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Bayer holds R&D pipeline update with farm media

IARN — Bayer Crop Science officials held an R&D pipeline update Thursday to discuss some of their most impactful future technologies that they are currently working on.

Bob Reiter, head of R&D at Bayer Crop Science, says advancements in crop protection are some of the company’s main objectives for 2022.

“We’re bringing the first new mode of action in major row crops in the last 30 years in the herbicide space,” said Reiter. “Our new molecule is now in phase 3 and continues to go toward the market. It has excellent weed control, particularly over the grass species. What’s exciting for me is the tremendous safety profile that this chemistry also has.”

Reiter talks about a new fungicide the company is developing.

“We have Xivana. It’s a new fungicide which is best in class with its mode of action. You can see the very low use rates that can be achieved using this product yet having very high success rate. It’s our goal to continue to launch new chemistries like these with their very small footprint.”

Reiter adds Bayer Crop Science is also advancing its goals for a zero-carbon future for agriculture.

“We created a system and a program in our carbon initiative where we are financially recognizing farmers for doing certain agronomic practices that further sequesters carbon into the ground. This allows us to further invest and use innovation to further help them do that better.”

In the end, Reiter says his division is empowering farmers to grow more food on the same fields while using less.

Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.

Pictured: Bob Reiter of Bayer Crop Science meets with farm media members on Thursday, February 17, 2022.

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