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Where Has The Love Gone?

Date posted - December 18, 2012

I’m wondering where the love is? People these days are so rude, selfish and inconsiderate. What happened to holding the door open for the elderly, saying Hi to a complete stranger, just plain smiling instead of glaring, teaching your children manners with thank you and please, taking turns at a four way stop, picking up a piece of garbage that flies by you on the street and much more? So again I say “where is the love”?


Heard a saying the other day which was great! Went something like this: if Bibles were read in school and not introduced for the first time in jail, maybe there wouldn’t be so many people in jail! All of the kindness, manners and love need to start with parenting and the teachers. Not all but some teachers in the community school district here choose favorites and say very degrading comments to students. So glad the teachers and parents are setting great examples for the children in this town (sarcasm). The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in most cases!


So again where is the love? Try being happy, positive and setting GREAT examples for the children of this town please! It will make the town of Sheldon a better place and yourself/children/family in a better place and moods! Love yourself, your children with all your heart and push yourself to do what is best for the children of this town. Remember everyone has feelings!



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15 Responses to “Where Has The Love Gone?”

  1. rr says:

    Wow, not my experience at all. Read what you write about degrading comments and feelings before attacking parents and teachers. Maybe it could start with you.

    • BB says:

      Wow…no one is perfect and that’s not what I was saying! But I strive to be positive, well mannered and helpful so I don’t have to start but thank you for your opinion. My two cents were to try to wake some people up and make the world a better place all around.
      God is the only one anyone has to answer to in the end and I believe I will be just fine……will u?

  2. MB says:

    Hmm, I still see a lot of love around, I think people see positive or negative based on what you want to see or what you are looking for.
    People hold doors for me, I helped a lady in an office with a walker.
    As for teachers, my son had a seizure at school, Mr.Meendering, came and sat with him on the floor, in a suit and soothingly talked to him through the whole thing.
    Mr. Groff’ always took time to compliment my daughters work.
    Mr.Spears went out if his way to joke around and know my kids. We aren’t people with big well known names, but were not treated differently.

    Wherever you go, whatever area you lived in, you had friendly people, and not so friendly people. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
    Smiles and friendliness are contagious. Smile at someone, they can’t help but smile back, if they don’t, well, you still spread your kindness.
    Be proactive, the world wont change just for you. Ranting about it here isn’t going to fix it for you. Get out there and spread your sunshine!

  3. Hadaway says:

    What is love? Baby don’t hurt me……don’t hurt me… more. (rocks head back n forth)

  4. Chicken Strips says:

    The title and first paragraph got my attention. The rest did not.

    Blaming teachers for the world going to hell in a handbasket?! Ouch. If the teacher is saying derogatory things, teach your child to stand up; if he can’t, take a stand yourself.

    The world is a very sick place; however, NW IA is about as good as it gets, albeit it is now heavily infiltrated with the ways of the world. Greed, vanity, pride, you name it. Mask it with politics, religion, capitalism, and it works! ;)

  5. YR says:

    I disagree! I lived in Sheldon many years ago and the love and respect I saw in this town is what has me living here again. When life turned for the worst and I ended up as a single mother, there was no doubt in my mind Sheldon, IA was the place for us. My daughters are being raised in a town full of love. I have taught them manners and to respect everyone. They even pick up a shirt at a store if its on the floor because eventhough people do work there and can pick it up, its just the right thing to do since they are right there. Maybe you just had a bad day/experience, but dont blame the town, teachers or parents.

  6. Anon. says:

    Maybe you didn’t see the previous editorial post about someone donating $1,000 to Adopt A Family. Talk about being loving, selfless, kind and big hearted!

  7. Grace says:

    I guess I always figure that you find what you look for — especially in people’s attitudes.

  8. RV says:

    Sounds like their kid had a bad day at school. 2nd paragraph, 4th sentence is the real point of this essay

  9. NAE says:

    Very good comments….yes the world is sick….the school shooting the other day was horrible! Cannot believe what those children and families are going through. The sick man from LeMars doing those horrible things to that little girl…..just makes you sick to your stomach all of it!
    I walk through school and see 12 yrs olds and 7 yrs olds talking about sex and swearing like it’s a normal thing….that’s just not right. And this is where the parents should be teaching them the right and wrong, manners and respect. Bullies are huge and so are drugs in the High School and Middle School….so my opinion is parents and teachers need to be aware and keep their eyes open so they can do everything they possibly can to steer them in the right direction. The “Rachel Challenge” was a great great great thing to have come to Sheldon schools! That’s more of the positive things we need here. So whomever got that going…..a big Thank You!
    I wasn’t attacking teachers or anyone, just making an observation and saying my two cents (free world)….yes there are a lot of teachers in the school district that are GREAT! We need more like them….that’s what I was saying. And if a teacher is rude to my child I would have a conversation with them…with anyone for that matter not just a teacher. The comment about find what you are looking for is very true…..but hard not to notice the negative stuff you see around and thrown in your face. And the $1000 adopt of family….awesome! Love that…’s great!
    There are some pretty darn nice people out there. Just wish there were more!
    Again….”treat people as you want to be treated” that’s exactly how I was raised and I treat people very nice but that doesn’t always mean they are nice back unfortunately. “Kill them with kindness” is another one I was brought up with….and it does sometimes work or may just make rude people even ruder. I don’t always know but I do know I try my best to spread good to people and children.
    Merry Christmas everyone….hope travels are good and you enjoy plenty of laughs and love with your families this coming week.

    • Chicken Strips says:

      Glad you got a chance to clarify your words!
      I try to meet people on their level—everyone has different needs. To sum up all of my thoughts, it requires looking in a person’s eyes and trying to understand their situation.

  10. Lee Ann says:

    I’m 60 years old, and I believe that people are pretty much the same through the past 100 years. the difference now is we have 24 hour cable news and the internet, we hear of more than we used to. And the 24 hour media searches for stories, because they have to fill their time. there have , sadly to say, always been pedophiles and rapists. We have children that we see around us that we believe are lacking in manners and courtesy. but the odds are the children around us are okay, and just one or two ruin our impression of youth around us. Sadly, horrible things have happened to people throughout history. At least now, we have an opportunity to get people mental health help. Which just didn’t do any good years ago. The percentage of weird, or criminal people is the same percentage throughout our society. If 5% is criminal in the cities, it means 500 criminals. If 5% is criminal in Sheldon, that would mean 25. I can remember my Gr grandma saying, “the world is going to hell in a handbasket.” I said that myself 10 years ago. But Aristotle and Plato said the same thing 5000 years ago. The teens in our town are pretty good kids. They go to Church, they work at jobs, they try to do well in school. But that number is never going to be 100%. We will always have a few difficult, or criminal people. Maybe if you could look for and find people who donate time in Church, work hard in nursing homes, and live a good life, you would not be so quick to assume that the % is so high.

    • Chicken Strips says:

      I don’t necessarily always agree with your comments, but this is how I feel as well. The world has always been sick. We’re glued to the news so much today, and yes, it’s 24/7. When someone farts, we all hear about it via Twitter, Facebook, Fox News, CNN, local news (TV, radio, and newspaper) in a matter of seconds, repeatedly. It never ends! Media wants us hooked. Big stories like the school incident mean big bucks for them–sick! They live for stories like this!

      • Lee Ann says:

        One of the reasons I think a local message board is good is that we find out we are more alike than we are different. Chicken Strips, I bet we are 80% in agreement and 20% different. And we’ve all been respectful in here. So we can see that we are just regular people, even with a few disagreements.

        Mental illness and just plain evil people have been around forever. We just hear every individual’s story of horrible things that happen. If I’m watching the news, I will sometimes just get so sick of hearing it, I’ll turn the channel to music, or HGTV or something easier to watch. Its just too easy to “live” in the horrible news.

  11. Gus says:

    I thought this was Where’s the Love? Look around…why look at the negative, you have the choice of how you look at a situation, half empty, half full…get it? Sure, there are things happening in this crazy world, but hasn’t there always been things happening in this world? I think we need to pray more, for wisdom, guidance and patience. I see a gentleman helping an elderly woman out to her car so she doesn’t slip on the ice. I see families walking and laughing going into church. I see a young boy with spiky hair casually talking to an older fella with a cane, they laugh and shake hands. I see a little girl pulling on her mom’s coat, her mom gives her some change and the little girl goes over to the bucket and looks up at the man ringing the bell. I see a beautiful sunrise on the day the Christ child was born. Where’s the love? All around you people, all around you.

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