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What does Sheldon need?

Date posted - November 18, 2012

After reading these posts…what does Sheldon need?


— Jeff

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57 Responses to “What does Sheldon need?”

  1. Shldn31 says:

    1. More industries paying good wages
    2. A Truckstop where all those big trucks traveling through can easily fill up
    3. More hotels and fast food restaruants by the bypass
    4. Walmart
    5. Better zoning

    • Hoping says:

      I agree with the suggestions, but what about a Target? There are Walmarts in many local towns, but there are less Targets.

      • Shldn31 says:

        Target would never even consider locating a store in a little market like Sheldon. A full sized Shopko would be nice, but since they spent the money to change the old Pamida into a Shopko, there is pretty much no chance of them building a new store here. As much as I don’t like Walmart, it’s our only hope of getting some real retail with lots of inventory right here in Sheldon.

        • Lee Ann says:

          In Chadron Nebraska, a Walmart Supercenter went in and everyone was thrilled. they had low prices, lots of parking, one stop shopping. After all of the Mom and Pop businesses went out of business in town, Walmart raised their prices 17% across the board. They then had no more competition.

          I would rather support our small town stores. I buy as much as I can in Sheldon, I go to Walmart or Target maybe once or twice a year. I would rather have Walmart at a distance, Sioux Center is close enough for me.

        • Dave Popkes says:

          What is wrong with the businesses that we have already, more support and sales that they get the bigger lots they could get, hence cheaper prices.

          • Chris says:

            hey dave guess what i can drive to sioux center to walmart and buy stuff so much cheaper there and it is the same exact thing that i could purchase from sheldon bussinesses and i only have one stop not ten. my savings cover my gas and then some. so sheldon is not a money saver.

  2. Red says:

    What Sheldon needs is a city council that is not afraid to bring in other businesses that will compete with theirs.

    Current businesses needed to lower their prices to keep their customer base local.

    Wal-Mart is a bad idea. They are infamous for keeping their prices low until all the local mom and pops are gone. Then they raise their prices.

    • Di Roetman says:

      I agree that Sheldon needs more retail and industrial businesses. Maybe instead of trying to enhance the beauty of downdown, the City of Sheldon, should offer LOW interest loans for individuals to open a retail store in one of the empty buildings downtown. What is the point of being attractive if you have nothing to go to! I also agree that the Trucking industry has no where to eat or fill up in Sheldon, trucks may wear and tear on the roads and parking lots, but without the trucking industry, we would not have products or fuel brought to Sheldon. We need a place for large trucks to spend their dollars here in Sheldon, look at Sibley, they designed a great area just off the bypass to provide service to the trucking industry.

      • Joe says:

        Give Sibley time….they will kill that business just like they do everyother business in town.

      • Lee Ann says:

        We need a good restaurant out by the highway, such as an IHOP or Denny’s. like a coffee shop with good dinners too. Los Tulipanes is packed most nights, because they just don’t have a lot of restaurants out that way. I would certainly go out to dinner, but I get tired of Mexican food and Pizza Ranch.

        Sheldon needs to wine and dine some big industries, and give them cheap taxes for 5 or 10 years to draw them in. I also mentioned to one of the council members, why don’t we try to get a few wind towers here, with grant money so our electricity would be cheap forever. Those wind towers are expensive, but if we could run our electricity off of them, it ‘d be worth it in the long run.

      • Dave Popkes says:

        Trucking is very important to me, and I will continue ,as will others to try to get a truck stop in Sheldon, as I have been doing in the past. There are incentives in place to do just that, but it is difficult to get anyone to do it.
        Also if you have a dilapidated downtown, no business will look at us, and there are also incentives in place for business startups, but if community does not support the town it is hard for a new business to start up even with low interest loans.

        • Tim says:

          I appreciate your willingness to work for a truck stop, but the city has poured so much money in “consultant” fees for this sports, camping, fishing area, (and if it gets any dryer the little pond will dry up) park area, how much has the city done to attract any truck stop into this town? If that is going to be something the city really wants, they best get it right!! Maybe they have done this, but why not contact some major truck stops that really know how to run them, ie. Loves, Travel Center of America, Pilot…etc. They seem to know how and what a trucker wants.

  3. iceman says:

    We don’t want Walmart. But how about a new full size Shopko with actaul inventory. The bypass would be a great place to start a new building. We have some nice restaurants, but young couples make decisions on where to buy formula and diapers and spend another $100…and it’s NOT here.

  4. Greg says:

    We definately need an area off the bypass for all those big trucks. We need those drivers filling up and spending their money here, not in Sibley.

    We definately need to come up with some plans to attract new high paying industries to Sheldon. We need to offer some incentives and be competitive with all our neighboring towns.

    We definately need more retail options in this town. Maybe they should take that 1.5 million dollars and use it to purchase some land to develop as a new commercial center. How about attracting tenants like a Walmart, Petco or Petsmart, Office Depot or Staples, an electronics store, a home fashions store, and maybe a few clothing stores. How about an outlet center?

    We definately need more oganized planning when it comes to zoning. Sheldon Crossing was our big chance to do it up right, but seems we got a big mess out there.

  5. Red says:

    Menards would be a great asset to the community.

  6. concerned says:

    what we dont need is to spend all that money on making the down town look good that is only a bandaid. Spend that money on something that will bring business or create business.

  7. Aaron the Longwinded says:

    What retail shops do you want in town? “If only we had an office supply store than could get anything we needed. If only we had a store that you could purchase clothes. Oh, and a store that could get you any electronic devise you wanted!” Oh wait, we have those here in town already, but we won’t go shop there because they are too expensive. Really? You’ve been there lately to check?

    Did we start going to Walmart because they offered things we couldn’t get locally anymore? Or are items no longer offered locally because everyone goes to Walmart? We think we save so much money going to Walmart and to Menards. Do you think about all the extra expenses incurred when you drive to Sioux City? The mileage and the meal you purchase while you are there, not to mention the extra non-essentials you purchase because “it was on sale.” My guess is the evidence for all the savings by driving 70 miles is purely anecdotal and if we really dug deep to find what we saved, it would be very little.

    I’m going to wager a guess that no one posting on here has ever been on the city council or helped out the local chamber with their activities. Serve a little time on the Council or at the Chamber and you would have a new appreciation and knowledge for how things really work.

    We talk about needing more jobs available in Sheldon. Rosenboom (RMT) has been begging people to come to work for them for months now – great pay and awesome benefits, what more do we want? They have a huge work load, but not enough workers and yet we talk on here that if we just brought another industry to town it would fix everything. Industry won’t come if there aren’t enough workers for the existing jobs in town.

    I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I do have one answer – Start purchasing what you need in town. If we all did that, things could really turn around very quickly.

    Please forgive me for the length of this post. I am very passionate about keeping things local. Thanks for reading!

    • Rainbow 265 says:

      I had a moment to read some responsives and I would like to further say, yes Sheldon has some retail, but it is very hard to find many products that a person wants and especially reasonable price if they do have.Take for example Christmas shopping, when you have alot teenage grandchildren and a budget, you need to look for the best deal. I would love to shop in town, but the selection is so limited for teenager likes,that I spend the gas and time to run into town only to find what I had hoped to get wasn’t even available in the area stores. Then I go home and order online, have it delivered to my home and no fustration! Maybe this isn’t the way to handle things, but if you don’t get what you wanted to and settle for a substitute chances are you will end up returning. Aside from shopko, there isn’t much for teenager clothes. If you want crafty or collectibles, yes Sheldon has that, but how much of that stuff does one buy, Many of our town stores have sites online with much more product available. If a person has ever lived in a larger city, you just get use to the shopping options and you get what you wanted to get, you don’t settle for a substitute. It would be nice to spend a day shopping with lots of choices in Sheldon, but I can go thru all the stores downtown in the AM and still have time to cook lunch!

    • dg says:

      well read your comment an it’s typical of a person who is old money or thinks sheldon is a place that can do no wrong-but it is-why shop in a town that has higher prices on everthing when you can spend that high price gas you just bought in sheldon an spend time in a city where you can enjoy an buy different things at lower prices ,an as for savings,lower your prices,i pretty sure we all went to school an know about how things are for jobs if i remember right rmt is locally own an had a massive lay off,an they did it in a unprofessional now they want workers,small towns know how people are treated-thats a warnings to places of business-an no i never worked there ,anyway this town could be a outstanding place to shop an live but all rental is own buy hand full of people an your council just won’t or has lost all interested in going foward in progressing,bottom line is the old money will win

      • Brian says:

        RMT laid off people in an unprofessional way? Please explain.. The reason they can’t fill their openings is because people don’t want to work. It’s a real blue collar job and that seems to be too much for many.. They’d rather live off unemployment or the Govt.. than be part of the real backbone of America,, the blue collars. RMT has enabled their employees to buy homes, vehicles, take vacations etc for many families for many years. I don’t see that as a bad thing.. If you’ve never worked there,, you have no right to bash them.

        • dg says:

          wow brian you really let me have it on this one bet a saw buck you either work for the company or have ties with it,like i said before small town secrets never stay secret,we all know about the in’s an outs of what go’s on around sheldon,on the whole it’s a job-to build a furture on this job look at the turn over rate an the incentive to stay there an be a productive worker,as for people not wanting to work,your right an wrong ,treat your workers as part of the company you got it made,the other way,they will leave in a heartbeat,don’t really like unions but if we all have one like the teachers an police things might chg alittle in town.

        • Lee Ann says:

          “People don’t want to work”????? Where did you get that idea? When RMT was smaller, before they bought the big Kentucky or Tennessee or wherever plant, they gave out profit sharing checks, they were a good company to work for. Now you can’t get a vacation day, and if you don’t use them before the end of the year, you lose them. They believe they are the only big business in town, so they can do things whichever way they want. RMT needs to appreciate its workers a bit more, they need a good sized competition for workers here in town. They need more big industrial businesses, Caterpillar, some of those type companies. More industry, means more homes, stores, jobs, improvements ins chools, etc. If we don’t grow, we will die out. My family comes from Woonsocket, SD, they have almost nothing left there. Everybody has moved on.

          • Jerry says:

            Check the facts before you post because you’re wrong..I know for fact that they do receive bonuses every month based on profits,, and people do not lose vacay time at the end of the year,, it goes by their start date and they have 1 year to use it.

        • Max says:

          I have worked at RTM in the past and the reason they can’t fill their opening is because they expect their employees to work 60 hour weeks. 60 hour weeks are hard on family life, because most people are so tired from working 10 hours days or more in a factory day after day. When you get home you are so tired you don’t want to interact with your family so your quality of life goes down a great deal. The money you make at RMT is just not worth it. The divorce rate at RMT is very high.

        • Amy says:

          I have been trying to get a job with RMT for the last year and they will not hire me… I have a great work record and I want to work full time… I know of 4 other people that have applied there and didnt get hired either and why not we all have great work records..

    • Dave says:

      Buying local works when the local businesses actually provide what the people want.
      I want lots of choices, & low prices.
      I want extended hours to get my oil changed where I can drive up on Saturday afternoon and have it changed and be out in 1/2 hour.
      I want to go to a lumberyard that has items in stock so I can look at it before I buy it.
      I think you get the picture…
      In larger cities, businesses compete for the customers – banks are open longer, mechanics work on weekends etc… In smaller towns, there is maybe only one lumberyard and it may close on Saturdays during the winter. It always is blamed on the consumer for not supporting the local business, but guess what – it isn’t our job to keep the business open. It’s the business owners job to run thier business in a way that will make customers want to buy from it. That can happen in a number of ways. Case in point – RMT – if they only sold locally, I am sure they would go out of business very quickly – because they found a way to market their business worldwide, they are a growing company.
      Meet the needs/wants of a customer and your business will grow. Ignore the customer and they will ignore your business.

    • Dude says:

      Sorry, but the work atmosphere at RMT is what keeps workers away. Great pay? Questionable. Good benefits, Yes.

  8. Jon says:

    While I agree that we need to find a way to attract industries with good paying jobs to Sheldon and would benefit in attracting retail like a full-scale Shopko, Walmart or Target (though the last would be unlikely – Target tends to avoid small markets) that would allow residents to keep retail dollars in town and attract a larger base from outside the community, I don’t think that we should do this instead of having a quality downtown area. The downtown infrastructure is important and caring about the small businesses in the central downtown and yes, even how it looks is necessary. I would challenge you to look at the downtown areas in communities like Orange City and Spencer in this area, and communities like Decorah, Pella, and Osage. These communities have spent a large amount of money in making their downtown areas more attractive places to shop, and in large part, they have been successful not only in making it look better, but also have improved the businesses and office spaces around their central downtown area. Sheldon’s downtown is in dire need of improvements that make it easier and more attractive to shop and work there. The curbs are too high for older residents in many areas of the downtown and the overall infrastructure of sewers and utilities are crumbling. This is a need.

  9. Scotty says:

    We definately need more retail. Instead of investing a bunch of money into an old and decaying downtown, we should should definately try to start a totally new area where we could have a nice commercial development. Lets try to attract stores like Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Menards, Gordman’s, Office Depot, Best Buy, Petsmart, etc.. I know Sheldon’s retail market is probably too small for full size stores, but many of these companies have smaller prototype stores that might fit well in Sheldon. How about adding a Walgreens, sporting goods store, and maybe one or two national chain restaurants. We could have an area for big box stores, and we could also have a section with a town center for smaller stores. If you watch what trucks are passing down our highways, many of these stores already have trucks passing through Sheldon anyway. Has anybody from the city actually tried to recruit any of these stores. It wouldn’t hurt to ask them to take a look at our city, and offer them some incentives to come here.

    I agree we definately need to offer truckers a place to fill up in Sheldon. We definately need a truck plaza with lots of room to fill up or park their rigs for the night. Again, has anybody from the city contacted Flying J, Pilot, or any other national truck stop companies?

    Whatever we add to Sheldon, it needs to be done with better planning and zoning so it doesn’t end up to be another messy part of our city. Lets come up with some design standards so we don’t have our streets lined with a bunch of morton buildings that will look like junk in just a few years.

  10. Tim says:

    On the positive, I was in downtown Sheldon this morning, Monday on top of that, I could not find a parking space on either down town street. Now I think that is good!!!
    On the other hand, I seem to remember someplace I read that this downtown improvement project is going to be billed to the businesses downtown on a running foot basis. Going to cost them a pretty penny, now how do you suppose they will recoup that? Did our city fathers do that with all the development outside of downtown? I don’t know, it is a question?

    • Lisa says:

      Parking is sometimes a problem but, I have noticed a “few” business owners parking in front or the side of there business. I would think that they would want those spots for customers. I get frustrated when I can’t find a parking space and see those vehicles when I could be parking. Then I feel like they really don’t want my business.

  11. jay miller says:

    we need really good rental property and codes to make sure they are liveable!

    • Rainbow says:

      I agree in affordable rentals but as to installing more codes, we already have Federal and State Codes. To establish City codes would increase your rent or the landlord may just decide not to maintain the property rental and vacate or even tear down. This would leave less rentals in the area. What we need is less greed by landlords, tenants who respect their rentals, pay their rent on time and a common goal between renter and landlord to maintain the property. If a tenate doesn’t have a residence that is livable you also have a choice to contact the health dept. in your area.Chances are something would get done.

  12. jeff says:

    sheldon needs alot. First: We need to work together. Council men have an agenda and they stick with it to better themselves. Second: SCDC and City of Sheldon need to be on the same page. Not work against each other. When was the last time you seen sioux center, orange city, rock valley being in the real estate business. First hand experience here – I looked at a place to relocate our business, was told by SCDC that this lot was spoken for, outside investor and going to be great! Well as of two weeks ago he let his option expire. It is now on the market again. But when I discuss an option to hold it for 3-6 months to line up financing, planning, etc, nope, I am told its either Do or Don’t. Go talk to the City and they have no idea, I am told you need to talk to the SCDC. Third – everything being equal. I recently spoke with a council man from sioux center, I asked him how do you guys do it here in town (sioux center) he told well you and I may not like each other, this deal my benfit you more than me, but behind closed doors its business. The big picture is not you or me benefiting from this, its our families, our children, grandchildren, the community, churches, schools, and businesses. He went on to say bottom line were not P&SSING around with sidewalks. I had to laugh at that comment. Fourth yes zoning or planning needs work. The street off of the hyway by the stop lights going to the high school – what a dumb idea that was. The curved street out by Chase lumber, not a wise choice. The turn around thing out by holiday inn, its ok but really not a thoughtful plan to future developement out there. Is walmart needed – I dont think so. I do know with a rail, the bypass, hwy 18 intersecting, PRIME PRIME PRIME area for the city to work with, develope, and attract something. But before all that – we need to think about HOME, our current citizens, the people that live in this community, you and I!

  13. sam says:

    Jeff speaks of the area to the west of HyVee. There is always a reason for the city not to want a landscaping business in some areas of the city. They have large piles of dirt, rock, gravel, sand, lots of equipment parked. There were pots rolling around by the greenhouse and understand why the city doesn’t want a landscaping business just anywhere. Try to be understanding, Jeff. Landscaping businesses have their place. We are used to the appearance of Sheldon so we don’t see it like a newcomer does. It does need to be fixed up. The cities that I enjoy going to are attractive – New Ulm, Orange City. Next time you come into town take a good look around. Not pretty!

  14. kris says:

    1. Truck Stop…Close to a bypass exit with easy access for trucks
    2. Walmart or a larger Shopko
    3. New Apartments….a real apartment complex with amenities
    4. A New Retail Development to attract national retail stores
    5. Affordable New Construction Housing
    6. A City Wide, Low-Cost Beautification Plan
    7. Applebees, Chilis, Ruby Tuesdays, or even a Denny’s or IHOP
    8. A Progressive City Council
    9. Better Zoning…no more mixing industrial and commerical with residential
    10. Lets End Sheldon Celebration Days/Come up with something not so generic

  15. Jeff says:

    Not sure who Jeff here you Are referring too. Landscaping business would be a nice addition to this town. I think there is a “Jeff” that owns or operators ones in town. Same names, wrong person I think.

  16. Marie says:

    Sheldon also needs a decent place for retired people to live. Autumn Park used to be for retired people and disabled people but now it seems like anyone can live there.I know there is assistant living but a lot of these people can live on their own yet and would like to socialize with others but sometimes the social room gets taken over by a few and makes it uncomfortable for the ones who have been there for years.

  17. Shelly says:

    The number one thing Sheldon needs is…. MORE RETAIL!!! Remember when people who lived in towns like Sioux Center, Orange City, Alton, Rock Valley, Sibley, Sanborn, Hartley, Paulina, and Primghar bought most of their clothes, shoes, school supplies, and household goods right here in Sheldon? Unless they went to Sioux City or Sioux Falls, Sheldon was their shopping destination. Once again, Sheldon could become the regional shopping destination, but in order for that to happen, we need a large area in our city designated for new retail development. I would love to see downtown fill back up and be vibrant again just like everyone else, but if we are going to be realistic, we know that even with a million plus dollar beautification, our downtown is never going to attract the stores we really want. Big name stores are going to want to open in new buildings, not in our small, 100+ year old downtown buildings that may have leaky roofs, structural problems, outdated electric and plumbing, and old furnaces and AC’s. If we want our town to prosper and not dry up, we need to develop a new, large retail area and then hire a marketing person who knows how to recruit national chain stores. With new retail comes new jobs, population growth, and new tax revenues.

  18. dj says:

    We Christmas decoration on the perimeter of town that work…we spent all that money on those lights and you can’t even see them until you are right up to them. They are nice decorations but the lights are pathetic.

    • dj says:

      I’m with you Lisa on the store workers parking in consumers spaces. Many yrs ago when I worked for a retailer uptown we HAD to park in the city parking lot it was not even an option to park on the city street
      Also the City needs to step in the Landlords keeping the homes and yards clean. We have 3 houses on our street that never get mowed or leaves raked and why would you need to scoop if the snow sits there long enough it flattens as ppl walk or drive over it. Being a home owner or landlord is something you should take pride in or hire a lawn service to do it for you…ok enough said for today

    • NN says:

      Spell Check-Grammar!!

  19. Helen says:

    I think a Full size Shopko, Target, or Walmart will deplete the little businesses in the area. Its annoying having to drive an hour any way to go to a walmart, but it’s ok because the little man in the area are not going to go out of business, like Ben Franklin, Fareway, Christian Bookstore, etc.

  20. Lee Ann says:

    If we get any big box store in Sheldon, the small businesses will die out. A Target or a Walmart would be nice and handy. But other than paying lousy wages to people only getting 8 to 12 hours a week, all the profits will go out of town to corporate headquarters. If stores are local, the profits will be spent here in town. Even Target, that I have worked for and enjoyed working for, gives health insurance after being on full time for over a year. And its not great insurance. And turnover is so high, I doubt anybody ever gets health insurance. And Target, at least, allows people to work 40 hours a week. Walmart usually does not. Because they don’t want to pay for health insurance.

    We need to encourage big industry to come here. A few good restaurants, and the businesses will fill in to take care of the population. If there’s a demand, someone will fill it.

    • Red says:

      Big industry but not big retail. Very interesting concept. Makes sense.

      • Lee Ann says:

        Big industry will be what pulls people in to living in town. And after the population increases, small business will be attracted to town because of the new (and old) people here. The schools will need to grow, and it will generate money all over town. We can’t grow the businesses until we have the customers handy. Nobody wants to put in a retail store if they have a low customer base. I think growth is a cycle. the town starts to grow, the business catches up, which helps the town grow some more.

    • Shelly says:

      Just because you shop at a local small business doesn’t mean that money will stay right here in Sheldon. I think someone already mentioned how many of Sheldon’s retail store owners do their shopping out of town. Plus, if I had to guess, none of Sheldon’s small businesses pay much and would have to say that big name stores probably pay better and have better insurance than the mom and pop stores here. We need big retail and big industry here.

  21. Jeff says:

    Christmas decor is here in town but pathic. Bad lighting. Poorly lite. Bad choice of lights which means money not spent well. Who makes these decision? And how are these decisions decided upon? Rock valley over thanksgiving, there are nice, vibrant.

  22. TJ says:

    Specialty, specialty, specialty.

    Small business, mom and pop, specialty shops, building from the downtown out are what are going to keep Sheldon moving forward.

    What about…

    a music store? a coffee shop that is open at night as a hang out place for younger people/college-aged people? a bike shop? a sporting goods store? an ice cream shop? a cupcake shop? a brewery? a computer repair shop that caters to the consumer? a men’s clothing store or bring back JCP? a restaurant that has good food at a fair price and it is home-cooked or authentic (I miss Pucci’s)? or any other type of specialty shop?

    We aren’t going to get big retail and frankly, we need to be unique if we want to succeed and NOT sell out to brand-name businesses. Some of the best places I’ve traveled to have the most unique downtown shops and are thriving because these shops cater to the consumer that needs access beyond the 9 to 5.

    • Tim says:

      Just a note…..Sheldon had: A music store, and a bike shop, a downtown coffee shop, with homemade food.
      Sheldon has: a bakery (cupcakes and etc) a computor repair shop, a mens clothing store, a restaurant with good food,(actually a few)
      Sheldon has specialty shops: Watch/clock repair, buisness supply store, travel agency, book store, card and gifts store, hardware store, etc…. take a look at your downtown and actually see how many ‘specialty’ shops are there.
      Sheldon is a small town, It is hard for small town businesses to make it on a small volume. That is why you see the big box or chain stores doing well, they spread out over the whole chain. You will very seldom find a small ‘mom and pop’ unique specialty store succesful in a small town, unless, people actually support them!
      If any thing needs to be asked, it is why sheldon has not grown in 40 years. We stay right at that 5000 give or take a few hundred either way!

      • TJ says:

        Tim – Then why can a town like Cherokee, Orange City, or Grinnell have a thriving downtown district?

        A music store needs to fit the needs of today’s consumers not the ones of old (the old model). A professional who can offer music lessons, a practice space, audio recording equipment, and instrument repair (just to name a few things).

        A bike shop/sporting goods store like Cherokee’s (which actually diversified and are still successful) that provides products and support that caters to the consumers of today. We have a bike trail in town and it is quite nice, maybe the bike shop could rent bikes to visitors so they can use the bike trail…

        A coffee shop that is open later at night and offers a hang out for young adults/teens. Sometimes it is more fun to socialize at a hangout place, rather than your friends’ basement. A place that hosts open mic nights, or local musicians… a place that caters to the consumers of today (who want access to the Internet, a place to socialize, and a place that is open at night).

        A cupcake shop that has better cupcakes than the bakery (no offense to the bakery, but they do better at making donuts and other things). Have you seen cupcake wars or whatever that show is on TLC? I am talking about a place that focuses on catering & specialty cupcakes (which is becoming a booming business — see any recently planned wedding).

        We lost our men’s store and the products provided did not meet the needs of all men. It was hard to shop there as a larger man, especially on a budget. JCP would be a great retail store for downtown, especially since we do not have a quality selection of women’s clothing, either. Even a Maurice’s would be nice; something to cater to young adults/young professionals… are you sensing a trend here?

        Some restaurants have good food, but I think a good ethnic food place (Italian, German, or a Deli) would do well in our downtown district.

        I agree that we have specialty shops, but who are they catering to? That is the issue. The other issue, in which you brought up is an important one… why have we not grown in population for over 40 years? I think developing a thriving downtown, a solid industrial park workforce (which could even venture into tech-related industry), using our location and infrastructure to our advantage, and adequate housing are keys to our success and future growth.

        • Tim says:

          All very good points TJ, I don’t have the answer. When we had some of the specialty shops, they were run by smart people, yet could not attract the business. Or could not loosen the wallets of the local consumer. It is sad that big companies like JCP Clothing have pulled out on small towns. Look at Sears, big company, yet why do you hardly see more than two cars at a time parked out on its parking lot. It seems in this day and age, our purchasing activities have changed. Yes it would be great to have those specialty shops located in the city of sheldon, but, what draws them? Specialty shops of any kind need “bodies” physical “bodies” to walk thru their doors or stop at their counter to buy. It is sad, but for a lot of folks, if they want some “specialty” item they seem to go two places, the internet, or out of town. How you change that mentality, is a million dollar challenge, I don’t think it will change anytime soon.
          The last topic we both touched on, growth in the last 40 years. You are correct we need to use our infrastructure, our location, and our positives, to draw people here. We have such a fantastic school system, (public and private) with so much to offer. We are located on a major highway. so yes we have some very great positives. YET, outsiders sit back and sorta laugh at some of the silly things that our city leaders do. ie…. Sidewalk issues, why would I want that headache, I know of a party in sheldon that was forced to fix a sidewalk that went nowhere. (really invites people to move here). Business expansion: a young lady told me a couple years ago she wanted to start a sports bar out by the bypass, this was shortly after the hotel was built, excellent idea, but wait, the city said no. why? they had other plans out there. I understand Cenex by the by pass had ideas of putting a truck filling station of some sort between the bypass and them, but wait, I understand the city turned that down, is that really true? Then there is the guy that wanted to put a landscape business on the old Schemper property, he was told it would be an eyesore, give me a break, a landscaping business being an eyesore, seems that he would not be in business very long if that was his advertisement. Then there is this downtown development, asking the business to pay a perfoot charge to update the street scape. who do you think in the long run pays that? I also heard of a case where a person wanted to put a business in town, but was discouraged in doing so, why you ask, he said it was b/c there was a certain city council man that had a competing business and it would hurt his business.
          I could go on and on… an outsider looking in to making a move to either relocate here, or start a business, what would convince me?

  23. Jeff says:

    After reading this and re-reading and thinking about the issues at hand all while my travels take me to places such as OC, Sioux Center, Hull, RV, Sibley and think first we need to focus on travel. With that being said we have two great motels that offer a nice place to stay, pool, food, nice, clean etc. What we dont have for those folks is a place to A. Park trucks, RV’s, and pickups with larger trailers. With that group of people comes FUEL!!!!!!!!!! So there – truck stop, parking, etc. We have the room -ie the “sheldon crossings”. I dont understand why we dont offer one, have one or want one. I took the liberity to find out who owned the McDonalds/gas station. This person said to me over the phone that he has on numerous occasions asked about the lot behind McDonalds about a future fueling/parking area. He said the powers that be didn’t want anything of the such. I wonder why? B. A family style sit down eating place. No offense to the ones here in town but I think the location is ripe for one out by Holiday Inn. HAs the marketing committe in town tried or or they too focused on the uptown renovation project to spend a million plus dollars??

    Second bigger retail. Yes we have it now but I am not in favor of a walmart but we need something of the such. A larger GM dealership, a truck dealership, Cat is here and progressing nicely. Not only is this good for me and you but what about bringing people in.

    Third. I understand the town hired a new rec director. Why not utiltize our assets? More terminants! Be this youth leagues, basketball, baseball, soccer etc. Maybe this is done already but we have the places, the fields and I understand the school is workiing with the city in conjunction with new playing fields. This brings people in to spend money on food, gas, maybe (FUEL) maybe stay over night, shop, etc.

    Fourth. A greenhouse/garden center. I think there is one in town that sells flowers in the spring. There is a place to get flowers in town. I think there was a new place this year along the hiway but I think in regards to other towns this would be a great asset to the town. No offense to those I listed above and maybe your adding on or re-doing for next year and no offense to the others in town like HyVee, Bomgaars etc but I am speaking of people that understand the business, maybe can implement by ideas to a landscape or simple sell me quality stock.

    Fifth. A more progressive city council. Maybe it is time for new blood. I realize the “old” guys have experience but I also gather they have there weight to throw around.

    Sixth. Better foresight into future developments. That includes road designs, water pressure issues, sewer, type of houses, etc.

    Seventh. Our own utilities. Nothing wrong with Mid America but I see other towns and yes tomorrow is not in sight but in 20 years our children and maybe even you and I will be better off.

    Eighth. Why can’t our city crews do there own digging for service work? Seems that they are knowledgable with street work, concrete work, etc but why not get there own backhoe? I am sure they can use it for snow, summer work etc.

    Nineth. Utilizies NCC. NCC is kinda out there as far as out of town but there equipment division, let them do or work or gain job time doing our city work when they can. I see one thing they could work on and maybe they will as I am just talking here – how about using them to do our new sports field grading work, electrical work, and whatever else NCC students could provide. Sheldon has a great asset there vs Dordt or NW college, we can get these classes to help our town grow, while those colleges are more geared to the “office” work force.

    Alright enough for now!! Thanks for reading.

  24. J E says:

    Chinese delivery. More delivery options period!

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