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Governor Requests Additional Funding For Renewable Fuels Infrastructure

IABRN — Governor Kim Reynolds (R-IA) Tuesday unveiled a bold vision, which “preserves Iowa’s heritage, while seizing opportunities.”

A state agriculture official outlines new opportunities for Iowa agriculture, based off the Governor’s Condition of the State address.

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig seemed encouraged by Governor Reynold’s bold agenda, “which puts Iowa on a path to growth and opportunity.” Naig addresses one topic, which his Department cares deeply about: The Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Program.

“One thing we need to do is continue to build demand for ethanol and biodiesel in this country and in our state. One way we do that is by helping our fuel marketers build out the infrastructure they need to offer those higher blends, whether that be pumps, hoses, or tanks. We’ve had a program for over a decade that provides cost-share to fuel marketers, to help them with installation,” Secretary Naig said.

Governor Reynolds Tuesday requested funding for the Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Program to increase by $2 million, bringing the annual funding amount to $5 million. Naig says additional funding will allow Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship staff to accomplish more across the state.

“Part of the renewable fuels conversation this past year included a commitment, on part of the Administration, to offer federal resources for renewable fuel infrastructure,” Secretary Naig said. “We’re well-positioned to take advantage of federal dollars to build out these infrastructure needs along with our existing state program. We have a lot of opportunity to provide greater access to customers.”

This article originally appeared on the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

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