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Date posted - March 28, 2014

If a new bowling alley, sports bar were to be built in Sheldon, where would you want to see it built?



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35 Responses to “Where?”

  1. Citizen XYZ says:

    Maybe on one of the Hamill Motors sights.

  2. SW says:

    Where it alreaday is, what an eyesore!

    • bonkers says:

      To rebuild on that site,means ,finding parking would be a prob,with the new mex. bar,Just turn it into a park,and put it in joyces building or old hyvee,A Supper Bowling alley,with a few pool tables,and more than just one actual bar,and a huge Lighted Dance Floor,mega lanes too. then maybe have enough for Real pool tournaments.

  3. youngerguy says:

    Honestly I think a bowling alley would be great and all but maybe not mix it with a bar. Mixing a family enviroment with a “party” atmosphere i feel can be a turn off for most people. But then some people dont mind either. I definitely think that it would bring more business to sheldon if we place it correctly and with all the new building of places and additions to the pizza ranch and Chinese area out there, I think it should go out there.

    • Fan says:

      So Langers is a bad place to bring your family? Because it serves alcohol.

        • Robert says:

          TM, did you live in Walnut Grove with Harriet Olson? When Nellie’s Restaurant got a liquor license, did you stop taking your family there?

          • TM says:

            nope live here in sheldon. thaken my kids to some bars befor and we ended up leaving befor we got our order. To many drunks

        • Harriet Oleson says:

          Back in Walnut Grove before Nellie’s got the liquor license – it was common for Charles, Nels, Doc Baker, Iasaih, Mister Edwards, and Reverend Alden to sneak down by the creek and get crazy on the rye whiskey. From time to time those same guys would road trip by horse and wagon down to Sioux County and pick up some Hollanders that wanted to go across the South Dakota border to Hudson so their fellow parisihioners wouldn’t see them imbibe in the nectar of the devil.

  4. biker says:

    Purchase the skating rink.

    • goodguy says:

      What,the skating rink,then kids will have absolutly no place to hang out,it is still a viable business,isn’t it?getting rid of the skating Rink,is a serious Blow to the Youth of this community.if there’s no place for youth,What is the sense and value of sheldons youth?
      Can’t Cruise,Can’t Skate,can’t do anything but stay home and Hope they like staring at a computer screen,if they can afford one.
      otherwise Go to a dif.Town.Again $$$.

  5. Robert Keller says:

    Put it in the r.t.f. building and send the kiddie-cons to Fort Madison.

  6. Pooker says:

    Well played Robert Keller……well played….

  7. Robert says:

    The best place to put in a new bowling alley/sports bar would be out on the bypass next to the land where Tanger is looking to build on.

  8. wtf says:

    There won’t be another one built

  9. Al says:

    Do you know anyone with a half million dollars willing to put up a bowling alley? I don’t!

  10. Meets says:

    Tanger? Who or where is this?

    • been around the block says:

      Tangers run outlet malls. The original poster was blowing smoke.

    • Robert says:

      Tanger is the company that builds outlet malls all over the country. They have been looking at land out by the bypass. If they build it, this thing could be a real game changer for Sheldon.

      • Me says:

        That would be awesome if an outlet mall would come to town. Easier to drive and park to. But can’t see it happening. Would take away from downtown area.

  11. blake says:

    and where did you hear Tanger is looking at land in Sheldon? Hard for me to believe

    • Robert says:

      Tanger has been looking at land here for quite some time now. I find it hard to believe you haven’t heard about it already. It’s not exactly been kept secret and news seems to travel fast here. Sheldon is a good location for them because it’s far enough from retailer’s regular stores in Sioux Falls, Sioux City, Worthington, and Spencer that retailers can open up outlets here. If Tanger builds here, you will see lots more businesses like restaurants, gas stations, and hotels being built here, and hopefully a new bowling alley.

  12. blake says:

    No longer live in Sheldon and have heard nothing about it. Still can’t believe Sheldon would have development that significant

    • Robert says:

      I just found out over the weekend that the skating rink in Sheldon is for sale. This could make a nice bowling alley, but I’m not sure if the building is the right size and it would take a whole lot of money if you first have to buy the place for a half million and then still have the cost of converting it. It probably be cheaper to start over from scratch. I think out by the bypass is the best bet, especially if you want a location with adequate parking. With Tanger looking at land and also Walmart still scoping things out from time to time, it might be time for Sheldon to think about annexing more land.

  13. Blake says:

    hahaha……. Walmart?! There has been talk of Walmart coming to Sheldon when I was growing up there over 20 years ago.

    • Robert says:

      Yeah, the Walmart rumors have been floating around for years, but I know for a fact that they have been looking at Sheldon. The improved four lane highway 60 now makes it much easier for trucks to deliver goods to a store here and there definately seems to be more traffic in town these days. I remember growing up hearing rumors about McDonalds coming to town and had a really hard time believing they would have one here, but eventually they came. If someone told me ten years ago that Sheldon would have a Holiday Inn Express and people would actually want to spend a night here, I wouldn’t have believed that either. Hopefully we will see a new bowling alley with a sports bar built somewhere in Sheldon. We need something to keep the younger folks in this town happy.

  14. J E says:

    Can anyone tell me what is currently in the old Aalfs building? I think that would be a great location for a new bowling alley!

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