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Tips from a semi driver!

Date posted - December 3, 2012

Driving Tip… When turning , look left then right then left again. Your vehicle weighs an average of 4000# to 12000# depending on what you drive. Ours weighs on average 30000# empty and 80000# loaded.




Please use common sense and look again before you pull out in front of a semi.




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5 Responses to “Tips from a semi driver!”

  1. Chuck says:

    Tip from a regular driver: Stay out of the passing lane. We just love following 2 semi’s on the interstate while they drive side by side 10mph under the speed limit for 20 miles at a crack.

    • Tim says:

      Hey Chuck, I agree, but everyone should get over, the passing lane is called that for a reason, it is a “passing” lane. oh, by the way, It seems to me that most trucks like to travel faster than most cars, just ask my windshield in the rain or snow. LOL

    • Dave says:

      Generally in my experience, “Professional” truck drivers are the best/most polite drivers on the road. They aren’t getting upset because they have to deal with traffic. They try to move over to allow vehicles to merge into trafic.
      I would say that the most rude truck drivers I have encountered are the farm drivers and the livestock haulers. The most professional are those that travel across the country.
      And don’t be mad because they are going a few miles slower than the speed limit. They generally get paid by the mile, so it is in thier best interest to go as fast as they can. Sometimes the load just won’t allow them to go faster, yet if you go 1 mph faster than the other truck, you are going to try to pass them so you can keep what little speed you have.
      Besides if you are in such a hurry that traffic irritates you, you should leave earlier!

      • kent says:

        As a driver I cannot tell how many times a car has almost caused a serious accident. We are trained in defensive driving. Having said that 93% of fatal accidents involving a car and truck are caused by the car. These are statistics of the federal gov. Chuck at the end of the day only one thing matters the larger vehicle always wins. The cemetarys are full of people who had the right of way. Please give us ample space. Thanks

  2. Lee Ann says:

    My hat is off to professional truck drivers. I drove a semi two blocks. I was extremely nervous, and the real driver sat next to me and laughed and laughed. its not like driving a car, that’s for sure.

    Especially to drive through horrible weather, lots of traffic, cities, etc. I admire them greatly.

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