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Anuvia Plant Nutrients, Novozymes announce partnership

IARN — Anuvia Plant Nutrients and Novozymes have joined forces to develop a range of combined biotechnologies that will reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers in commercial agriculture.

According to Hugh MacGillivray, CCO of Anuvia Plant Nutrients, the resulting products, which could be available as early as next year, mean farmers will require less synthetic fertilizer per acre, while achieving equivalent or better crop performance, and will reduce environmental impact through lower nutrient loss and greenhouse gas emissions. There will be no incremental cost to the grower, nor will they require changes to current farming practices.

“This relationship that we’ve formed with Novozymes,” said MacGillivray, “is designed to bring the Anuvia technology – which is bio-based nutrition that delivers nutrient efficiency and some yield benefits to the grower – along with Novozymes’ advanced microbial technologies that deliver nutrition using different mechanisms than what we are conventionally used to with synthetic nutrition. This is about changing the way we think about delivering plant nutrition to the crop and delivering in a more efficient manner than we have historically.”

A press release from Anuvia says the companies will work together to identify additional microbes and enzymes that could improve the nutritional efficiency of crops and are dedicated to innovations in the nutritional efficiency and health of crops.

MacGillivray says the partnership envisions several generations of the new technology. The first generation is anticipated to add up to 10 units of phosphorous. Subsequent generations will target the replacement of additional units of macro and micronutrients, such as N, P and K.

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Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.

Photo by Anuvia Plant Nutrients

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