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Ideal Harvest Weather This Week In Iowa

IARN — We aren’t very far from the end of the 2020 harvest and the weather patterns look good for farmers this week in Iowa.

Iowa state climatologist Dr. Justin Glisan tells the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network that most of the state can expect sunny skies this week along with warmer temperatures. This comes at a good time when the 2020 harvest is almost finished.

“If we look at the short term outlooks for this first week of November and then that 8-14 day for the middle of November, we are seeing a trend away from the cold conditions that we have seen recently,” Glisan said. “We’re seeing elevated probabilities of warmer than average temperatures and this is coupled tightly with drier than normal conditions.”

“In the middle of November,” he continued, “we’re looking at near-normal temperatures and precipitation. When we see near-normal conditions, those are things we expect for this time of year. Given the dry and warm conditions, we should be able to get harvest activities pretty well complete.”

Glisan feels the 2020 growing season has presented challenges for the state’s growers.

“If you look at all of the three big things that have occurred – the derecho, the drought, and the recent snow squall and all of the higher totals in snow fall, damage, and drought concerns in that west-central corridor – that center part of the state has really seen a lot of activity over the course of this growing season.”

To stay up to date on the work from Glisan’s office, visit the Iowa Climatology Bureau’s website. Glisan can also be reached by calling 515-281-8981.

Article courtesy the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

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