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Grassley: Deal Needed On USMCA This Week Or It Likely Won’t Be Ratified This Year

Washington D.C. — Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican, is calling on House Democrats to “be reasonable” and “act quickly” to ratify the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement before the week is out.

It’s been more than a year since the leaders of the three nations signed the agreement, but it still needs Congressional approval. Grassley says a compromise is close.

Grassley says the scope of the trade deal is far-reaching, and for example would pump a 30-billion dollar investment into the auto industry, while also bringing a significant boost to farmers.

Grassley met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi four months ago and he says she was very much in favor of ratifying the U-S-M-C-A. Some critics say the Democrat-led House is dragging its feet on the agreement in order to keep the Trump Administration from claiming it as a victory.

Grassley says passage of the trade deal would be much larger than any one political party, saying it needs to be delivered for the benefit of the American people.

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