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Why Close School?

Date posted - March 6, 2013

From Julie

So what I don’t get is WHY is Sheldon closing school for a basketball game? School Spirt? School is about EDUCATION not games. when I was in Sheldon high a boy in my class passed away after getting hit by a car, and no we did not get the next day off or even 3 days off from school, what we got was a pass from school for the funeral. East elementary, middle and even high school kids who are not athletic and want to go to school can’t because of a game. Im sorry it just doesn’t seem right.

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45 Responses to “Why Close School?”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    How many snow days do we have left? We have had two good winters lately, there must be a few days that were in the bank for snow days. This is the blah time of year, its cold, not spring yet, not Easter yet. And going to state in a sport is pretty cool. Something that a lot of them will remember most of their lives. Its a good time to take a break.

    • Sue says:

      It’s called support. It’s called encouragement. It’s called “I honor you for your gifted ability”. It’s called community. I remember a year when spring break was extended so the band could perform in competition. We may not all participate in or enjoy the same activities but we can support and encourage one another. Julie, take pride in being an Orab and support our team.

  2. Staci says:

    I cannot begin to count all of the life lessons my children have learned through being a part of an athletic team/sport! There are amazing educational opportunities in being a member of a team. Also, I can only assume after seeing all of the orange and black at yesterday’s game that if school were in session, there would not be enough kids to make school worth it the next two days! These boys have worked so hard this year and deserve the community support and backing. Those who would like to be in Des Moines supporting this awesome team should have the opportunity to go without having to pull kids out of school to attend (and no I don’t have a son playing)! GO SHELDON ORABS-we are behind you!!

  3. Orab Fan says:

    I think it’s a great way to allow all to support the one and only Orabs! I’m using vacation time from work to bring my family to enjoy the games in person. I have been very proud of all our fans filling the stands and spilling over into the opponents side also. This year there is a potential for 1A, 2A, and 3A titles all to be held within a 25 mile area. I was very pleased yesterday to find how much support there is from BH and MOC-FV. I will also be cheering for their teams.
    Now, I need to get on the bus Gus, get the heck out of Dodge, and go and chase some wild ORABS! Coach them to victory “Groovey Struvey”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS: I used my “Building Trades” skills last weekend to make a sign to cheer on the Orabs.

  4. Susan says:

    Julie, you tell me what kids are going to complain about not having school? Good grief, be proud of the team and support them! I think your complaining because maybe your kids have to go to daycare now instead of the school taking care of them for you. Remember this when your kids get into high school and could possibly be going to state as well. I hope you stay back home and drink your morning coffee.

  5. Jack says:

    Why in the world is anyone upset about no school. The opportunity our bb team has given us all as orabs is utterly amazing. The competition, teamwork, discipline and poise that our kids experience while participating in sports or any extracurricular activities most certainly does educate them and impacts them positively later in life. GO ORABS

  6. Retired teacher says:

    I think it is wonderful that the school and the town are supporting the basketball team 100%. I mean, how often does something like this happen? What an exciting experience to be able to go down to Wells Fargo and watch your team play great basketball! By not having school, everyone had the opportunity to go if they wanted to. I was down at the game yesterday, and there was a sea of black and orange! In teaching for many, many years, I have seen PARENTS take their children out of school for vacations, dental appts., visiting relatives, shopping sprees…..need I say more? I could go on and on. My point is, what is the difference? Why would it be no problem to do that, but a problem for not having school because of the state tounaments? Oh, and GO ORABS!! :)

  7. Tom the Thinker says:

    Since when does it matter what all people think and pleasing everyone? I hate to bring up politics but do they make sure that everyone in the United States is satisfied with something before they pass it? No. I have to agree with most people here. Everyone is proud of the Orabs and what they have accomplished. We really do not need someone hindering that. Sorry you have to pay someone to babysit your kids. I guarantee many students, faculty, and the majority of the community will be there. Why would they have class with all substitute teachers that would not be available because they will be in DM as well? Do you think the 30 or so students that would be in class would be beneficial to teach? The teachers would just have to reteach everything and the students that were there would get nothing out of it. Sorry you hate the extra curricular activities. If you have EVER had a student in one you would know they are very beneficial. I will stop but if you need examples… i could explain.

  8. Biker says:

    Go. Travel. Spend your money somewhere else besides sheldon. Get out of town. Take your family. Money tight you may say, listen to the radio, enjoy your children’s off days and do something fun in town while everyone else is away! Go the rec center, bowling, swimming, you should have most things to yourself as a lot of sheldon fans will be cheering on there team!

  9. Chad says:

    Dumbest thread ever

  10. Jill says:

    It is about school spirit, school pride and sharing in our teams support and accomplishment. Only 8 teams out of 2A make it to state each year. All of Sheldon should be proud. Teachers/students/parents/family members and basketball fans were all there yesterday. I feel it’s fine to cancell school and make it up at the end of the year.

    • Stuart says:

      don’t think MOC-FV or Boyden Hull have school thursday or friday either
      nor do I think MOC-FV, Western or Central Lyon had school last week during girl’s state on days when their teams played. please correct me if I am wrong

    • Gunther Mcfly says:

      I don’t know the situation involved with the student who was killed in the accident, and it may have been very appropriate to cancel school to let students grieve and attend the funeral, if they would have decided to do that. With that being said, good grief, let the kids and staff go and celebrate the first trip to state for bb since 1977. I’ll bet there would be lots of other schools who would give anything to be able to take a couple of days off because their team made it to state.

  11. Amy says:

    I’m not in the Sheldon district but am a fan. Congrats to the basketball team! Enjoy your 2 days off at the state tournament and bring home some hardware!

  12. Venerable says:

    Julie, you make some very good points, let me counter. School is obviously about education, but it is also about learning to be part of a community, a common cause, work together to make the school and community together and our own and our peers lives more fulfilling and prosperus. These games at state are a great opportunity for the school kids (and community) to come together for a fun few days. These basketball games can only be seen live at 1 specific point in time, if school was not canceled the students opportunity to see the games would be severely hindered. On the other hand, as im sure you know, education is a lifelong venture. [B]Not having classes does not hinder the education of those who wish to be educated.[/B] I for one have a strong belief in the students and teachers of SHS, I believe these great kids and teachers will be diligent to their studies despite this awesome extra curricular event they have the option to partake in. As far as you the funeral thing goes, first of all i do not think that is a great comparison as one event is sad in nature and the other joyous. But since it is brought up I think the correct decision was made to keep school in session, many times being around friends and family and having normalicy is very comforting after a loss. I hope this helps sway your opinion on school being canceled :)

    • julie says:

      I get the school spirit, but if this is the way of thinking then shouldn’t we close school for volleyball games, chess, championships, ect? Education is about learning, not games. Did the school system ask the student or parents what they wanted? If my children are enrolled in school I expect the school system to provide them with an education they can have pep rallys and school spirt without cancelling school because now school will be going later, again I would like to stress that do you really think that ALL students in ALL the schools, EAST middle and high are happy about no school? Its great that they won, but do they really need to cancel school for it?

      • Sam says:

        School and sports should be two seperate things. Sports are not educational and our tax dollars should not go to sports. Buy books, not balls. Educate our kids. They can play games after school. If the school is having our kids playing games when they should be learning, they aren’t doing what we, as taxpayers, are paying them to do.

        • Kelly says:

          Saying sports is not educational is one of the top 5 most ignorant comments I’ve read since this column started.

          • julie says:

            sports are not educational, it isrecreation plain and simple. how does playing basketball provide an educational experance? It provides a feeling of unite to some people but not all kids. to all kids this is a public school system? All im saying is school spirt is all good but is it really the right thing to do to cancel school? Life still goes on either way. They really should have thought this through before they jumped the gun and cancelled

          • Steve O says:

            If you speak with any school administrator, I am pretty sure they will tell you that the decision to cancel school this week was not made on a whim as you suggest.

            What can you learn from the game of basketball, or any other extra-curricular activity, for that matter? Character, leadership, teamwork, success, failure, courage, effort, making others better, work ethic, goals, pride, confidence, adversity–that’s only part of the list. Encourage your kids to be active in school in addition to the classroom studies.

          • Jon says:

            Sports are indeed educational. They encourage teamwork, responsibility, and discipline. Sports are helpful in developing leadership skills as well as physical skills. I would argue the same thing for music and theater. They teach skills that help develop mental and physical stamina and flexibility and require discipline and practice in order to master. There is a huge body of evidence that supports music and art as a developer of mental abilities that transfer easily into academic disciplines. There is also evidence that engaging in physical activities like sports helps boost mental capacity and overall wellness. In other words, they have value, not to mention the sense of accomplishment teams have when they are successful. Support the team and the community. It is an honor to play in the state tournament, one that Sheldon hasn’t had in a long time despite fielding some great boys basketball teams.

        • re: Sam says:

          If you think kids are learning anything just by being physically present in the school you are naive. Is that the ideal situation? Of course! But that does not make it a reality. Education is what each person makes of it. I can assure you that very few or none of your tax dollars are going to the SHS basketball team. That is funded by community support of the team by going to events and also athletic boosters.

      • J Crew says:

        Julie… I just checked and there still will be 182 student contact days this school year, so no one should miss out on any educational opportunities. For those going to DM, enjoy the games. For those not, enjoy the days off from school, hopefully watching the games or listening to it on KIWA radio. Go Orabs!

        • Steve O says:

          And if you are THAT worried about your kids education over these next two days, take the time off from work (paid or unpaid) and stay home with them. Education DOES occur outside of the school building!

  13. revenue says:

    Some food for thought. Football and basketball are generally very big revenue earners for schools. IF a good portion of the revenue made goes back to academics, does that help justify the canceling of school?

    • julie says:

      And like I said before, that’s great, But why cancel school when the majority of the kids in school are now going to be in daycare or gaming when they as in K-4 would rather be in school.

      • Bazinga says:

        If it’s that big of deal that your kids are missing out on some education those couple of days maybe you should consider homeschooling them.

      • interested viewer says:

        Would the child rather be in school or is the parent concern because they now have to pay for or find daycare?? Just wondering

        • Teacher's view says:

          There is just no way to have school for “some” of the kids and not others in this kind of situation. Sorry, but if school would be in session for “some” kids there would not be enough substitutes available to cover for all of the teachers who take the time off to go to the games. Good luck to all of the area teams!

  14. Hope this helps! says:

    Julie, I read your post and posted regarding some of the things you mentioned and thought maybe I could shed light and help you understand.

    Just a thought–you mentioned that you expect the school system to provide an education…schools are required to have 180 contact days and Sheldon actually has 182 (because of the 8 days they get out 2 hours early for staff in-service)–all three of these basketball days are being made up at the end of the year. So, the students are actually not losing out on any education from these days taken off and you are not having to pay any more in daycare (if that is your concern) because what is the difference if you are paying it now or three days earlier than what you would have been in the summer?

    Education is not only about the books–there is so much more to learn in life than just what a book has to teach you– like support, sportsmanship–how to react to winning/loosing, dedication and all the other things that past people have posted. So, believe it or not, the families and students that partake in this experience are learning from an experience that doesn’t happen very often.

    If you are concerned that your child wanted to be educated on these days off for basketball, but does not have the opportunity to receive that because school is cancelled, than maybe an option would be for you to provide an educational experience on those days. It is not only the schools job to educate your kids, so take the next couple of days to throw your share of education in there! The school will still be educating your child for the 182 days that it is dedicated to doing, but the rest are all yours and these three days include days that are yours.

    Another benefit to sports, is it gives kids an opportunity to be active, which is much needed in today’s society–for the little ones (you would be amazed at how many students even from EAST–as you mentioned– that make the trip to the tournament) they look up to those high school basketball players and if they get to take part in the excitement, may also dream of playing basketball in HS themselves or take on an interest in basketball or something active themselves–then maybe they won’t be sitting at a babysitters or home gaming (as you mentioned–which I assume you are talking about video games).

    “I get the school spirit, but if this is the way of thinking then shouldn’t we close school for volleyball games, chess, championships, ect?” They do! Sheldon has not cancelled school for ALL basketball games, they have cancelled for STATE. They also cancelled school for state football and other things of that nature in the past.

    The support given at games also is a reflection on the school. I am not from the Sheldon community, but I have heard comments of the amazing crowd that Sheldon always brings–what a great reflection on A PART of the school. It gives other communities a glimpse of what the school and Sheldon community are like.

    And what Sam said, “Sports are not educational and our tax dollars should not go to sports. Buy books, not balls. Educate our kids. They can play games after school. If the school is having our kids playing games when they should be learning, they aren’t doing what we, as taxpayers, are paying them to do.”

    Your tax dollars are not going to sports! Books are needed and Sheldon does a very good job at buying the books that are needed–above and beyond what is needed. However, the society we live in, looks like we also need to buy more balls, to educate kids how to be active and take care of themselves–sports being one way. And your tax dollars are still getting put in the same spot as what they were before the basketball tournament even came up, as there will still be 182 school days!

    • pev says:

      A couple days off from school in a childs 13 years of education(K-12) Really? Like the above poster said, parents take their childeren out of school for vacations, shopping trips and various other personal reasons! Supporting a hometown team, is in itself, a educational learning experience. A sport teaches discipline, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Pulling together as a community is a valuable lesson. These boys worked hard!! They deserve our support.

  15. local shopper says:

    I haven’t read through all of the posts on here, but you are aware that we have to make these three days up…

  16. amazing??? says:

    Really? Someone is really complaining about no school??? I agree with the comment that this is one of the dumbest threads I’ve ever seen on here. We actually had a thread that was IMPORTANT to many people and it got replaced by this crap? I think the possibility of the American public being systematically dismantled by the Government in this sequester has more merit to be commented on than some dumb statements concerning no school!!!! Have pride in your town, go to the games that those kids worked so hard to get to. If you don’t like it don’t go too bad, it’s part of the school and those kids and their parents need this positive reinforcement in these trying times. In other words, if you don’t like the situation, then you need to move, because they are not going to MAKE IT SO, just because you are the stick in the mud becasue you aren’t one of those parents that are proud to be a PARENT OF A STUDENT!!!! Nuff said, let’s move on to a different topic, something that really is important.

  17. orabs says:

    This is an unnecessary comment. There is not one kid in the world that would not like a no school day. We have no school so people can go down to des Moines and support. Go Orabs and let’s help Struve and his team bring home the Title!!!!!

    • Lisa says:

      My child is not upset about having today and tomorrow off from school. He is happy about it but, he is not very happy about having to go to school PAST memorial day.

  18. mr says:

    That darn sequester is hitting us locally already.

  19. Old ORAB says:

    Youth only comes once. Enjoy it before it’s gone. The kids that don’t like sports will find a proper substitute. If they can’t; they need help. I believe it’s called anti-social behavior and it’s not good. Enjoy your days off Sheldon kids!

  20. DM Charlie says:

    Sheldon 49, Kuemper 42. Julie, if you watched his game, you saw what can be learned from the game of basketball.

  21. Sarah says:

    dumbest thread ever!

    • thomas says:

      so Julie. are saying we should not close school for inclement weather than either? cause that would be missing a day of school as well

  22. what the world????? says:

    Julie, I feel the same way as I have a couple of children that would rather be at school instead of at home with nothing to do…..some people out there say that it’s because you don’t want to have to pay for a babysitter/daycare, well they must not have a child old enough at home to babysit or they are made of money to be able to pay for the daycare bill. I am super excited our boys made it to state but not everyone can drop work to go watch the games ( I know I can’t ) but that doesn’t mean I don’t support them. Now what about going to state for track, golf, or summer sports? What would those children get as an acknowledgment? Well it can’t be that they get out of school, right? Well let’s just say that I don’t thinks it’s right that the children have to make these days up as it was not requested by the students. Oh and by the I don’t have to worry about a sitter for my children as I have an older child. How about we start focusing on more important issues since everyone wants to give their 2 cents. What about teachers grabbing and hurting students…I guess I would suppose that they went to Des Moines without a care in the world for the child/children they might have hurt.

    • Really? says:

      I heard about that teacher! Whats being done about that? I suppose they will wait until after the game is done to do anything about that! Most families in Sheldon can not afford to drive down there 3 times this week for the game. You could say just stay in a hotel? That still takes money and time off work! I’m sure most of the town would have like to have gone but some business don’t close or just give people time off work. As for no school, MOC had school yesterday and also today so not every school missed days just for the game!!! I have seen more kids just running around town i’m sure more then that went to the game! Yes it’s great we made it this far and I hope they bring home the title but all and all it’s also days they will need to go longer at the end of the year when most of us are ready for summer.

  23. Casual Observer says:

    Of all the things stated above, the most interesting point to me is the education principle. We are teaching our children, even down at state, good teamwork and how to support a community. After watching Sheldon win yesterday, I sure hope the children aren’t paying attention to some parts, because I saw ravenous parents yell and scream their lungs out. Nothing directed at other team, but the referees took a lot. You can argue that comes with the territory of the job, but how can a twelve-year old differentiate that? Setting a good example?

    • Retired teacher says:

      In regards to Really????? MOC-Floyd Valley got out of school yesterday at 1:00 for a later game and they have school today because they would not have played until tom. night. Now it is tom. noon. And, besides, a FEW of you are taking this way too seriously!! Lighten up a little, will you? BE proud of your school!!! This team has worked so hard and teamwork has been displayed over and over!! Isn’t that a great thing to teach to our young?

  24. matt says:

    the response to your post and All the justification for sports is why we will not be sending our daughter to the public school. should any student that wants to go to the game get a free pass. Sure its an exciting thing for the upper class men. But to cancel class for all students is silly. We pay the teachers to be there and teach. I side with the parent who is working and has to find day care for their kids.

    stay encouraged. you are not alone. I know what is truly important in life.