever you are, God Bless you

  2. Not so young but not really old guy says:

    Thanks for sharing. Really. It made me smile.

    • willy pedro says:

      why is there thumbs down on good deeds?

      • LazloTu says:

        Pedro, I’ve asked that before as well. Guess it’s because we simply have some mean people here. Sad but true….

        • Peggy says:

          Pedro, I agree with you about the thumbs down on the good deed, I always wanted to pay for the car behind me, not so sure anymore.

          • Sandy Pedro says:

            What if someone came and handed you a $20.00 dollar bill would you take it or pass? I think it’s great that people pay if forward to make a persons day in the morning to pay for their meal. Maybe the person that is putting the thumbs down didn’t get theirs paid for. But maybe they would put a thumbs up if they would get there meal paid for. There is good people in this world if they have heart to care for other people beside their self.

          • Peggy says:

            The thumbs down is totaly stupid, why wouldn’t someone like a free meal and enjoy it, and wish everybody in this world were so caring.

        • Lee Ann says:

          Maybe people need a little class on the “like/dislike” button. Its not one or the other, its not all or nothing . If you think its an awesome post, and you agree 100%, feel like that person understands how you feel about something, click like.

          If you absolutely hate that person’s views, its a major political debate and you are 100% the opposite in a political view, you should click “dislike”.

          But if you don’t think its awesome or horrible, you just don’t click on either one. I got 9 dislikes when I said I liked the 3 lane road on highway 18. Maybe its personal and you just don’t like me, but the dislike button should be for really disliking what that person had to say. I don’t think saying the highway with 3 lanes makes me feel safer deserves 9 dislikes. Its not an all or nothing deal. You don’t have to pick one, or the other. If you don’t love it or hate it, you don’t have to click on either one. Just my .02.

          • John Boy says:

            That is an internet troll. They are as common as a combine on an Iowa county road in the fall. It is best to ignore them.

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