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Thanksgiving Blessing

Date posted - November 26, 2013

Name some things that you are thankful for this Thanksgiving season? Remember what you are thankful for, not what you’re disgusted with.

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15 Responses to “Thanksgiving Blessing”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    Good topic. I am thankful for my health after a health scare a few months ago. And also the health of my family and friends. I am thankful also FOR the family and friends around me. I’m thankful that we are able to buy a good meal for the holiday, and be inside a warm house with good food and fun.

    I am thankful for the charities and Churches that support everyone as much as they can. I support charities and animal rescue organizations directly. And am pleased with the care they provide for the people and animals in need.

  2. yardman says:

    Thankfull for my family. And that I get to spend some time with my kids this week since they will be home from college. Thankfull for my job and I have a roof over my head. Thankfull for my wife who I love very much.

  3. oma says:

    Thankful that God opens windows when doors are closed. for family and friends, for my job, and the wonderful sunset last night God is a great artist

  4. sassy says:

    Thankful for too many blessings to name – just one is living in a conservative corner of a great state that is so protected / land locked that they fly POTUS 3 hours south of here for safety!

  5. Retired teacher says:

    I am so thankful for all of the blessings that God has bestowed upon me and my family. When I go for a walk or ride in the car, I see so much beauty that God has created. I am so thankful for everything! Thanksgiving blessings to all!!

  6. Lyonman says:

    Thankful to have been born and raised in America and NW Iowa. Thankful for my family and my special friends. Thankful for all of God’s blessings in my life.

  7. Shelly says:

    I’m thankful for the 3 NFL games that are on Thanksgiving day.

  8. Mom of 3 says:

    I couldn’t list everything here. I have so many blessings.

  9. ducky says:

    im thankful for my familys health. with an illness in the family, its nice that we arent spending thanksgiving in the emergancy room

  10. Retired teacher says:

    I can’t believe someone would dislike what we are thankful for……………

  11. Lee Ann says:

    I am hoping that the people clicking the dislike button know what it is actually for. It is to show you do not agree with that person.

    Mom of 3 said she couldn’t list them all because she has many blessings. And gets 3 dislikes.

    Retired teacher said she had many blessings and gave God the credit, and got 4 dislikes.

    Lyonman commented about the blessing of being born in the US and in NW Iowa, giving God credit, and got 5 dislikes.

    I don’t get it. There was nothing objectionable about these comments about blessings on Thanksgiving. I can understand on a thread about gay marriage or gay scouts or politics there would be dislikes as well as likes. But for someone to dislike a person’s blessings on a holiday based on blessings?

  12. Retired teacher says:

    Lee Ann….. that’s EXACTLY what I thought. Unreal, isn’t it?

  13. Mom of 3 says:

    It does amaze me that someone would thumbs down other peoples blessings. Maybe they just don’t have any of their own to understand.
    I have a chronically ill child. She is doing quite well right now and feels good. When I say I have too many to list, mostly it is because she isn’t feeling pain, she can breathe today. She was able to get out of bed today etc. Along with the fact I have 2 other wonderful, healthy children, a great extended family…
    Those who can give thumbs down to anyone’s blessings, no matter how big, or small… can’t truly understand what blessings are to someone.

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