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National Pork Board unveils new websites

IARN — The National Pork Board has upgraded two of its websites.

National Pork Board member Russ Nugent says the newly released and were created with ease of access in mind for both consumers and producers.

“I think we took a very good website and advanced the thought process by deciding you know what, we can take research, promotion, education in a way, divided in two, and folks that are looking to understand a little better, hey, I need some innovative recipes, want to make sure I’m cooking this right I have some questions about the nutritive value, the safety, those sort of things, put that in one website, so folks can just go to that immediately now with less overall content.,” Nugent said. “It is much easier to put the important categories at the very top of the website and it’s right there for you to see.”

“And then on another website,” he continued, “you got your research, you got your education components, you got your training, so I’m extremely excited about this improvement, it was really good before, and now that the group has come up with this, I’m just super excited because it’s very intuitive and it just makes a lot of sense and when you get on there. I get really excited and I was pretty excited about our website before but I’m overjoyed with this effort right now.”

The Pork Checkoff site is an essential business resource hub for producers and industry stakeholders, where they can find industry news, research, production resources, certification programs and details of Pork Checkoff activities. The new site is a food-focused website, for consumers to find pork cooking information and inspiration.

Nugent encourages producers to take a tour around both new websites, to see how their Pork Checkoff investment is being used to drive research, promotion and information, by reaching consumers through and producers at

Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

Image courtesy of Pork Checkoff

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