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Tree Dump Site

Date posted - April 25, 2014

Made a trip to the tree dump site last evening with a load of branches. People PLEASE quit dumping you garbage out there. I need that place to get rid of downed branches and what do I see: old couches,leftover wood working projects,and bags of garbage. I fear the city will shut it down if this action continues.

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5 Responses to “Tree Dump Site”

  1. Rainbow says:

    I agree, also please secure your tree branches when transporting. We live on route to tree dump and many times the branches are in our yard for us to pick up and take to tree dump. Let’s be thoughtful!

  2. Joe says:

    Maybe the city should look at installing a couple cameras out there to catch those who are dumping stuff other than trees. Then send the violators a nice bill for cleaning up their trash and a fine with a picture of them dumping it.

  3. biker says:

    Yes is a disgrace. Although I have been blamed for dumping cement block and flower pots off – why because with my trailer I was borrowing, it was to long to back up and manuver around so I dump my branches, went all the way around, stopped for someone, then proceeded again only to be bumper to bumper with an aged women who is cares much about mother earth and she went off on me for dumping illegal stuff when all I did was simply take the long route due to my friends trailer I had. But if it burns?? Pallets? I see them all the time. Left over 2×4’s, branches, scrap lumber from someones decking project? Is that permitted? The city burns most of it and some of it gets chipped inito mulch and that thing grinds everything.

    • Overlooker says:

      I dont think the city burns much of it anymore. Last I knew a company was coming in and shreadding the branches. Lets not take forgranted that this is a benefit to the people of Sheldon and not a right (Like a cell phone). Please stop dumping crap out there that doesn’t belong! Don’t screw it up for those of us that use it correctly. It is a tree dump. Don’t dump it there if it is not a wood part of a tree. The only way to enforce this is citizen patrol, so lets help and keep an eye out for illegal dumpers.

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