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Ernst backs Grassley’s letter to McCarthy and Biden

IARN — Senator Chuck Grassley’s recent letter to White House Climate Czar Gina McCarthy and President Joe Biden is being supported by fellow Iowa Senator Joni Ernst.

Last week, Grassley decided to write a letter to McCarthy and President Biden inviting them to visit Iowa and learn about the state’s continued leadership in renewable fuel production and overall sustainable energy strategy. This came after McCarthy said in a media interview, “We have to get the middle of the country understanding and active on climate. We have to show them what resilience looks like.” Grassley called the comment “disturbing” during a press call with farm reporters.

Senator Ernst echoed Grassley’s sentiments in an interview with the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network, and said it would be nice for McCarthy and Biden to accept Senator Grassley’s invitation and visit the Midwest.

“I really hope they take Senator Grassley up on this,” Ernst said. “I do know in my previous time working with Gina McCarthy, she was not responsive to our needs here in Iowa. There were multiple times both Senator Grassley and I reached out to then-EPA administrator McCarthy and we would never receive a response. So, as she’s working with the Biden Administration, I do hope that President Biden wants to stand by his words of being a president for all Americans and unity and bipartisanship. We would love to host them here in Iowa. We want them to see how valuable agriculture is and how we as Iowans are feeding and fueling the nation.”

Iowa ranks second in the nation for wind energy production, leads the nation with the highest wind power share and in 2019, wind turbines in Iowa generated more electricity than the state’s coalfired power plants for the first time. Iowa is also the number one producer of corn, ethanol, biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol in the U.S.

Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

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