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Who Decides?

Date posted - May 19, 2014

When President-Elect Obama nominated Eric K. Shinseki as Secretary of Veterans Affairs he said that cultural and technological change was needed. The technological change was outlined in the Office of Inspector General’s Strategic Plan FY 2009-2015.  The VA’s data handling procedures had to be greatly enhanced to improve outpatient scheduling processes that ensure veterans are provided timely health care. A comprehensive database would be used to study and track the medical care and treatment of all veterans… and to identify savings and dollar recoveries. The cultural change was outlined in the original ACA, Obamacare, legislation which would have empowered the Independent Payment Advisory Board to develop quality and efficiency measures that, in effect, would limit what government and private insurers can spend on individual healthcare. Critics called this advisory board “the death panel” so its name was changed to Shared Decision-Making; however, government bureaucrats still have the power to establish one uniform national standard… that limits what is spent on each individual’s health care. These deaths at the VA are the result of administration policy, legislation, regulation and bureaucratic discretion. We need share decision making.


Michael McCarthy

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10 Responses to “Who Decides?”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    Its obvious that the VA CAN do a good job, they are looking now into someone cooking the books and checking where the money went. Obama did raise the payments given to the VA, and Shinseki did start work, hoping to fix some of the problems.

    I personally think we should put all veterans on Tricare. Just like retirees and their famils use tricare, they seem to like it very well. We should have a small VA group that figures out who needs VA care, and start the ball rolling. Then tricare or even medicare could take over. Why have three groups all doing the same thing.

  2. Rainbow says:

    Was listening to fox news the other day and a person spoke up with a real suggestion for our veteran’s health care.
    Give all of our veteran’s a medical card the same as the health care plan CONGRESS has, this way our Veterans could go anywhere and get medical care. Sorry, wish I knew who said this on fox news so I could pass on. I personally think our vet’s deserve the best we can give to them. Not only did they sacrifice for us, but their loved ones did also so we may have our freedom.

    • Pastafarian says:

      But think of all the sacrifices congress makes for the American people!!! Sore backs for sitting too long, mental frustration from managing multiple houses and offices, and the occasional (if not rare) paper cut. Can you even grasp the concept of having too much money that you don’t even know what to do with? Our brave congressman goes on TV regularly, risking his reputation every time he opens his mouth. Do you know how hard it is to represent only the very small percentage of people in your district?
      Congressmen deserve free healthcare because they sacrifice so much. Remember that…

  3. piggerguy says:

    What you are witnessing in the v.a. is our future thanks to obamacare. The more layers of bureacrats that exist between the patient and the caregiver the lower the quality and more expensive healthcare will become. As Obama once said…”elections have consequences” America will now get to endure the consequences of electing Obama for many decades to come.

    • Lee Ann says:

      That’s like saying, the future with Obamacare is the same as medicare. There are bound to be difficulties with starting any new law. The people in Kentucky hate Obamacare. Yet they love Kynect (Kentucky’s Obamacare).

      cooking the books and lying about appointments are not just simple mistakes. Anybody notice that one of the people working a step or two beneath Shinseki just up and resigned a few days ago? Something is fishy there, I bet.

      • piggerguy says:

        That’s like saying medicare and Medicaid are fiscally solvent. Fact is they are running red ink every year and will eventually face cutbacks in service as our government is unable to print enough funny money to fill in the deficit. The medicare disability trust fund is scheduled to be completely exhausted in 2016. What happens to 40 million “disabled” people who have jumped on disability during obamas presidency when that happens?? Also the guy who Obama fired had announced his retirement last year and merely left the job a few weeks early. I guess that gives the appearance that Obama is really upset and heads are rolling!!

        • Lee Ann says:

          We all knew the medicare drug plan, which was financed with no budgetary backing would be difficult. But medicare is turning out to be the most efficient health care in this country. Medicaid will be financially stable once enough people get health insurance so the hospitals are able to lower costs due to less people getting ER care for colds and flus.

          The sky is not falling.

          • piggerguy says:

            The laws of Economics are as hard and real as the law of gravity. If you spend more than you make you will eventually go bankrupt!! Not 1 entity on earth is exempt from this economic law. Not even the u.s. govt. 9 trillion of natl debt when Obama became president 24 trillion when he leaves office. God help us all!! As Thomas Jefferson said “when the government figures out that it can bribe the citizens with their own money, the republic will cease to exist.”

          • jake says:

            Lee Ann, you need to pull your blinders off.

  4. Huh? says:

    Is there a guarantee on the newly planted half-dead trees downtown?

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