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Vehicle Turn Signal

Date posted - March 14, 2014

Have noticed while driving in Sheldon how many people fail to use their turn signals or apply turn signals when they are all ready turning.


Since vehicles except some farm vehicles on the roads contain turn signals, wouldn’t it be nice to use them! Just a thought.



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9 Responses to “Vehicle Turn Signal”

  1. Sioux County resident says:

    Maybe they are out of blinker fluid…

    But I agree. Traffic could flow more smoothly if we would use blinkers all the time.

    • taximan says:

      I know and it gets worse all the time. I’m starting to think that everyone should have to take a short driving test with a licensed examiner to prove that they know how to use turn signals and how to properly stop at a stop sign. I’m a little scared every time I have to drive somewhere.

  2. Johnboy says:

    Along with that there are those people who like to pull out in front of others only to turn a block later…..usually there is no one behind the person they pulled out in front of and don’t get me started on the stupid 3 lane.

  3. Biker says:

    I agree. Tuning towards people’s bank, onto country club, taco johns area or the opposite side. It’s awful. Or waiting at McDonald’s and traffice coming from the west seem to forget about the thing on there steering volume(signal) and then last minute decide to turn towards taco johns area but yet we all waiting for a chance to get across the hiway. Yes people need to know or understand how to drive. Cars now days have everything else in them and last I checked all new cars still come equipped with turn lights.

  4. Sally says:

    Agreed, agreed, agreed!!!!!! The whole 3 lane thing thru Sheldon makes me so frustrated. And, yes, people don’t use turn signals as they should. I have a whole new hatred…sorry, should use the word “dislike” instead…for driving thru Sheldon now since they redid the roads. I can NEVER understand when a town goes thru the work and expense of ‘improving’ streets/roads, and it seems as if they digress to slower and more cumbersome results when they’re finished.


  5. willy pedro says:

    Im not home much but the waythe way of the traffic flow from about HYVEE whew ya don’t know what to expect!

  6. speedy says:

    yea,, I agree with all that’s been said so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    however courtesy and common sense are things of the past

  7. Clover says:

    Hey, It’s hard to use the turn signals when you have one hand holding your phone and the other holding your fries. Seriously though, if people would concentrate on their driving, including using turn signals, we would all be much safer.

  8. LazloTu says:

    I’m sure it’s difficult to adapt (for some) to ‘rules of the road’. Maybe it’s time for locals to catch up with basics.
    I find the recent configuration a solution to congestion. Give it a chance, and give it a try.

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