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Where Are the Sidewalks?

Date posted - September 10, 2013

In the preliminary plans that I have been able to see, the City and School have ignored their own sidewalk requirements. There have been no plans to install sidewalks along Highway 18 and the new ball fields north of the new Middle School. This is a new development and the extension of the sidewalks would be ideal for those that are walking or want to walk to Taco Johns, McDonalds or any of the other businesses that are going up east of town. HyVee had to put in sidewalks, why would our school and city be exempt?

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29 Responses to “Where Are the Sidewalks?”

  1. Rainbow says:

    100% agree! Also what about where there are sidewalks and people choose to walk in the roads or cut across lawns, to avoid walking on the sidewalks.

  2. An Idea says:

    I think its terrible everyone had to fix their sidewalks when 90 percent of the walkers walk on the streets!!! Its very annoying driving when there is three walkers hogging the street and they act like they don’t know you are behind them.

  3. An Idea says:

    Maybe when they start walking down 18 something will be done!! Hopefully

  4. Meets says:

    No different than the house across the street from east school. No walks because there is a hill to contend with? Really? Walks out by the ball field area….I would suggest add on to the trail system to be incorporated into the field layout. I will admit I run. I do not run on the walks only the street and or trail system which is great asset to have in town. I also don’t understand why the school has no walks along east 6th street. I know it’s an issue and really needs to be addressed to end the senseless talk, action, no action, lets table it etc. sheldon has better things to spend there time on.

  5. Fred says:

    SIMPLE, where there is a street, sidewalks on both sides mandatory. (PERIOD)!

    Oh, maintain them too…..bushes, trees and other encroachments!

  6. Find Something Better To Do says:

    Did it ever cross anyone’s mind that it is you that would be paying for any sidewalks that go up on school property–a public school is run off YOUR tax dollars? To busy finding something to complain about that you forgot that fact? As a tax payer, I would rather not complain about sidewalks and rather have my tax dollars put into things like curriculum. I think they need to have sidewalks–however, I use the sidewalks on a regular basis in that area and there are plenty of sidewalks! In fact, someone complained that the school does not have sidewalks along E. 6th St. If you go drive down that street there is sidewalk all along it other than right along the baseball/softball field and track area—however, as common sense would explain, the reason there is no sidewalk there is because the trail that starts on that stretch veers off and goes around the other side of the fields. So, if you are to lazy to follow the trail the extra distance, then cross the road and use the sidewalk on the other side. Maybe we should just pave the whole front of our yards with as many sidewalks around town that people want! It is crazy how much time people have on their hands to sit on here and complain about EVERYTHING–I did not realize that “MY TWO CENTS” consisted of only complaining…..its really actually kind of sad that that is what the community that uses this site has interpreted it as. You would maybe have a better day if you would stop complaining and only see the negative and rather find some POSITIVE things to talk about–maybe post some of those!

    • HappyTimes says:

      I enjoyed you statement and the use of common sense. You see common sense dictates that when planning a project, you take into account the city ordinance concerning sidewalks. That means, you have to have them installed. I now hear that while the sidewalks are not part of the project, they will be installed after the fields are completed. This is really good news since sidewalks along E. 6th St. where in the project when the new middle school was built, but they have not appeared. The trail system is great but it’s a trail system with an entirely different purpose. It’s a long stretch from 19th Ave to 24th Ave where the school lacks a sidewalk. There are a lot of children that walk that area to attend Middle School. Then people think that long stretch is a race track and pay no attention to speed. Yes, common sense, should dictate that those children walk the extra 2-3 blocks to use the trail? I think NOT!

  7. An Idea says:

    The streets are made for vehicles not walkers hence the word sidewalk!!! Use them please . The sun might be in drivers eyes and you might end up along the road like a deer.

    • Rebuttal says:

      Show me the Sheldon city ordinance that says I cant walk in the road. If there is one, it isnt enforced. It’s your responsibility as the driver of a motorized vehicle to be alert and avoid hitting pedestrians, bicycles, other vehicles, buildings, etc. Some cities actually have ordinances that require vehicles to stop for pedestrians as they cross the street, NO MATTER IF IT’S IN THE CROSSWALK OR OUTSIDE THE CROSSWALK. I imagine you would feel pretty bad if you managed to hit a pedestrian or a bicycle even if the sun was in your eyes or they were in the road.

      • Commenting says:

        Why do you think we have sidewalks? Streets are for cars. Sidewalks are for people. Drivers have enough

      • Commenting says:

        Common sense can’t be legislated. I hope it won’t take you hitting a pedestrian walking down the street when you’re driving to enlighten your understanding.

      • An Idea says:

        My question is why would you put yourself in harms way? I realize there are crosswalks for pedestrians, but there are also signs for that! Maybe we need designated streets for walkers with signs, or maybe you should walk down the trails that the tax payers paid for to keep you off the streets!!!!

    • Commenting says:

      Speaking of sidewalks, I’ve been wondering when all the sidewalk crossings by the city park will be ADA compliant. I am specifically referring to the crumbling curb across the street from the southeast corner of the park.

  8. '09 Sidewalk Installer says:

    Real simple, two sets of rules! You either need a friend on the sidewalk committe, or intimidate a council member.

  9. Commenting says:

    Enough to watch out for, including other drivers who may turn right in front of them, etc.

  10. ranger says:

    Jaywalking IS a crime subject to a fine in most places is it not? So then walking illegally on the street would be your fault not the driver!!!!!

    • ranger says:

      I do however agree quit your complaning and understand the real issues! Not everything is worth complaining about! How about getting out and enjoying life not complaining so much. It is your tax dollars at work!!!

  11. Just Me says:

    Sounds like the school project will have them eventually, if I read the above comments correctly? Just MY 2 cents, what about on 16th street between 8th Ave and 2nd Ave? There is no choice but to use the street on that stretch, and most vehicles travel well over the 35 mph speed limit on that street. I would love to add that to my walking/biking route, but it is not safe.

    • koadylee says:

      I agree! 16th street has really nice scenery and is kind of away from the city and less busy but you can’t hardly walk on it because there are no sidewalks on either side of the road. And some places where there are side walks they aren’t very well maintained! I would gladly pay the extra taxes to have nice side walks and better road maintenance during the winter season so the roads might actually be cleared worth a darn. It would give the city a nicer feel and a nicer look. Maybe then more people would actually want to live here!

  12. Country Girl says:

    I totally agree with those who are voicing concern about people who choose to walk on the road/street rather than the sidewalk. Yes, the sidewalks are there to walk on, the streets are for motor vehicles to drive on. I’m not talking about crossing the street to get to the other side, even jaywalking. When I’m downtown and park in the middle of the block but want to go to the business on the opposite side, I think it’s pretty dumb to walk all the way to the corner to cross the street. Look both ways and then cross. The drivers shouldn’t be going that fast downtown anyway! BUT….I have a big problem with ladies walking two or three abreast down the street, pushing strollers with very precious cargo, their children, in front of them! Like someone else mentioned, just a moment of bright sunshine in the drivers eyes and it could be all over for one of those little babies! That tells me the parent thinks more of their own convenience (being able to chat with their friends while walking) than of the safety of their little ones. I have seen this many, many times. And the act as if you are the one in the wrong when you have to swerve around them! I’ve seen walkers and joggers going down the middle of the blacktop that goes north out of town by the Sheldon Motel too. Why not just run on the trail!? That’s what it’s there for! I really am surprised there have not been more pedestrians hit by cars in our community. Get real folks! Use the roads for driving, the sidewalks for walking and the recreational trail for exercising!

  13. Dug(The Dog) says:

    Hey, I’m not complaining…I’m waiting for Mrs. Olson’s comments!!! Heck they didn’t even have sidewalks back when she was in Walnut Grove. Dirt paths!!! I believe people should walk on the sidewalks, not on the streets or the roads!! That’s what they are made for…I have had numerous close calls with IDIOTS walking on the roads that are meant for vehicles. I don’t care if they are wearing those really bright clothes, when you drive to work in the morning and there are already animals you need to be careful of, these dummies are walking on the roads. Please, please, be very careful out there, because the life you save may be your own!!!

    • Harriet Oleson says:

      Back in Walnut Grove we installed boardwalks along the businesses on Main Street. Of course we didn’t have a surtax, motel/hotel tax or even property tax. We just all chipped in out of courtesy because we knew it would bring more customers in and lessen up on the cleaning we had to do on our own hardwood floors. Caroline Ingalls told me once that the more you do for people the more they will expect for return from you in the future. Why, one time I even rode my bicycle to Taco Johns in New Ulm on the cattle trail and didn’t expect anyone to feel sorry for me….

  14. Biker says:

    Really? For those that think we’re spending more tax payer dollars due to putting sidewalks in at or around schools? Therefore walk the trail that is behind the middle school, around the football field, to the bus barn, all the way back to the pool and then back to east 6th street? Hello! My neighborhood has walks on both sides of the street. Guess what these walks lead to no where as I live on a dead end road. But these walks have been here for the last 20years have owned my home. I shovel them. Kids play on them….I see no walkers! As far as complaining……kinda like saying that was a stupid question…..I dont see it as complaining….legit voicing of opinion.

  15. Mom of 3 says:

    I have seen kids walking and riding bikes on the NORTH side of E 6th from the middle school toward the elementary school. It may be obvious to cross the street, but they don’t!! I don’t understand why the schools do not have the sidewalks. Kids walk and ride bikes to school every day!

  16. Carnie2001 says:

    Let’s face it people…
    The sidewalk law is terrible.
    The only way to change it is for some concerned citizens to form a committee and get a petition going.
    Who is going to do it?
    You…. or maybe you……..
    I don’t have the time sorry but I will gladly sign it just like hundreds of others.

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