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Tree Dump and Bug Spraying

Date posted - June 3, 2013

Please be kind. For those of us who reside on the route to Sheldon’s tree dump, we would appreciate your taking a moment to secure your loads. Many times there are large branches, shrubs and other debris that has fallen off your vehicles. We are then forced to picked up all that debris and haul it to the tree dump.  Your consideration would be appreciated.

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19 Responses to “Tree Dump and Bug Spraying”

  1. biker says:

    I try to help and pick up lost branches but there are times when its a lost cause.

  2. KW. says:

    If the city wants to put cameras to a good use, they need to put some at the tree dump and the leaf dump.
    Anyone seen dropping off mattresses and garbage bags or anything else that is not to be dropped off there need to be heavily fined.
    We are very lucky to have these two places. Also if you see anyone doing it let them know or turn them in.
    If it this continues, the city will end up closing them and that is not fair for the people that play by the rules.

  3. Sunshine says:

    The editorial will not let me post a new title & note so I would like to tell the City Thank You SO much for spraying bugs in town. It is very much appreciated!

    • Lee Ann says:

      Are they spraying bugs yet? I usually complain about the chemicals being spread throughout our city, and I dont like that. However, today the mosquitos and flies are overwhelming. I am sitting outside and I just killed 5 mosquitoes on my one arm! They are dive bombing me as I type. So thank you Sheldon, for spraying. I hope you start soon. I haven’t seen them yet.

    • Harriet Oleson Fan Club says:

      It is nice to keep the bug population down since we have had all of this rain.
      However, I was wondering if the city ever posts on KIWA or prints in the Mail-Sun when they will be spraying. I would be nice to know ahead of time, so that citizens of Sheldon can take cover when it comes around. Can’t imagine that breathing in the fumes from the “Agent Orange-mobile” can be good for your health.

      • Lee Ann says:

        I often wonder about the poor guys that are driving the bugmobile around town. I usually hear that little buzzing sound when they are within a block or two. So I usually go in. Just like with chemicals for the lawn, I have two dogs and I hate to have them out on the lawn after the chemicals have been put down. But the directions say as long as the dust has settled. This is the worst year for mosquitoes in the ten years I’ve been here.

        • KW. says:

          I can assure you that the chemical being used is very safe for humans. It is made from the sap of a tree. The only person that knows when they sprayer in going to be in town is the company doing the spraying and they don’t know until just before they show up. It is all controlled by the wind speed and weather forecast. It don’t matter if you don’t see the fog going across your property because they also use a plain to cover Sheldon which mean even if you don’t see a fog the chemical is in the air and doing its job. A couple things you can do to help yourself out is to make sure you have no standing water anywhere and keep the weeds and grass mowed.

          • Old Sheldon Resident says:

            Hey, KW, do you mean “plane” ? And you are correct, the spraying is certainly helpful to keep the bug population in check. Thank you Sheldon.

      • Summer says:

        Yes, They have sprayed or I wouldn’t be Thanking them. I have always heard them do it later in the evening. I think if the chemicals were that bad for us they wouldn’t do it. Otherwise people will complain about the bugs & the diseases they carry. So PLEASE don’t complain. It was simply letting the City know I am Thankful that they spray.

        • Old Sheldon Resident says:

          It is a good project that the City sprays for bugs. However, we live on the wrong side of the street, even though the spray goes straight out the back it floats to the North side of the street and our South side does not receive the effect of the spray. The mosquitoes are huge and plentiful in our back yard. We would like to have the sprayer aim the spray directly to the South side of he street so at least our front yard receives some effect.

      • Harriet Oleson says:

        Back in Walnut Grove we didn’t worry about the flies and mosquitoes so much. We were just glad to be able to leave our windows open after a long cold autumn, winter and spring. We thought a few scratchy bites was a small price to pay for enjoying the summer weather. Plus you could always pick up a bottle of calomine lotion at Oleson’s Mercantile.

  4. Me says:

    The bug spraying missed our place also. Kids can’t even play outside during the day.

  5. Summer says:

    Old Sheldon & Me,
    If it were me, I would spray it myself then. I wouldn’t complain about anything the City does to try to help out.

  6. Mom of Teens says:

    When they go on our street they go up one side, then down the other , same on every block, our back yard gets covered from the next block. Heck I am just thankful they are doing it. Skittoooos are horrible this year!

    • Lee Ann says:

      I like to sit outside on the patio when my dogs are out. The skeeters are trying to carry me away. My grandson says they have sprayed in their part of town. I hope they get my street soon. Because while I’m out mowing, the skeeters are following me up and down the yard. They’re bad this year!

      • tom says:

        You know they’re bad when you can feel the rotor wash from their wings, and you hear one mosquito ask the other, “Should we eat him here, or take him home?”

        • Lee Ann says:

          Have you read about the mega mosquitoes they have now in Florida? They are actually the size of a quarter. And they don’t wait for dawn or dusk to feed, they do it all day long. Thankfully they will hopefully never get this far north because of the weather patterns. When I read about them, I started to appreciate these little blood suckers we have here.

  7. meets says:

    Chemicals are just that. A controlled substance. When those that spray yards etc where gloves mixing, maybe boots, a face shield and when you read the sign they post – all signs say keep pets off for 24 hours and possible water too. Well when that fog is vaporized into the air – I get my kids inside and shut the windows. Its still a chemical. Yes I get my yard sprayed/fertilzied by a local gentlemen here in town ( 4step program) and I dont have pets and if no rain in the 1-2 day forecast then yes I will try to water. Bottom line is though money well spent for sheldon!

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