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Liquid propane prices are down, supplies are up as harvest season opens

Statewide Iowa — As farmers in many parts of Iowa launch into the harvest, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig says there’s good news for producers who might need to dry their grains using heaters fueled by tanks of liquid propane.

While LP supplies have been tight in recent years, Naig says that doesn’t appear to be the case this season.

Propane prices are averaging around a dollar-77 a gallon in Iowa, which is down from around two-16 a year ago.

Naig remains optimistic prices will hold steady as we head into the cold weather months.

It’s also a plus for Iowans who heat their homes with L-P. Estimates show about 67% of Iowans use natural gas to heat their homes, 15% use electricity, and 14% use liquid propane.