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Are We Stuck In A Wet Cycle? An Expert Says It’s Possible

Northwest Iowa — It seems like we’ve had extra moisture around here for a while now. Last spring, the wet planting season meant crops went in the ground late. This fall, those late crops also needed to be harvested late. Is this a cycle that we’ll be stuck in for a while? An expert says the possibility is there.

We talked with Iowa State University Extension Agronomist Joel De Jong. He gives us a fall wrapup, and sets our sights on spring.

De Jong says he doesn’t put much stock in long-term weather reporting. He says it’s usually pretty accurate out to about two weeks, but after that, he says it becomes similar to guessing.

De Jong says he won’t get into the reasons for climate change, as that’s a political hot button, but he says the climate is always changing.

As far as the climate data goes, De Jong says you can find out more from the USDA Midwest Climate Hub Director Dennis Todey at the Crop Advantage meeting coming up in Sheldon on January 6th.