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Grassley seeks meeting with Biden admin on biofuel policies

IARN — A group of U.S. senators are hopeful President Biden will soon meet with them to discuss biofuel policies.

During his weekly conference call with farm reporters Tuesday morning, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said he would like to talk with the administration about the Renewable Fuel Standard, and then promote biofuels as a key solution for America’s energy and climate agenda.

“Last week, Senator Thune sent a letter that I joined – and eight other colleagues – asking for a meeting with President Biden to discuss our country’s renewable energy strategy,” said Grassley. “This was a follow up to a letter that we sent in July. We received no response whatsoever.”

Grassley – a longtime advocate for biofuels – says recent research shows ethanol reduces emissions by 46% compared to gasoline, while biodiesel (emissions) reductions are on average 80% below petroleum diesel.

“One of the quickest ways to reduce these greenhouse gases is to blend more biofuels,” said Grassley. “And by the way, it will make running a car cheaper. If climate change is really an existential threat, then the president should be focused on blending more biofuels. I hope after President Biden gets back from Scotland that he can meet with senators from biofuels states to show that he is serious about reducing emissions.”

Also during his weekly call, Grassley expressed frustration when asked whether he’s heard if the administration has released renewable volume obligations (RVOs) for 2022.

“Have we heard anything? No,” said Grassley. “Not anymore than the rumors you and I have been hearing about over the last month. The sad commentary of not getting out there is our biofuels industry needs certainty. This is just leaving a big hole in it.”

Grassley added that another reason the administration should quickly release the RVOs is because of rising gas prices across the country.

Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.

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