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Benson Hill adds food industry veteran to lead ingredients business

IARN — Benson Hill has hired a food industry veteran to oversee the company’s global operations and market adoption of its innovative plant-based ingredients portfolio.

Benson Hill CEO Matt Crisp says Bruce Bennett is joining the company’s executive leadership team as president of its Ingredients Business Segment. Crisp explains that Bennett brings extensive experience commercializing next-generation proteins for the plant-based revolution.

“Bruce Bennett is a former ADM executive and really a veteran of the ingredients category,” said Crisp. “He had positions there in health, wellness and protein. He was a big part of how that organization built out its capabilities to offer ingredients to a variety of industries.”

Bennett’s role will focus on managing the production, sales and delivery of Benson Hill’s proprietary, non-GMO soybean portfolio, including its innovative Ultra-High Protein soybean ingredients, as well as future innovations planned for yellow pea, the fastest-growing protein source for plant-based meat alternatives.

“He will run the entire end to end integrated models,” said Crisp. “That starts with our growers and our grower partners who produce soy. It then moves that crop across an identity preserve system through processing, and then ultimately commercializes the ingredients that come from it to our customers.”

Benson Hill forecasts substantial ingredient segment growth, which can help fuel the growing plant-based meat substitute market that is expected to reach approximately $140 billion by 2029, according to industry research.

Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

Photo courtesy of Benson Hill

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