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Zimmerman Verdict and the Media

Date posted - July 15, 2013

Had to comment on the verdict that found George Zimmerman not guilty and how the media reacted.  I was able to watch bits of coverage on MSNBC, FOX, CNN and HLN after the verdict.  I believe CNN did the best job with FOX second.  A distant third was MSNBC while HLN finished fourth.  Truth be told watching HLN was nauseating.  Your thoughts?

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16 Responses to “Zimmerman Verdict and the Media”

  1. Doug says:

    I think the intent of most of the media, was to polarize their viewers, which in turn was the reason for much of the anger after the verdict was read. The continuous coverage of unfounded claims, and inaccurate photos, is a shameless pursuit for higher viewer ratings. They don’t care about the truth & will air whatever “alleged” version of events attracts the most viewers. And when the outcome was not what their viewers had been “trained” over the past year to believe, more “news” is generated for them to cover by the rioters. By the time the trial was over, the only “justice” for the mainstream media and their viewers, would be for George Zimmerman to be dead. Facts and witnesses be damned.

    Watching the bias on The View this morning was sickening. There couldn’t be a more biased bunch of haters anywhere, than the women around that table today.

  2. Lee Ann says:

    I got so tired of the 24/7 news that I began watching HGTV in earnest. While I don’t think George Zimmerman deserved a murder charge, I do believe he was negligent in being told to stay in the car and not follow the boy, and he instead got out and approached him, we will never know what happened at that point. Whether Trayvon Martin believed he was standing his own ground, or whether George Z believed he was standing his own ground, I do believe George Z was negligent and should perhaps have gotten a verdict of either voluntary or involuntary manslaughter. Because he set up the chain of events, after taking poli sci classes for two years, knowing the dangers, and the legalities of neighborhood watch, etc.

    A few hours after the verdict, Fox News showed a fiery demonstration with cars on fire, etc. However, once people looked at it carefully, they found out it was a Canadian Hockey demonstration from several years ago, then Fox took the video down. LOL.

    • Doug says:

      To be factual Le Ann, the dispatcher said “ok, we don’t need you to do that”. That’s all. No mention of staying in the car. You can listen to the call on YouTube.

      Do you know, for a fact, that Zimmerman continued to follow him? You can hear Zimmerman’s breathing slow down 13 seconds after the dispatcher told him not to follow. He states right in the 911 call after giving his address to the 911 operator that he didn’t want to give out his address because he did not know where Martin was. So he could NOT have approached Martin, when he had no idea where he went, or where he was going.

      The police arrived 2 minutes after the call ended. The location where Martin was shot, was one townhouse away from where he disappeared. He was 2 townhouses, or 70 yards away from the home he was staying at. Why didn’t he go there?

      Why didn’t Martin call the police if he was worried about being followed?

      You can’t know what happened in that 2 minutes. I doubt George Zimmerman truly knows exactly what happened in that 2 minutes. Have you ever been in a fight for your life? Could you remember every punch?

      Did you see the alleged Fox News video? You’re not starting false rumors are you? Or is Google in on the conspiracy?

      • Lee Ann says:

        I did see the Fox video. I wondered about the sign for BankCanada. Then they removed the video. So no, I’m not spreading rumors.

  3. Robert Keller says:

    I caught 100% of it on the internet, mainly yahoo which is one of my email home pages and the rest from the Drudge Report. I don’t have t.v. and I turn off the news on the Dordt radio station as they play it every half hour for some reason? I thought President Obama’s comment after the trial showed leadership. First time for everything!

  4. Robert Keller says:

    Thanks Doug. I don’t believe this Fox News video claim that she is making. It is no surprise either, that she zeros in on Fox. Just another attempt by her to start tension in this thread, like another on here does, with his comment “First time for everything!”

  5. Dug says:

    Gotta agree with Doug on one thing…if you have never been in a situation where it’s fight or flight, you don’t know what either of those people were going through.
    As far as comments go, I’m not going to comment either way because I don’t know ALL the facts, we never will know ALL the facts, because we weren’t there. People this isn’t a movie where the audience gets to see the incident as it happens from all angles. Please remember there is a person dead and we don’t have his side of the story. I feel for the victim, because he is gone. I feel for the victim’s family, because of the hole in their lives from the loss of this young man. I feel for the neighborhood, because of the loss of this young man. I feel for Zimmerman, because he will never, ever have a NORMAL life again. He has a target on his back, not just for people wanting him dead because of the unfortunate incident, but because he can’t go anywhere, apply for any job, move to another location, without people knowing who he is and what happened. And what about his children, if and when they have any, what will happen to them growing up? It’s a sad, sad deal all around. There is no winner in this and I feel for them all. I guess it’s true, God is going to judge on this one!!! Just sayin’

  6. HappyTimes says:

    All of the comments have been very interesting. I do believe that the Jury did a good job and we have to trust their judgement because the lived every minute of this trial. I would like to know a little about Travon? Rumors are out there, but I don’t know if any of them are true. It is my understanding that he was at his father’s house because his mother couldn’t handle him. I understand that he has some really nasty stuff on his cell phone, trouble in school and more. Was he a member of a gang? Why when George didn’t know where he was, didn’t he (Travon) go home. What in the world was he doing out so late in the night? We have examined George Zimmerman to the ends of the earth! Maybe we should know a little more about this little boy as the news wants to put out in their news. Woops? I’m just saying, we don’t have the full story.

    • Travon wasn't on trial says:

      I am sick of hearing people judge the character of Travon. It’s really a non-issue. I’m willing to bet that most of us at his age didn’t quite have it all figured out yet. Here are the facts of the trial, and they’re undeniable. Travon was an unarmed teen who was walking home. He was profiled–called an “****ing thug” by Zimmerman. Zimmerman pursued him and eventually shot him dead…and all of this was perfectly legal in the eyes of Florida because of their stand your ground law. That situation, should NEVER, be legal.

      • HappyTimes says:

        George Zimmerman was on neighborhood watch, thankfully we don’t need that here in Sheldon, IA yet!! All I can say, if crime get to the point where we have to have a neighborhood watch in our community, I have a license to carry, but I’m really not a good fighter, and if someone knocks me down, gets on top of me and hits my head on the sidewalk, my only choice will be to shoot if possible, and I don’t care if that person is red, yellow, black or white. Thankfully, I’m praying that we don’t have to face that here in NW Iowa. But you have to understand that I won’t give up my liberty or rights for the promise of security.

      • Doug says:

        The jury, did not decide the case based on Trayvon’s character. They were not allowed to see the text messages, photos, videos, and school records that would have defined his character. Your version of the facts was not presented either. He was walking, but he obviously wasn’t walking directly to his home, or he’d still be alive. Calling someone a “thug” (actually it was “punk”) is not profiling. When you are attacked, and feel your life is threatened, you are allowed to defend yourself. It’s called self-defense.

        When the 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman he did not need to follow, no-one including you, knows exactly where either of them was. Maybe you could contact and suggest to the prosecution, that they access cell phone tower records, and triangulate every step each one of them took, after the 911 call ended. Maybe they already had that information, and chose not to present it in court.

        You make it sound like Zimmerman shot Martin, because he wanted to. Very calculated thinking to call 911 before doing so.

    • Lee Ann says:

      Trayvon’s Mother answered the question tonight about “why didn’t he just go home?” In school they are teaching the kids to not allow someone following you to know where you live, or who lives with you, etc. Because anyone in the family can be attacked by the stranger following. He did run between buildings, which got GZ all the more determined to prevent this *&^*** thug from getting away.

      • Travon wasn't on trial says:

        If you are afraid of that situation happening here, I suggest you not pursue the children who you are afraid of, just call the cops. However, if for some reason you feel the need to follow, don’t treat the random children as “****ing thugs” before assessing the situation further. Talk to them like humans and maybe they won’t feel threatened and need to stand THEIR ground. If GZ had that mindset, we’d have one less dead teen for no good reason.

      • Doug says:

        That’s right. Happens all the time. A stranger out walking, singles out someone to attack, and follows them home….attacking the whole family…..bypassing dozens of more vulnerable (or less) people in their homes on the way.

  7. Harriet Oleson says:

    Back in Walnut Grove when the circuit judge came through and declared his verdict the community accepted it as final. We learned in the one room schoolhouse that there are three branches of government – Pa Ingall’s always said that is what made our states and territories great. Sometimes we have to accept decisions we may not agree with – like when Nel’s raised the price of hard candy to 3 cents…..

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