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What’s the difference?

Date posted - January 31, 2013

Let’s see a show of hands. Of all the people who think enough children have died at the hands of guns feel the same way about all the unborn children who have died at the the hands of Doctors performing abortions?


What’s the difference?



— I.M. Disgusted

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42 Responses to “What’s the difference?”

  1. Sue says:

    Neither would I let my child be around firearms without proper training nor would I send my daughter to go have an abortion. But, it doesn’t mean we should take away guns and it doesn’t mean we should not teach our kids about sex and the consequences of unprotected sex. There are too many people that are looking for excuses or someone to blame for why their life is so rotten. Everyone has trials it’s how you handle them, having the strength of character to do what’s right even though it’s hard. I don’t believe the answer is to take away guns and I don’t really think it will matter how many rounds they can hold. I think gun enthusiasts would get more people on their side though if they didn’t try to ignore there IS a problem. There are lots of people dying needlessly at the hands of drunk drivers too, but we can’t get that problem fixed either.

  2. Lee Ann says:

    One difference is that the Supreme court ruled that abortion was legally allowable for the woman to choose. The Supreme court has already ruled back in the ’90s that we are allowed to place restrictions on weapons.

    I would personally never choose an abortion for myself. But I do not know anbody else’s trials and problems. So I can’t vouch for why they would want to choose abortion.

    • I.M.Disgusted says:

      I think you are choosing between legal and moral. Just because something is legal doesn’t necessarily make it moral. But if you do something moral, I can just about guarantee you that it is legal.

  3. EDH says:

    An excellent question.

    Those who are pro choice will likely argue in support of abortion due to rape and incest. While failing to realize that of the 1.3 million abortions performed each year, only .5% or less abortions fall into that category. And we would likely not hear a logical excuse as to why they approve of the other 1.25 million+ babies being killed.

    The fact that Obama will fight tooth and nail for all of these gun laws “in an attempt to save even one life,” and at the same time at the blink of an eye can approve thousands of abortions each day, is just mind blowing.

  4. The Difference? says:

    The mothers having abortions chose to have their babies killed. The parents of children killed by a mad man with a gun did not. Notice I did not say killed by a gun. Technically the gun was just an aid in the murder, just like the doctor. The real murderers are the Mothers choosing to Abort and the Gunman choosing to shoot the children.

  5. Lee Ann says:

    I know the Republicans are really working hard to make it difficult for abortions. Why don’t they vote in what Norway has voted in their country. Norway passed a law allowing free contraception for anyone requesting it And their abortion % dropped to almost zero. I think preventing pregnancy would be preferable to abortion.

    • Tim says:

      If that is the case, would it not benefit everyone if Obama care paid for the contraception, and not abortion? Seems a win win situation, we attempt to use preventive pregnancy, and we don’t kill babies. Seems that would also help lower health care costs. ( I am not sure what Obama care actually covers, if any one really does)… And BTW, it is not a Republican or a Democrat problem, it is all who believe in the sanctity of life itself.

      • Lee Ann says:

        The government has not been paying money for abortions for years and years. The govt passed laws back in the ’90s ensuring that no state or federal money is used for abortions.

        Planned Parenthood receives no money for abortions from the govt.. They receive federal money for mammograms, etc. Any money they use for abortions is from private funds. That’s why everyone gets so upset when planned parenthood funding is cut. Federal money to PP is for mammograms, pap smears, even prostate cancer screenings for men.

        • jay miller says:

          ya right if you beleive that pigs do fly

        • Tim says:

          However the NEW Obamacare has changed those laws made back in the 90’s. Has it not? ‘Planned Parenthood today(11-22-2012) released a blog post and the nation’s largest abortion company says it is most thankful for abortion, pro-abortion President Barack Obama, and his Obamacare law and HHS mandate that fund abortions and force religious groups that pay for drugs that may cause abortions.’ (
          Help me understand something. If planned parenthood is federally funded to run its operation, yet federal funds are not used for abortions, when a woman crosses the door threshhold of the building, (which is federally funded correct?) and she asks for an abortion, where does she go? Does she go to another part of the facility not heated or airconditioned by federal funds? Does she go to a room that is not furnished by federal funds? Does she go to a counselor, secretary, or even nurse, that is paid from a seperate account? I am confused on this issue. Either our gov’t funds PP or it doesn’t, which is it?

          • Jon says:

            Except for the fact that the bulk of Planned Parenthood’s activities are in women’s reproductive health and they are not simply an “abortion company.” Thus, funding for mammography, contraception, and other women’s health issues are what most benefit Planned Parenthood. The law does not specifically tag funds for abortion…federal funding for abortions is actually illegal. However,the law does encourage private insurance to cover abortions and contraception. Now, people always seem to get confused over the federal Affordable Care Act and actual federal funding for abortion. Remember that employers and individuals still pay for health insurance under the new law. There is a movement underway for the bill outlawing federal funding (i.e. medicaid) for the procedure since many women seeking abortion do so for financial reasons and are less likely to have private insurance. However, for now, there is no federal funding of abortion.

    • yankee 51 says:

      You can give everyone in the entire country free contraceptives and women will still get pregnant. We don’t need more birth control, we need more respect for life. If our society could establish that all human life is absolutely priceless, we might have less gun violence and certainly fewer abortions.

      • Jon says:

        Actually, we do need more education and birth control in this country so that people act responsibly and with respect for life and the potential consequences of their actions. Some posts on here speak with such disdain for the women who’ve chosen to have an abortion, as though they come to this decision easily and without consequence. You are right, though, we need to do a much better job of instilling a respect for life. There are too many abortions happening, but that doesn’t mean we ask the government to step in and tell every single woman “you cannot do this, you are not free to do this,” just as we would say it would be horrible to demand of a pregnant woman that she MUST have an abortion. It is not for government to decide, it is not for you to decide, it is for the pregnant woman to decide. Now, if you want to help her weigh her options and counsel her in her decision, that is great. But, eliminating that option is a limitation on her freedom and choice.

  6. Really? says:

    I do not own a gun and have never even touched one, but think about this… marijuana and cocaine are illegal drugs, people still use those. If we ban guns do you really think it is going to stop people from using them? Really?!?!?! The guns have not killed those innocent children… it is the people using them! To me, any way you look at it abortion is wrong- God does not make mistakes!

    • Jon says:

      I would say the same thing about abortion. Even if you ban abortion, people will have them.

      • Lee Ann says:

        Nobody remembers the clothes hanger abortions before the law changed. Many women died. Back alley abortions were dangerous, caused horrible infections, etc. I would hate to have our country go back to that.

  7. Kelly says:

    There are differing opinions on personhood and whether or not that begins at conception. And women believe they should have the choice to become a parent rather than having that choice made for them by government officials who would make abortion illegal. Now I would argue that you made the decision to have sex therefore you should be prepared for the possible outcome of pregnancy but unfortunately it is not that simple.
    Personally, I think the pro-life agenda needs to focus not just on making abortion illegal, but promoting prevention and supporting women who face unplanned pregnancy. Promote education on contraceptives and adoption.

  8. Susan says:

    An opinion about when life begins does not count. Scientists know that the second an egg is fertilized by a sperm, a human life begins. This life will continue until a natural death or someone decides to take that life. People who are pro-life do support women with unplanned pregnancies. There is a pregnancy center in Worthington. Many cities have organizations that support pregnant women. Please check your facts. Planned Parenthood does not offer mammograms.

    • Kelly says:

      There is no question that life begins at conception, but I said personhood. People still debate this issue.
      And of course there are people and places who support women with unplanned pregnancies but it is not a central focus of the pro-life agenda. I see that as a shortcoming.

    • Lee Ann says:

      BTW Planned parenthood DOES provide the money for a woman to get a mammogram from the local doctor, paying for the entire expense. They don’t do them in their offices.

      Sister Cimone on the “Nuns on the Bus” Catholic= very pro life. Stated that the GOP is very pro birth, but not prolife. They want to cut food stamps, early childhood education, WIC, school lunches, daycare assistance, and basically “you are on your own once that baby is born.” She states that they are pro birth, not prolife. If they were pro life they would be attempting to help that baby to have a decent lfe, ad support that single Mother. But they don’t want to do that.

      • Tim says:

        I am sorry Lee Ann, could not let this one go. I am a Republican, I am Pro Life, I am Pro Birth. My birth mother had myself and my two brothers before she was 19. Doesn’t make it right. However, she CHOSE to give us life!! I am very thankful for that!!
        When my children were born, I and my spouse took responcibility of them. When times were tough, we went without. I do beleive you are wrong when you say ” GOP is very pro birth, but not prolife. They want to cut food stamps, early childhood education, WIC, school lunches, daycare assistance, and basically “you are on your own once that baby is born.” I think they want to be assured that those that actually NEED and I stress need those programs get them. I think the GOP wants each and every person in this country to be accountable and responcibile for their family, to the best of their ability. Not looking for every excuse for a handout. There are far too many people that misuse the system, and when they know how to use it, they use it to the max. Perhaps instead of buying a young child a $60 video game, (which I have seen parents do), then go to the grocery store and shell out $60 worth of food stamps, and on top of that, sometimes use those very same food stamps to buy cigerates, maybe go without the ‘unwarrented’ purchase. The GOP wants to stop this kind of waste. Our society has become a society without responcibility and accountability for our actions and our own destiny. Life sometimes doesn’t go the way we want, or think it should, but that is when you reach down and pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Sure it is much easier to go get all the free help. (47% of this nation does it) But is it right if you really don’t need it?? Whatever happened to be responcibile and accountable for yourself and your actions?

        • Lee Ann says:

          believe that if contraception is provided, sex ed classes in late high school to explain responsibility, etc. there would be a whole lot less abortions. Maybe it isn’t a perfect solution, but if you could prevent half the abortions in this country, that would be a good start. Sure, we’re never going to have 100%.

          That 47% that gets free things, they included social security retirement, disability retirement in it also. Paul Ryan was always talking about “the takers and the makers” and he said the 47% were the takers. Now he has changed his policy and says his Mom is on SS and is not a taker. So he is now saying he wants to work on preventing poverty. Good idea, but his past is not showing it.

          I had a neighbor once that had 3 kids that she didn’t take very good are of at all She got pregnant with the fourth and scheduled an abortion. I discussed it with her and tried to talk her into giving it up for adoption She said ,”If I go through this pregnancy, I will grow to love it and then I will keep it.” Knowing how her other three were cared for, most of the time at my house, I decided to leave it alone. What is better? Being raised in her household, or not being raised at all?

        • Lee Ann says:

          You were blessed to go through an adoption, and raised by someone who adopted you. However, that’s not always the case. sure, I believe in taking responsibility for ourselves and our children. But that isn’t always the way it works. Do we want to allow these children, who can be neglected, abused, left alone, etc. to make it on their own? In an Ideal world, I agree that parents should be responsible and care for their children, giving them a good childhood, good education, morals, etc. but this isn’t the perfect world. And I believe that any help we can give them will help. Its far easier to pay for early childhood education, food stamps, etc. than it is to pay for prisons and crime 2 years later.

      • Kelly says:

        I agree with Lee Ann. I think their focus is more pro birth than pro life. GOPers may claim they want to reform social programs to ensure those who really need it are on the receiving end, but personally I see no real concern for the people on the receiving end. It seems much more about avoiding any additional taxation.
        Let’s not forget that the unborn don’t just deserve a chance at life, they deserve a chance at the best life possible. What happens when a birth mother cannot provide the best life? What happens when she has neither the means nor support system to pull herself up by her bootstraps? What if she is so deeply in need, so overwhelmed, so enveloped in darkness that she can’t see light?
        Let’s be the light, people. And let’s extend the fight for the unborn to also help the hungry, the orphan, to end slavery around the world (, to stop human trafficking, to give hope to the hopeless.

        • Tim says:

          First I watched your video, by definition, “Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work”. Perhaps there are some that fit that definition, and that is sad. However your video is a video for seeking donations for a very little known organization. We have for years seen all the videos of opressed children and adults that pull at the heart strings of each one of us. we have perhaps donated monetarily and phisically to many of those situations. They are sad.
          Of course the unborn deserve a chance at life, the best life possible. No one will argue that. But to say a Republican, Democrate or even an Independent politically party wants no part of that, I think you are wrong.
          Sometimes a mother cannot or is not able to support a child, abortion is not the answer. Our society has set up for years, the option of adoption. It works. And if that does not work. Then our society will and does step in.
          My point in this is twofold.
          1. A blanket statement saying a certain political party has no concern for those that ACTUALLY need help, is a false statement. Show some facts that you base any of those claims on!!
          2. Each person in society needs to take responcibility and accountability for his/her actions. In the case of unwanted pregnancies, or the “birth mother cannot provide the best life”, my goodness, their is a drugstore in every town that has the pill, or other contraceptives. If you are responcible enough to procreate, you should be accountable for the end result. And if you aren’t, or you are unwilling, there are still options to give that child the best life possible. Don’t blame it on a political party, lets put the blame where it belongs, in the responcibility of our society to teach responcibility, and the accountability of our society to take accountability for where it fails.

  9. Rainbow says:

    Gun’s do not kill, without the use of a person. We have a big problem! Look at TV programing, look at the bloody violence in video games, look how society labels kids who are a little overactive or unatentive with ADHD and drug our youth to control them. When the very fact of the matter we expect drugs, tv and video games to control and entertain many of our youth. They no longer play outside , they have become couch potatoes with aggressive anger. Our youth seem not able to communicate without a phone or the internet. We have youth who have no respect for others or themselves to speak of. Just go to a mall and listen to the foul language many of the youth us now, and it is accepted as a normal for our youth. I remember a day that if I would have sworen, a bar of soap would have taught me fast that isn’t what we do. Just the meer words that your not embaracing me but you are degrading yourself would really hit home.
    We need to have parents stop blaming schools and adults and other youth for their childrens failers. Parents need to stand up and take accountantability to be parents, not their kids best friends. Until we teach our youth and young adults that life is precious and never should we glorify death by means of visual entertainment, I feel that we will continue to see more of this out of control killings. We also should not make a issue of these attacks in the media, some kids just seem to want attention and this is what they do to get it. They copy cat terrible acts of violence. There is no clear answer, but maybe if they valued life, they would also value the unborn childs life too. Society has given the right to personal free will no mater the moral cost.

  10. single mom says:

    One thing that I have seen on a lot of social media pages is people talking about the 47% of people on assistance that they are basically saying they are all free loaders and just use the government assistance programs without even contributing anything to take care of themselves or their children. That all of the 47% are just so excited to go get some free help from the government. It really makes me mad has anybody every stopped to think that not all of the 47% are abusing the system and genuinely need the help? YES there are many people on those programs that are ok with abusing them and don’t try to help themselves get off them….for them it is a way of life. but there are people like myself who actually need the help and I am tired of seeing post bashing people on assistance! Do you think I am proud to go to the grocery store and have to pay with my food stamp card? or do you think I like the fact that I have to have my child on state health insurance because I can’t afford health insurance for my child let alone myself. I work, I pay taxes, I go to school and I try my best to take care of the child I made, yet another reason I am in school to better our lives. As of right now I need that help and I am tired of feeling like a freeloader because of all the posts I have seen concerning this subject. I am working towards never having to be on assistance again, but for the time being I am doing my part to take care of the kid I made, but it takes two to take care of a kid these days and the father doesn’t help me so what am I to do? I can’t make him pay more than the little amount that he does pay so that is why I am on assistance. I want more myself and my child just tired of feeling like a bad person for getting assistance….but wasn’t that why these programs were made? I just wish people would stop grouping everybody in the “47%” as freeloaders some of us are not some of us need the help while we are making our lives better.

    • hard working citizen says:

      Single mom- I am a republican and conservative, and i do believe that the system is being abused, but not by you, I 100% agree with you on this. I know that there are those that need help, if you are making and effort to get past the gov’t help thats great and i respect you. However i have seen and you know too that there are quite a few that abuse the system giving the people that deserve it a bad name. The thing that i hate to see is the people that get their gov’t check and do nothing when the have the ability to work and choose not too then other people start doing it too someone earlier hit it on the head when they said the GOP just wants to make sure if you’re on welfare you need the help. Thats why i also support drug testing for welfare, hey if we have to take random drugs tests they darn well better to get their paycheck.

      Hard working citizen

  11. Jay says:

    You cannot compare guns to abortions. One is a personal decision between two people, and the other deals with using tools to cause harm onto a society.

    Abortions should be legal. It’s really no one’s business WHY a woman gets one – rape, incest, poor choices, etc… but the option should be there, and it should be between the woman and her doctor. Quite frankly, it’s not your body, and you don’t have a right to tell a woman how wrong she is for making a personal choice. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean that there aren’t others out there who may need it.

    • Tim says:

      ‘Mom’ I commend you for trying. So many don’t make an effort. You seem to be taking on the responsibility for your situation. Keep working at it. The programs were designed for your situation.

      ‘Jay’, Taking a life unjustly, no matter what the tool is still wrong. Does it matter if one takes a life with a (legal) rifle, or a (legal) scalpel? both cause harm to society, both are takers of a life. If you feel abortion is justifiably legal, then where does it stop, (legal) suicide assistance is that next?

      • Jay says:

        Tim – you must consider something. There is a large chunk of society filled with people who don’t believe life begins at conception. There are varied beliefs as to when “life” begins, but like I said, the decision to “kill with a (legal) scalpel” has NOTHING to do with you or ANYONE else except for the woman and her doctor. You have no right to tell a woman how wrong she is… It’s not your body or choice to make. I respect your opinion, however, I hope you can see my point of view here. It frustrates me when I see others fighting to take away a right that has direct impact on women, their choices, their healthcare, and their options. You have the right to disagree, although you don’t have the right to dictate a woman/her health choices like that. For example, i find obesity to be a stain on society… one that is running this country into the ground both in our healthcare and our overall being as a human race, and ideally, I wish fast food chains would be shut down and this country had stricter health codes, especially for our children. However, I respect that its still a choice for others to live that lifestyle. I may not agree with it, but I know this country does not rule by my standards, and I cannot tell an overweight person how sinful they are for their overindulgences. All you can do is accept it and mind your own business.

        As far as assisted suicide goes, I’m not sure why you are even bringing this up. Abortion should be legal, but this also includes for medicinal purposes (potential loss of life, etc). Assisted suicide is a hot topic, but again, it has nothing to do with you. It’s simply a choice made by one person, to put it lightly.

        • Tim says:

          If science had proven that human life actually began at implantation or at nine weeks or whenever, then that’s precisely when we (Catholics, Protestants and any other reasonable faith based belief system) would believe that human life began. Simple. And, logically, it would be from that moment when this human being should be treated with the rights and dignities that come with being a human being.
          But that’s not what science has told us. Science has quite clearly and decidedly proven that a new, human life begins at conception (i.e. fertilization. AKA the moment sperm and ovum meet and form an entirely new, self-directing living organism of the human species with its own individual DNA distinct from both mother and father.)
          “Human embryos, whether they are formed by fertilization (natural or in vitro) or by successful somatic-cell nuclear transfer (SCNT — i.e., cloning), do have the internal resources and active disposition to develop themselves to the mature stage of a human organism, requiring only a suitable environment and nutrition. In fact, scientists distinguish embryos from other cells or clusters of cells precisely by their self-directed, integral functioning — their organismal behavior. Thus, human embryos are what the embryology textbooks say they are, namely, human organisms — living individuals of the human species — at the earliest developmental stage.” – Dr. Robert George
          Human embryos only need a suitable environment and nutrition to become more mature human beings. But despite our maturity, biological or otherwise, we are “whole” members of the human species – human beings. And with that comes an inherent dignity and right to life.
          One of the great powers of science is that it is able to help clarify moral issues like this for us. It’s a powerful tool. Science is clear on this one. If you are a fan of science, then consider also being a fan of human life – at all of its stages. (
          Therefore, we as a society have the duty to respect all of life, regardless of what stage of maturity. Its not a matter of someone dictating the rights of a woman. It is the rights of all living life that should be protected.

        • Susan says:

          The time for a woman to choose to have a child is before she becomes pregnant. Once she becomes pregnant, the choice has been made. The baby is dependent on the mother’s body for life, but the baby is not the mother. He/she has different DNA, different fingerprints, different personality; in other words, unique. If you say the choice is made by the mother and her doctor to terminate the pregnancy, you are ignoring the choice the baby is not allowed to make. What kind of society allows people to terminate helpless people because they are unwanted or unloved?

  12. anoninnorthiowa says:

    Ok. So I have read through enough of these posts to see that a lot of people are against abortion as I am as well. I see people who are for abortions. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I would like to point out though that there are people that have been invovled in car accidents and a baby was killed and that person can be charged with 1st degree murder. This is an unborn child not a baby in the car. Why is it that they can be charged for killing this innocent child, but a mother who decides to have unprotected sex can go and abort her child and not be charged with anything. In todays medical world the probability of losing a mother and her child aren’t like they used to be. We have plenty of medical technology that can save both the mother and the baby. I can recall an article from several years ago where a doctor performed a live saving surgery on a baby while still inside the mother’s womb and the baby survived that. That just proves the fact that there shouldn’t be a reason for abortions to happen. I had a child at a very young age. Abortion was available back then, but I knew that killing my child who did not deserve to die wasn’t an option. They have other choices like adoption.

    Maybe before everyone is so quick to jump and say it should be between the mother and the doctor, they should look at all the couples in the world that struggle to have babies or carry babies to full term and are trying to adopt babies. Todays society needs to realize that death isn’t the answer anymore.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I used to be very pro life. As I get older and nothing is so black and white anymore, I have noticed that there are many kinds of situations, many difficulties, and I decided that if I don’t know their reasons for an abortion, its none of my business why they are choosing abortion. Nobody is Pro abortion. people seem to act like that pregnant woman is filling out her errand list for the day, “grocery store, library, abortion, school conferences…..” For ANY woman, I am sure it is a decision that is well thought through and a decision is made what is best for the woman and also her family. Before everybody throws out the woman that has had 10 abortions, just because she is too lazy to get contraceptives. I’m talking about MOST women, not the one exception we have all heard of. Its a big decision.

      Like somebody above said, there are different ideas about when personhood becomes a person. An embryo has the potential to be a person, but is not a person yet. There is a whole big difference between a 4 week embryo, and a baby in a car seat in the car. There is a big difference between a 4 week embryo and a 9 month fetus, able to live on its own.

      I think the government should get out of women’s reproductive health, whether its contraception or choosing abortion. I would support free contraception for anyone asking for it. Which would help a lot in these young teens getting pregnant. I would support a better safety net for women with children, good day care, good meals in school, better early childhood education, improving the advantages any child would need to get an advantage in life. If we could make it easier for these women to raise these children, it would help them get a decent start.

      Free contraceptive services, good solid sex education and common sense family classes, good student loans, or even free college for these people, to give them a chance to get out of the life they are stuck in. They would have better choices if the options were better than they are right now

  13. Chris says:

    Pro Choice supports just that; a personal choice. It means that although I may not support abortion as a personal choice, I also believe I am not so superior as to believe that I have the right to determine or limit choices available to other women. Just because a woman chooses to have sex does NOT mean she chooses to get pregnant. Every situation is different, and I have no right to know their personal history. Different views/opinions can drag this topic through many different analogies. I can only determine what is best for myself; not for my daughter, my neighbor, my friend, my niece, etc. I do agree with points suggesting that family values, sex education, contraceptives, child care, etc., are great places to start if you want to effect a change. But please don’t believe that you are so superior to others that you may dictate personal decisions, medical or personal, in their life.

  14. Dee ann says:

    In a society where morals are being outlawed, were a quickie with a stranger is promoted, contraception is a useless idea. Fix the countries morals and all the other problems above fix themselves. That’s kind of hard to do in a country that is also outlawing faith in a moral creator.

    • Lee Ann says:

      In this day of STDs, AIDS, dangerous crazy people, sex with a stranger is the last thing anybody is going to try to promote. And contraception is never a useless idea. I don’t think it is necessarily a moral problem. Morals and people have been the same that I remember most of my life. You can name any immoral, mean, evil situation, and I can tell you that it was done in the last 100 years, in the last centuries. There really is nothing new under the sun.

      I have not seen any outlawing of faith in a moral creator. We live right now in a country that really does allow religious freedom, regardless of what kind of religion it is. Christians are entitled to their religious beliefs and I would fight to the death for your right to worship your religion as you see fit. However, that same belief is there for all religions. I don’t believe that your Christian beliefs should be involved inour laws or judicial system. So we do not allow ANY state religion. What if we all voted to have a statereligion and they all voted in Muslim? Wouldn’t be the same, would it? That’s why there is no official state religion and never will be. You are as free as you ever have been to worship in your own way. I haven’t seen any outlawing of my religious worship in this country yet. Ever. You are as free to worship in your own way, as the Muslim living down the street is allowed to worship in his own way. It wouldn’t be fair to force that Muslim to worship in our Churches, just as you wouldn’t want to be forced to attend his Minaret.

      • Tim says:

        I agree with you Lee Ann, the things that are going on now have been going on for centuries. However…..the frequency is much much greater! You are very wrong if you truly beleive that our society has not seen a huge moral decay. My Goodness. The lack of consequences for peoples actions is incredible. When I was younger, and even when my kids were growing up, we had consequences for our actions. Today, you hardly dare to discipline your own children for fear some organization is going to take you to task on it. If you are someone in charge of a child and that child doing wrong looks you in the eyes and dares you to touch him or discipline him, knowing you can’t…. we have went down hill!!!
        If your theory holds true Lee Ann, and you truly feel that God fearing beliefs have no place in our society, our gov’t. then explain to me why our money has Gods name on it? And if you truly feel that our country has no reason to have any kind of religious backdrop to it, explain this: who are the authors of the Declaration of Independence talking about when they say “endowed by their Creator” or ‘Reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence”
        I agree they did not promote a specific religious group. And I agree we need to keep our country free so each and every person may worship in his or her own way. But throughout the history of mankind, man has been governed by a set of “morals” set by society.
        Many of those “morals” are faith based. If a society as a whole deems, lets say, fraud is ok. Is it morally correct? yet society feels it is ok. In your theory you would have to accept it. And from there, goes the breakdown of society. It will not stop. My father once told me when I asked him if it was really necessary for family devotions before and after every meal. He told me that as each generation lets one little thing slip past, the next generation would let even more slip past. Today, how many of that next generation have already let something little slide past. He was right.
        One hundred years ago, you would not have even thought of premarital sex, or an abortion…now…..

        • Lee Ann says:

          Oh, I believe the Founding Fathers were Deists. They believed in God. But nowhere do you see any Christian phrases. Belief in God is Christian, Jewish, Muslim. And our country does not force us to believe in a certain way. We are free to believe what we wish.

          I don’t think there is so much of a problem with moral decay. I think it is the availability of news through the internet, TV, media. Crimes happening in Asia, Europe, Africa, etc. is right there for us to click on.

          One thing I do realize is happening, is all these young women having one or two children with a guy and never marrying him. I am 60 and have asked my daughter, “Why don’t they wait untl they get married before having children?” And she answered, “Marrying somebody is not proof that you will live happily ever after.” But I would think it would provide some measure of security. But in our modern world, where divorces are up to 50% of marriages, I guess she is right.

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