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The Music on KIWA FM

Date posted - November 26, 2013

For the love of all that’s right and pure. If I hear anymore disco on this station I will lose it! Unfortunately, it’s not just disco. I challenge all of you out there to listen to each and every song and ask yourself, “How does this fit into the ‘Heart of Rock’?”


Please make it a mission to re-evaluate what is playing on the airwaves. I know I am not the only concerned listener, and as a business owner I am thinking of listening to something different in an effort to regain my sanity.


I love the local news/sports and the content in the morning, and really want to be able to listen to my local radio station all day.



Concerned Listener

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37 Responses to “The Music on KIWA FM”

  1. Retired teacher says:

    The music is A LOT better than listening to Rush Limbaugh!!!!!!!!

  2. tom says:

    Dear Concerned Listener:

    Let me begin by saying thank you for listening. You, and your opinions, are important to us.

    Our objective in programming the music on KIWA-FM is to try and strike a balance between the divergent musical tastes of listeners from their 20’s to their 60’s. As you can imagine, this is often easier said than done. Obviously not everything that we play appeals to every member of our audience all of the time. We ask for your patience, and rest assured that even if we play something you don’t like, something you love is right around the corner.

    I hope this explains why we play what we play.

    Again, thanks for listening.

    Tom Traughber
    Program & Music Director
    KIWA Radio

    • Ducky says:

      >>Not knowing anything about radio
      I do like most of what is on KIWA. I don’t know if it’s the timing I tune into the station or what, but I tend to keep hearing the same songs over and over again. Gotye’s “Just Somebody That I Used to Know” seems to always come one when ever I tune in. This song has been on KIWA for, what, a year now? I love listening to “Chunk and Punk” on my way to my morning classes and most of the music, but several of these songs aren’t even close to rock.

      If I, a regular listener, can offer my opinion, focus on rock from 60s to today’s rock? Beatles to Queen to Korn to Skillet. Rock is a genre that will never die. Today’s kids love their rock and roll as much as their parents love theirs. But please, for all that is sacred, no “tween pop” music. Goyte has got to go! He should just be some artist that we used to know.

    • Commenting says:

      How about adding some contemporary Christian music to your balance?

    • Harriet Oleson Fan Club says:


      While I may not like every song I hear on KIWA, I appreciate that you play a variety of music. I don’t know if some songs are played consistently at certain times of the day. I just know that I would rather listen to your playlist, rather than listening to country all day. For those who like country, KIWA-AM provides you with that outlet of music. It was a very wise move on your part, a few years ago, to change and split formats–rock played on FM, with country played on AM.

      Years ago when I would be “out and about”, I had few other options when listening to music, as KIWA primarily played country music. With the strong signal you send out, it was difficult for me to listen to an alternative station. Now, with the varied format you provide on “the FM dial”, not being able to “pull in” other radio stations is not really a problem. I can enjoy listening to the hometown station, exclusively. Keep up the good work.

    • Not so young but not really old guy says:

      You’re doing a fine job

  3. Vikesrule says:

    I wish KIWA would change their format to Contemporary Christian. Everyone should be listening to positive and encouraging music. When you get south of Sioux City change to KGBI 100.7 they have commercials just like any radio station but they play the Contemporary Christian best and lasted hits.

    • local shopper says:

      I halfway agree with the first post. I like the type of music they play. However, it’s the same songs at the same time of the day. Try to find more of a variety in the rock. It seems like each DJ has his or her favorites.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I wouldn’t mind hearing Christian music on Sunday. But KIWA is a town radio station. And I think KIWA should play music for all the people in town, not just the people liking Christian music. I like most of the music I hear during the day. I even like the younger generation music. Let’s just keep it similar to what it is now. Its good for everyone.

      • Commenting says:

        Is Sunday the only day a Christian is a Christian?

        • Lee Ann says:

          No, but since I don’t really like the music, I think I could listen to it one day a week, just because you would like it. However, there are 24 hour Christian radio stations on the radio that you could listen to. Since this is a town station, they should cater to all likes in music. I don’t like heavy metal or rap, but other than that, I can listen to anything for a period of time.

          • steiner88 says:

            Sunday is not the only day we are Christians but that doesn’t mean we should force our beliefs on others. You want to hear Christian music there’s like 3 or 4 stations in this area just for that!

    • Mae says:

      What? So because you prefer to listen to the whining 40 year old men sing the same lyric over and over, you expect other people should?

      ~A christian that lives off real rock.

      • Peggy says:

        Actually I would rather hear the old songs of the classic singers who are now 70 or older or dead, their songs had lyrics that you could understand. There are no lyrics to the music today, how many songs can you sing along with, knowing the words.

  4. Mom of 3 says:

    I’m OK with the music itself, I’m just irritated with every time I try to post to these forums on my mobile device, I somehow get taken to the super highway.
    I love Wayne as much as anyone, but the superhitech ad is driving me nuts. No matter where I click, I’m taken to the site and lose my post

    • Aaron says:

      You obviously need to go to SuperHiTech and buy a laptop so you won’t have problems with posting from a mobile device.

      • Mom of 3 says:

        Ha, thank you, I have 2 lap tops. I just prefer to use my phone most of the time. I haven’t been on my lap top in a couple months for anything non business.
        Thanks for your advice!

  5. Aaron says:

    I understand that there will be music on KIWA that I don’t enjoy. However, I would like the music selections to stay within the boundaries of “rock”.
    In my opinion “rock” is a big tent – not large enough to include disco or pop, but somehow large enough for Mumford and Sons.

    I’d gladly make the playlist for KIWA but it wouldn’t take long for a thread to start about how Aaron’s playlist is awful and that he plays waaaaay too much Coldplay.

  6. Shelly says:

    If you don’t like it, don’t listen. Not that hard.

  7. Sally says:

    Yes, Shelly…same here. When KIWA switched from country to rock, I quit listening. I do really love their website, though. I check it often to keep up with local news, obits, etc. Each station needs to have their own identity, but rock is not for me.

    • Joanne Boone says:

      I check the news everyday on the website and turn it on at 6am every morning, not comdeming the music, I just don’t like it, but as Shelly says, if you don’t like it don’t listen. I like the morning show.

  8. BusinessOwner says:

    As a business owner I do not have KIWA on during the day because of some of the music played isn’t what I like for my business but I do wake up to it every day and listen to the guys in the morning and check the website every day.

    And to the person who doesn’t listen to Christian music, give it a try, there are some great Christian Rock groups etc. I am one who thought it wasn’t what I would like but I listen to Christian music every day so give it a try and really listen to it! I would love to hear a good Christian Rock song on KIWA off and on especially with KIWA having things on with Rise Ministries.

    I am sure with this posting KIWA will look at what they are playing etc. and I bet we see some changes in the future as we all learn from our customers/listeners – I sure do!

  9. Jay says:

    KIWA, please, DO NOT play Christian music. Not everyone is Christian. Not everyone believes in God. And you know what? That’s okay. It’s okay for people to believe whatever they would like. Please don’t ruin your identity by playing Christian music… there is Christian radio for a reason. If you don’t like that, buy some Christian CDs.

    • JR says:

      Why is it that we as Christians always have to put our faith aside to make non-believers happy and not rock their boats. Believe what you want, but Christian music would certainly not ruin KIWA’s identity!

      • steiner88 says:

        I am Christian too but there are several music stations specifically for Christian music. We aren’t catering to the beliefs of others for having those stations! There are also a million other country radio stations out there. I think that KIWA radio could focus more on rock and less on pop and disco but otherwise I think they do just fine. My main gripe is why do we have to listen to basketball or football games or NASCAR on the radio! That’s what we have TVs for. If I turn on the radio I want to hear music for goodness sakes!!

        • Lisa says:

          Please don’t suggest that athletics or NASCAR should be “watched” & not listened to, here’s some food for thought. Some people are homebound. They may listen to a game to follow their grandchildren participating in athletics. Some people KIWA radio live-stream to hear local athletics because they are hundreds or even thousands of miles away. I know that there are former NW Iowans who use live stream in order to keep up with the athletics of their respective high schools. Additionally, thanks to KIWA & other radios we still have a FREE venue to listen to these things. Some households do not have cable access to watch NASCAR so they tune into the radio. Even if you do have cable access, you cannot watch local high school athletics on TV. There are many reasons to choose radio over television & I think KIWA is doing fine job. Like many, there are some songs I don’t care for but, by-in-large, it’s never been enough for me to stop listening.

      • Jon says:

        I would submit to you that there are several stations in the area that are devoted to Christian music, all of them quite fine. I love that KIWA is committed to broadcasting area church services on Sunday and it seems to be a vital part of their mission to be a community radio station. Few stations would do that, particularly if KIWA was owned and run by a larger company. I also appreciate their commitment to local sports coverage. I know that my father, who no longer is able to attend basketball games regularly appreciates being able to listen to games from the comfort of home. As a younger-ish adult, I greatly appreciated the format change when it occurred, and I like that they play a wide variety of music. The eclectic mix of music makes listening enjoyable. Keep it up!

  10. Business Owner ll says:

    It’s kind of like the music in church. Some people like the Hymns and some like more contemporary. To find the right mix is easier said than done. Hats off to KIWA for even allowing this post. It shows they are truly listening.

  11. Mom says:

    I am a Christian. I love my God!
    But I do not like Christian music much. I can’t say I would like any kind of music that is focused on just one topic.

    • Joanne says:

      If you don’t like KIWA music, subscribe to Statalite Radio and you can listen to any music you want, then our local radio station will eventualy be off the air.You won’t get the news and everything else they post on the website.

    • Atheist Citizen says:

      I can’t stand most Christian sings. Most of the singers are OK at best. But I don’t mind actual christian MUSICIANS. Musicians write their own music, but most Christian singers take the same 25 popular Christian songs and slightly change the tempo or the instrumentals.

      GASP! What! An Atheist talking about Christian music? Oh, how dare he!?

  12. Not so young but not really old guy says:

    How about an hour each week where local bands are played. I lived in a town where a rock station did that; I think they called it “The Home Brew.” The commercials were original too. Example: “Turn in Sunday @ 8PM for a weekly pint of the home brew.” Just an idea.

  13. old fan says:

    All these comments remind me when I worked for a very well known company, the company had there rules and standards, if you wanted to work there you did your job the way they wanted you to and got promoted, if you didn’t like it, quit, didn’t try to change it. The same way with KIWA, you own it, so you set the rules.

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