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Iowa Dairy Producers Ask Help With Transportation, Sustainability

Statewide Iowa — The challenges of the pandemic are reinforcing the importance of the trucking industry, especially in states like Iowa, where 18-wheelers move a host of commodities. Mitch Schulte, executive director of the Iowa State Dairy Association, says he’s hopeful the Iowa legislature will pass a bill this session allowing overweight milk tankers to travel on interstates instead of forcing them onto congested state and county roads.

(As above) “It’s more efficient for us,” Schulte says. “Instead of getting off the interstate, pulling into small towns and communities and stopping all the time, our semis can stay on that interstate and keep moving. It is safer if you can stay on the interstate rather than drive through residential areas.”

As dairy producers work to be more sustainable, Schulte is calling on lawmakers to pass a measure allowing anaerobic digesters on dairy operations.

(As above) “We should be able to use that digester to help us be more environmentally friendly but also take up less of a footprint on the land,” Schulte says. “Because at the end of the day, we want to produce more milk and more products using less land and less water, and these digesters help us do that.”

Schulte is urging the association’s members and supporters to contact legislators and weigh in on the digester legislation.

(As above) “I encourage you to reach out to your local politician, your local representative,” he says, “and let them know the importance of sustainability¬†and utilizing technology such as anaerobic digesters out in the dairy community.”¬†

Schulte says dairy producers are also interested in seeing lawmakers approve legislation to expand broadband into underserved and unserved areas of the state.

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