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Keep Line Of Communication Open With Ag Retailers

(IARN) — As Iowa farmers prepare fields for spring planting, they expect timely deliveries of seed, crop protectants, as well as other inputs.

Many fear COVID-19 may cause disruptions to the agricultural supply chain. One agricultural solutions company shares its pledge to farmers as they work toward record-breaking production/yields.

Much uncertainty surrounds COVID-19. However, seed dealers and agricultural retailers continue to work around the clock to ensure their customers receive essential products and services this spring.

UPL, for instance, remains committed to helping its retailer and grower customers, especially as they seek high quality crop protection solutions to assist them in the upcoming growing season. Brian Cardin, director of sales at UPL, speaks to the company’s commitment to growers.

“As things are changing rapidly, we can certainly provide some continuity and sustainability, as far as supply,” Cardin said. “Our salesforce will continue to remain flexible in how they communicate with retailers, growers, and distributors during this time. We’re working diligently to ensure that we have adequate supply, timely supply, logistics in place, (and) all of the things that are critical during this spring planting time,” Cardin said.

UPL acquired Arysta LifeScience from Platform Speciality Products in 2019, making it the fifth largest agrochemical company in the world. The company offers total agricultural solutions for a wide range of crops, and will continue to deliver products throughout the 2020 crop season, despite aniy challenges that might arise.

“We’ve strategically stocked inventories ahead of the season to ensure we have (an) adequate supply of materials, as well as worked with domestic trucking companies to ensure we can get product out to the retailers in a timely manner, and thus to the growers,” Cardin said.

Cardin encourages both farmers and retailers to be proactive in working with their suppliers to secure essential crop protection products.

“It’s critical for growers to not only plan ahead, but go ahead and take action,” Cardin said. “I think most of our channel partners are planning anything from two- to four-weeks ahead of schedule to makre sure we have adequate supply and inventory at the right place and time. Planning accordingly is essential; open communication is essential.”

Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.

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