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Farmers Need A Base Of Support In Stressful Times

IARN — We are seeing the strains on farmers over the past few years. Sure, it seems like we talk about it enough, but it is because we cannot ignore each other’s well-being. We are not here to rehash the stressors plaguing the agriculture industry over the past few years. We are here to talk about how these stresses can be dealt with. An Iowa psychologist and farmer talks about some of the signs we can be looking for in ourselves and each other.

After the weather and the trade wars, it might be this virus that trumps it all. Not just for the strains on the ag markets, but the stress it brings inside the family unit. Everyone is working hard to keep earning an income if they can while making sure they are not endangering themselves or their families. Reports on the situation have been anything but consistent. That leaves us with confusion, something which does not mix well with stress.

Dr. Michael Rosmann is a clinical psychologist and a farmer in Harlan, Iowa. Rosmann is part of the non-profit organization called Agriwellness. He says the sources of stress in the Ag sector are abundant.

For more on this story, including audio comments from Dr. Michael Rosmann, visit the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.

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