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Dordt Releases Annual Field Trial Research

Sioux Center, Iowa — Dordt University conducted its annual field trials in 2020 despite an unusual year of weather, with moisture about 50 percent of normal. The field trials are part of the Field Crop Production and Management course that Dordt agriculture students take. Students are challenged to find solutions to problems commonly associated in grain production.

“We want to thank Mike Schouten and the Dordt University AGRI 350 Field Crop Production and Management students for their harvesting of this year’s field trials,” says Dale Vos, agriculture professor. “We added a couple of new trials and continued the trials seeking long-term data.”

The students spend a large part of the course doing research in the fall that helps to determine what is planted in the spring.

The trials include:
Corn Boron
Corn Cover Crop V-5
Corn Cover Crop V-8
Corn Down Pressure
Corn Fungicide Timing
Corn Fungicide
Corn High Yield
Corn Trait Trial
Gall Midge
Early and Late Soybean Populations
Soybean Boron
Soybean Fungicide Timing
Soybean Fungicide
Soybean High Yield

Dordt University offers both two and four-year programs in agriculture. Students have numerous opportunities for hands-on learning, including spending time at the Dordt University Agriculture Stewardship Center.

For more information, visit the Dordt College Website.